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Dear Fellow Struggling Internet Marketer,

Stop what you’re doing. For just a minute, take a look around.Maybe you’re sitting at your desk,

your Smart phone at arm’s reach.Maybe you’re working from a coffee shop, reading this page

from your mobile device. It doesn’t take more than a quick look around to see how tightly

integrated mobile is into our daily lives.Many people today will not take the time to read

newspapers or other types of print so the only way to get to them is through mobile phones.

This provides businesses with an opportunity to communicate with them directly in a manner that

will grow and enhance their brands over time.

Whether it is searching, shopping or selling,

your customers are on the move and connected to their devices 24/7.

That’s right, a staggering number of people actually sleep with their mobile devices.With the

growth of mobile marketing that market is bigger than ever.More than 70% of Americans are on

a Smart phone.1 in 7 people are using a Smart phone every single day 50 BILLION apps

have been downloaded already! 75% of mobile phone users admit they cannot live without their phone

.More than 95% of teenagers wouldn’t be seen dead without one.

Therefore, even more people will be glued to their mobile devices performing internet searches.

This is why every business should take a serious look at adding Mobile Marketing to

their advertising funnel.

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