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“Tiny Little Copy & Paste Code Effortlessly Created Over $766,025.92”

Content Nitrous is made up of 2 parts. THE STRATEGY & THE SOFTWARE

The strategy is delivered to you in great detail within a professionally recorded audio book, PDF manuscript and 4 excellent videos that simplify the entire process.
The software is contained in a WordPress plugin that you will use to deploy a “StepBox” on the backend of all your websites. Step boxes are easy to create and there is a detailed tutorial video.

Our members area’s always ROCK. Seriously, you’re going to LOVE your Content Nitrous membership because the way we deliver info products makes everything else you’ve ever bought online pale by comparison.

Thats not hype, we go “ALL OUT” for our members. This is a complete learning experience where the information is there for you to absorb the way YOU WANT. This ain’t just a link to a zip file like you may be used to buying. No siree Bob.

You learn the way you want to learn at the pace you’re comfortable with. You can stream all the videos online or you can download for your convenience. You can chose to print and read the transcript PDFs and slides at your leisure.

The 19 chapter audio book has been professionally produced in our recording studio for excellent sound quality. Stream each chapter or download to your favorite mobile device so you can listen on the go! Every effort has been made to maximize your Content Nitrous experience and help you retain the information.
Content Nitrous Audio Book & Manuscript

Omar & Melinda’s Content Nitrous strategy clearly explained in a fun an informative way that you’ll enjoy and learn from. This isn’t a transcription or some ghostwritten rehashed PLR garbage. This is Omar’s words as he explains in detail the way that Content Nitrous came about and how you can make it work FOR YOU starting right away!

This audio book is filled with actionable material that you can put into practice right away in ANY niche you want. You’ll have several “AHA moments” within each chapter as you learn the most reliable ways to quickly create a recurring income from your websites.
Strategy Module 1 – Website Monetization

This video module will teach you exactly what page, and more importantly, what SECTION of that page in your website holds the most profit producing potential. You’ll learn the proper way to make money from this often forgotten web real estate without pissing off your customers or making them feel like they’re walking through the times square of web advertising.

After you watch this video you’ll be in a position to boost the ongoing profits from every single website you own. This new understanding of website monetization will even make you want to create new websites just for the sole purpose of monetizing them on the INSIDE in unique ways you’ve never even HEARD anyone talk about before!
Strategy Module 2 – “Thud” Factor

This video will teach you the concepts which will create loyal customers who keep coming back to your websites and buying from you over and over again. This is how reliable consistent money is made in any business that is by creating LOYAL customers. A satisfied customer will buy from anyone, its not enough to just satisfy them. You’ve got to make them LOYAL so that they only buy from YOU.

So many marketers and site owners out there get this all wrong. They convince themselves that they are “Over Delivering” when in reality they don’t even fully understand what that expression even means. If you knew how to create THUD factor with your existing customers you wouldn’t have to constantly be hoping to find new ones. Thats the skill you’ll master in the module.
Strategy Module 3 – Recurring Income

The feast or famine model is way to common amongst Internet “marketers” and its likely that the mentors you’ve been listening to have doomed you into creating products and launching them again and again. Thats not a bad thing…. AS LONG AS YOU HAVE CONTINUITY BUILT IN. Until you develop some sort of a recurring billing product that guarantees you money each and every month you will always be trapped in a feast or famine model.

It’s a great feeling to wake up on the first of the month and know that you already had $40,000.00 automatically deposited into your bank account cause your automatic rebills hit last night. There is a certain calmness and serenity that comes over your life when you build a REAL income like this instead of trying to push another $7 WSO every month. You’ll discover how easy it is to create real recurring revenue and the RIGHT WAY to do it in this module.
Strategy Module 4 – Profitable Usability

This module will open up a whole side of marketing for you that you probably didn’t even know existed. We’re about to teach you how to control your customers propensity to buy more, so that you can make as much money as possible from them BY MAKING THEIR USER EXPERIENCE AS HAPPY AS POSSIBLE.

There’s a reason why milk is always sold in the furthest part in the back of the grocery store. It’s because milk is the most commonly purchased item in the store and by putting it way in the back customers are forced to walk by other products that they need. Taking that same approach in your website layout and design is what TRUE marketing is all about and thats what you’re going to master in this training module. THIS MODULE WILL BLOW YOU AWAY.
First You’ll Learn The Strategy To Supercharge Your Profits
Then The Nitrous StepBox Plugin Will Automate It All.

But What The Heck Does
This Nitrous Plugin Actually Do?

The plugin produces what we call a “StepBox” for your website. These boxes are used to put your members through a series of 3 steps that have PROVEN to make YOU more money time and time again.

Boosts Email Profits

Your customers WHITELIST your email which guarantees deliverability of all your future marketing emails.
Injects Backend Cash

New members register for a value packed high converting high ticket webinar that adds cash to your bottom line.
Decreases Support

Creates a community for peer to peer support where your users will revere you and you can further your marketing.

Just customize your step box to look and perform the way you want then paste the WordPress short code on your download pages or welcome page. Yeah, it’s that simple.

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