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Attention Marketers…
At Last! A proven ‘Foot in the Door’ Strategy that delivers $500-$1000 Per Client With Only 45 Minutes of ‘Work’
8 out of 10 spots on the first Page of Google!

My Story.

I was working a job that I didn’t like. Everyday was a ‘grind’ going to work, and there wasn’t really much room for advancement.

One day I decided I had enough! I knew a lot about marketing and was doing some stuff part time, a website here and there, some email marketing, some video marketing.
Sound Familiar?

One day, I was looking at my bank account (it wasn’t pretty) but to my surprise I had enough money to ‘live on’ (minus eating out and my morning lattes.)

I also had a tax refund of about $1,000 coming. I did some simple math and discovered that I had enough money saved up to survive for 60 Days! WhooHoo!

I decided to take the ‘leap’ and GO FOR IT! I quit my job, and went to work ‘full time’ as a marketing consultant.

I picked up a few odd jobs here and there and had a few deals in my pipeline.

The problem was my rent was due in 2 days!I had a meeting with a local chiropractor from my BNI group that afternoon. I was short on rent and I needed to come up with a killer offer! Whatever I was going to pitch him had to…

Provide tremendous value.
Be a no-brainer and at a price point where he didn’t have to ‘think about it.’
Be easy to fulfill without a lot of time investment.

The service I eventually decided on was to do his directory listings. I would do 5 listing each month for the whopping sum of $150/month!
Here are the amazing results…

His website went from Page 12 – Page 1 in 45 days!

He was getting 3-4 new patients a month!

He was completely dominating for his keyword! (yes- I targeted a keyword with directories!)

My Ah-Ha! Moment…

I had a number of these $150-$200/month clients and I was spending on average 30-45 minutes a month to service them!

I had a meeting set up with a business owner, and he said ‘Can I pay you for 6 months of internet marketing and the ‘Google thing?’
From then on- I ONLY sold this as a ‘Starter’ Online Marketing Package for $500 for 6 months or $997 for the entire year!
That sounds cool but I already know how to set up directories, why do I need this?

In the Directory Domination course you are going to get…

The buyers psychology of why this works. Get this one piece wrong and you’ll look like everyone else doing Google Places set up.

How to properly position yourself to upsell your SEO services.

How I deliver my reports to show progress and to keep them happy month after month.
My easy to implement intake form.

Here are some comments from people that I have shared this with…

In this comprehensive 48 page guide you will learn…

How to position yourself and the service for maximum cash flow.

A Google ‘Hack’ to reverse engineer your clients competition to make sure that they are listed in the same places.

How to provide reports for your clients to show the value of the services you are providing.

A Free tool for tracking your clients rankings.


Who This is For…

If you sell marketing services…

If you are completely new to online marketing and want to make some extra money.

If you sell Reputation Services.

If you are tired of ‘foot in the door’ strategies that don’t have a real path for a lucrative long term client.

If you want a way to get long term clients.

If you are looking for a solid and easy to sell service that can be completely outsourced.

If you want to collect $500 – $1,000 per client.