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How is This Possible?
Genius Affiliate Blueprint

Proven, Current, Affiliate Marketing Strategies Can Get YOU To Daily Commissions And Long Term Revenue.
When You Get Genius Affiliate Blueprint TODAY, You’ll Find Out How To Do All This… And More.
Market as an affiliate and GROW

You’ve heard it before… the money is in the list! Discover quickly how to build credibility and SALES by nurturing your list using our blueprint!
Apply to be an affiliate for THE hottest products
and get accepted

(Without a track record!) YES we show you how! Add: Point by Point checklists and videos walk you through every step

Track, measure and OPTIMIZE all traffic and sales

Proven (and Easiest) systems to see what’s working best, and how to use that info for maximum results!
Proven, repeatable, AUTOMATED processes to increase profits

You CAN work less and make more money – if you know what you’re doing. We show you how!
How and WHEN to SCALE your business!

This is where the real money comes in… when you know what you’re doing! Follow our blueprint to scale your business the right way, and you’re guaranteed to succeed!
Learn how to market as an affiliate to earn daily income

Consistency is key with your marketing to build your credibility and brand. THAT’s how you make money and build the lifestyle you deserve.
How to hone in on a profitable, ENJOYABLE niche

Remember you will eat, sleep and breathe this niche… You better LOVE it!
Master identifying the right products to market

Discover samurai retargeting techniques using our easy formula. Learn how to “follow” your hottest leads around the internet to help “push them over the fence” COMPLETE THE SALE!

uild an affiliate reputation with a history of sales

CRITICAL to getting approved for big launches!
Product reviews (and demos) done right!

Increasing EPC’s… HINT: It’s a SCIENCE!
Points you MUST COVER → How to NAIL it every time!
Bonus Page Creation (Bonuses CLOSE DEALS!)

Discover how to create your own bonus page
OR you can use OUR bonus page creator – simply copy and paste your affiliate link and your bonus page is Done for You!
The better and more relevant your bonuses, the more you will sell!
Here’s what you can expect inside Genius Affiliate Blueprint

Topic by topic, point by point Video training.
Screencasts, videos, webinars, slides, cheat-sheets and checklists
V-Merge Display Learning, works with any learning style!
And that’s just a fraction of what you get with Genius Affiliate Blueprint.
We’re adding more, fresh content daily

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