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Ad Factory

If You Can Copy And Paste a Link, You Can Create High Converting Facebook Ads in Under a Minute

Forget Hours of Learning Photoshop, and Fire Your Ad Designer ‘Cos You Don’t Need Them Anymore.
Crank Out All Your Teespring Ads In Mere Minutes – Introducing Ad Factory!


If You’re Doing Teespring Marketing, You Know Marketing Makes Or Breaks Your Campaigns. Your Newsfeed Ads Matter!



So What’s The Deal With Teespring?

In case you’ve missed it, people are making serious bank these days with the most popular tee shirt platform on the internet. Teespring is hands down one of the best methods for getting started, and making money in, internet marketing.

Three things make a campaign tip – the design, the targeting, and The Ad. If any one of those is off, then all the time and money spent launching a campaign is a complete waste.

With a good looking, eye catching ad, you can stop Facebook users dead in their tracks and force them to click your ad and buy your shirt, but how can you do that with no graphics skills?




I’m a Marketer, Not An Art Student!

You’re a marketer, not a graphic design artist! But without the right ads, That cool design you dreamed up, paid for, tweaked, revised and tweaked again won’t be seen by the Facebook users ready to buy it!

You need a good ad that’ll get those clicks. So instead of paying$1,000 for Photoshop, you download a free app and now you’re staring down hours of learning curve just to create a simple graphic. Screw it – now you’re on Fiverr looking for somebody that can make your ad really “pop”. You find “the guy” and pay the five bucks, then another $10 to $15 for the rush job.

By the time you’re done waiting for the “rush job” and haggling over revisions, your campaign’s two, maybe three days old and you haven’t sold a single shirt! How in the hell can you make money like this?!



Introducing Ad Factory: Literally THE Fastest Facebook Ad Generator On The Planet – Graphic Designers Need Not Apply



You Can Create Your Ad In Three Steps. No, Seriously. THREE Steps.




Step 1

COPY Your Teespring Campaign URL.






Step 2

PASTE Your Teespring URL Into Ad Factory. Sweating Yet? Didn’t Think So…




Step 3

Create A Facebook Ad that sells. Or Create More Than One andSplit Test!

Step 4

Sorry, I Lied. The Last Step Is Tipping That Campaign For Profit!




Ad Factory Creates Perfect Ads For Newsfeed, Page Post, Link Posts, and Photo Share – For Desktop and Mobile!



Ad Factory Comes With Everything You Need to Point And Click Your Way To High Powered Ads That Get Clicks And Tip Campaigns




13 High Converting Layouts

Choose between 13 different shirt positions and scales. Use the same layouts used by the Teespring heavyweights. No drag and drop, no scaling – just pick the layout and pick your shirts!






Giant Selection of Backgrounds

Over 130 eye catching backgrounds in abstract, vintage, sports and wood, or your choice of solid or gradient colors and over 50 transparent overlays. If that isn’t enough, drag and drop your own background into Ad Factory and use it!




Border or No Border?

Pick a color, any color. Or select from our growing list of image borders!






Tags and Badges, Badges and Tags!

Custom edit your own price tag, and while you’re at it, pick from any of 110 badges to show buyers your shirt is “Limited Edition” or Made in the USA!




Click Grabbing, Call to Action Buttons

11 tried and true call to action phrases in 12 eye popping colors. These buttons are added at the click of a mouse and your buyers can’t help but click!






Custom Text Speaks To Buyers

When you absolutely, positively must get your buyer’s attention, add custom text to stop them from browsing the newsfeed and checking out your ad.



You Have A Choice Right Now.



Choice #1

You can choose to continue spending all your time learning Photoshop, scaling, clipping, masking and trying to find that perfect layout for your T-shirt ad. Or pay over and over, waiting for your graphic designer to get your ads built – hopefully before your campaign’s halfway over. Either way, you’re spending time and money and not selling shirts.

Choice #2

Join Ad Factory and breathe easy – your high converting ads are just a couple clicks away. Fire the graphic designer, put away all the books on the graphics software and quit watching all the video tutorials. Copy and paste your teespring URL and create your ads in record time and then you can focus on what T-shirt moguls are supposed to do – launch and tip campaigns.



I’d suggest IMMEDIATELY hitting one of the two buttons below and take advantage of What Ad Factory offers.




Special: Get Lifetime Access (With Upgrades)
To Ad Factory For Only $263 
And Test Drive It For One Whole Week For Just $1.00



Ad Factory - Lifetime Subscription




Not Ready for Lifetime Access? That’s Cool –
We Have A Monthly Subscription Too.


Ad Factory - Monthly Subscription


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