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Sales page:

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Sack Your Autoresponder Company & Build Your List With NO Monthly Fees. The Only Facebook Autoresponder Script You Will Ever Need To Build A Massive List With The Click Of A Button.

Hi Zoro (cool name)

Our script is a list building tool which can be added to any web site or to a YouTube video. You need to drive traffic to any of your web sites/articles and then when someone subscribes you can send them messages with your offers.

Think of this like Aweber but with the power of Facebook data, after all this is how Facebook makes their money by using the data you add into your profile.

If you click on the subscribe link more than once it is only the welcome message you will get not any follow up messages.

I have 2 questions.

1) Can I add the link button to pdf share site?

2) In your video, I saw that when you add the button, the domain on which you installed the script will always show under it, right?

So if I install my script on my domain (for example) www .weightlossblog.com and then if someday I enter home decoration niche, and add a button on related fan page, the domain www .weightlossblog.com will still show up under it?


Yes it can be added to a pdf like this.

Insert the image you want to use as a subscribe button then click on the image and insert a hyper link onto the button like you would if you were hyper linking text.

Once you save it as a pdf the image becomes click-able going through your subscription button.

When you add the link to a fan page the domain the script is installed on will always show below the image so if you want to use it for multiple niches I would install it on a generic domain.