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Tired of NOT making money on Facebook?

Brand New! ” Template Driven System RAKED
In $14,431 in just 7 DAYS Flat Promoting Silly Affiliate Products on Facebook ”

And in the next few minutes we’re going to show you exactly how to copy our success … But before we do so, I just want to show you without a doubt, live, that this is the real deal…

“The easiest and fastest way to Turn Any Affiliate Promo Into $10.000+ Per Month Even If You’ve Failed In The Past”

While other marketers are struggling more and more to sell t-shirts, Amazon Products and other offline products – with ZERO success …

And their accounts are shriveling up and dying every day …

Our promos are getting bigger conversions, ROI, and PROFITS than EVER before…

And we are not spending a single penny on Graphics, Designers or Useless Tools!

…And today, right now, for an extremely limited time I want to invite you behind the scenes, and reveal to you our private, proven formula for success.

A formula that you can literally CUT and PASTE and GENERATE HUGE success starting in just minutes from now.

With our 7 DAY Commission Formula you will be able to:

Easily Find Affiliate Products that Are Guaranteed To Sell Like Crazy (you’ve never seen this before);
Get thousands – tens of thousands of Laser-Targeted, Cheap Traffic To Your Offers, In Record Time;
Convert Up To 50%+ Of Our Visitors Into Buyers, With No Tricks, Tools or Extra Work From Your Side;
Stop shelling out cash on graphics designers, copywriters, useless developers … STOP outsourcing entirely, and make more money than ever before;

And this is the most important point…

Today, for a limited time only, we are willing to share exactly how we are making 6-figures a month by selling affiliate products through Facebook Ads, and give you the very limited opportunity to steal our secret designs and methods.

(Ok you don’t have to steal them, we’ll give them to you for an insanely cheap one time fee – then you can have your very own, incoming generating affiliate cash machine)

Maybe you’ve heard of how some marketers like us have quickly added an extra zero to their weekly income thanks to facebook and affiliate marketing.

How can selling other people’s products be SUCH a moneymaker ?

Well, remember the fact:

A product is not a business! The way you market it is …

experimentingWe tested, experimented, and became obsessed with the idea of having 6-figure months From Selling other people’s products. (We didn’t want the hassle of looking after customers, producing products, managing chargebacks…It’s a complete nightmare)

We innovated a “new marketing strategy” that no one else is using … that Gets More Traffic, Bigger Conversions and much more PROFITS than any other affiliate marketing strategy out there …

And all these following a 7 DAY template based formula.

We’re going to reveal 3 Secrets that make this strategy work so well in just a second ( you don’t need any technical or marketing skills to put this into practice ).

But, before that ..

We’re Going To Admit Something
Most Marketers NEVER Do

We had a head start.

We already knew a lot about Facebook Marketing From Other Ventures, and applied it to Affiliate Marketing.

So we started giving that head start to our students…

And the dozens of students (just like you) who we’ve ALREADY taught to make money monthly PROVE that Anyone – even a Gradma with NO computer or marketing skills whatsoever – can pull it off!

Wanna Know Why We Have Big Pay
Days Like These Every Day While You Are
Struggling Online ?

Well, If you’ve tried to make money online before …
OR if you’ve gotten tripped up in all of the steps, and haven’t managed to get a decent website live yet…
OR if you can’t make your visitors buy at all …

….then you are not alone…

In fact if you have:

Forked over your hard earned cash on affiliate products that don’t sell.
Wasted time WAITING on a slow designer for those graphics.
Worked for months on SEO campaigns with no results at all;
Tried to run some facebook campaigns, but spending WAY TOO MUCH on ads.
Have had your ads shut down and disapproved by Facebook.
Made only 1-2 sales, without hitting any leaderboards.

Then you already know the answer:

“There’s to much fluff in the way.”

We don’t waste our time and money on useless tools & strategies that get no results. We use a Simple “DAY BY DAY FORMULA” that keeps us laser-focused on what we do and guarantees the success of all our affiliate campaigns …

….Did you see that “GUARANTEED SUCCESS” ? …You just can’t beat that.

And because we want you to have more success Online starting right now, we’re going to reveal 3 Secrets that make this formula work so well, right now!

FORMULA Is So Amazing:


There is one reason why all those BIG marketers are on top of the Leaderboards for every launch! All of them know how to DELIVER MASSIVE VALUE to their customers while still being able to re-market to them time and time again!

Learn how To Easily Deliver REAL, MEASURABLE VALUE to your customers day after day and you will be able to:
⦁ Get Consistent, Double-digit Conversion Rates and 2-4x Increase In Your Earnings Per Click (EPCs) !
⦁ Keep your visitors buying through your link multiple times ;
⦁ Earn Crazy Income From Every Type of Promotion You Run ;


If you have tons of website traffic going through your virtual doors on a daily basis but none of them ever convert into sales or leads, then all your digital marketing efforts – and the investments that go with them – are simply flushed down the drain.

In other words, if you want to make money online, you need Targeted traffic – “qualified” or “quality” traffic.


There is no doubt – Webinars are the hottest online tool available these days!
The big players in the marketing industry (Million Dollar Earners and ABOVE) are all using webinars and for one important reason:

They add hundreds – even thousands! – of extra dollars to your bottom line. So no matter what you’re selling online ..

Make sure webinars are a part of your funnel.

In just minutes from now YOU could be using THESE 3 PILLARS for GUARANTEED Success to generate REAL CASH…

…The ENTIRE “DAY By DAY” Formula that we’ve created for you is based on these 3 pillars.

All you need to do is COPY and PASTE exactly what we give you and your bank account will look like ours. It’s time for you to SUCCEED online, so today…

…We’re Going To Flip The Script For You So
You’re The One Who Gets PAID

Inside 7 DAY COMMISSION FORMULA, you’ll get the exact “head start” we had, and you’ll get all the DFY marketing materials that sell like crazy in ANY niche.

You’ll be taken to the Affiliate Marketing finish line, here’s just a snap shot of what you’ll learn:

Module #1 – System Overview & The “Private Members-Only” Formula
We get straight to the point by delivering you the PROVEN, income generating formula right here in the first module. You’ll be off to a HUGE HEAD START by completing this lesson. In fact, you’ll know more than most FACEBOOK CONSULTANTS know after years of testing, learning and experimenting.

Module #2 – Finding Promising Launches
We’ll show you how to laser focus in on product launches and affiliate’s that will generate you REAL CASH fast. That’s right, here in the second module we’ll show you the exact system we use to identify and select profitable products to promote.

This is NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE footage that we recorded just for you…

Module #3 – Picking Winning Launches
In this module we’ll reveal to you the ‘Must-Have’ elements that every launch needs and how you can IMMEDIATELY identify them. From there we’ll guide you, step-by-step to selecting a launch that is going to RAKE in HUGE CASH FAST!

Module #4 – Creating Your #$%^& Page & Package
The information contained in this fourth module is HIGHLY secretive so I can’t reveal to you EXACTLY what we are teaching, but what I can tell you is this is the REAL secret to 50%+ conversion pages.

Module #5 – Facebook Advertising Crash Course
Here you’ll learn the EXACT steps we take to research, set up and manage a successful Facebook Advertising campaign.

We are among the BEST in the business and these are little-known secrets you won’t find anywhere else.

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