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I began to actually see sales

from reviewing Make Money products

using all free tools to make quick, silly

and simple videos.



I simply began making simple videos about Make Money Products

using all FREE TOOLS that

Google gobbles up like hot turkey

on a big platter at Thanksgiving.

I just couldn’t get over the fact

that you could instantly see this

in your Inbox:

“Paypal just sent you money”

at 3 AM in the morning”xcgrML7cA

I just couldn’t put down courses that taught that you could

“make money while you sleep.”

I began to understand that this

statement was TRUE, because

people are in different time zones

all around the world,

and while I slept in the U.S.,

someone on the other

side of the world such


as in Australia, the U.K.,

or New Zealand

was watching my video and

clicking on my sales

link to buy a course that was already

being advertised by many affiliates all over

Google and Youtube =).

I remembered asking myself this

question: How was this possible?

And, exactly where do I sign up? =)

I discovered the marketplaces known as

Warrior Plus and JVZoo

where folks create courses and software that you and I buy daily.

and I began to research and study and

dig deeper.

How would you like to get 100%

commission on products that

other people sweated, researched

and paid others to help them create?

Okay, I’m ready, now what?

I was supposed to “create a Review

Video” about each product and then get

it “RANKED” or see a thumbnail of it

when I searched for it in Google or


What was I supposed to be seeing?

My video was supposed to show up Here:

Page 1 of Google and (fingers crossed)

Page 1 of Youtube.


Most folks never go past the first page in Google.


How in the heck do you get your videos to show up within minutes on the first page?

Why would you want to do this any ‘ol way?

It’s called Affiliate Marketing..

and it has allowed me to quit

my Substitute Teaching job

and work from my laptop

wherever and whenever I choose.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to do that?

Aren’t you tired of having to ask a “boss”

to let you off for a doctor’s appointment

for you, your Mom, Dad or child?

Are you sick and tired of going to the

mailbox and seeing those “bills” and

knowing with a deep dread that your

current salary is not going to pay it off?

Are you sick and tired of reading emails

about people making gazillions of

dollars and riding around in their big,

fancy cars while you are just happy if

you can pay the electric bill this month?

Are you struggling to KNOW how to get

your video SEEN on Google and not buried

among the thousands of videos already


Aren’t you tired of taking the time to pick

a product, make a Review video and

then when you search for it, it’s buried

back on the 3rd page of Google?

Well, if that’s the case, you’re going to

love what I’m going to show you that

usually only GURUS talk about in

private FB and Skype Masterminds, or

terribly expensive seminars.

I’ve taken the training and done all the

study for you, so all you have to do is





Then, take a few notes and start seeing

YOUR video at the top of the search


like this:

What you will get:

I’m going to teach you with 1

Simple Video Tutorial (1) easy

and free Way to rank your videos

as high as possible using Youtube’s

new platform called LIVE EVENTS.

and how to get your video, plus

other ranking properties showing up

on the 1st page as quickly

as possible in both Google

and YOUTube.hands-589475_1280

Who is this for?9T4KGoXTE

If you are asking the following

questions, then this training is



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