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That’s All It Takes with This Imminent Revolution in The Local Consultation Arena…

Amazing Toolkit Creates Stunning WordPress Sites, Mobile Sites, Ready-To-Print Graphics and Video Commercials in Just 7 Minutes…
For What Business Owners will Pay You $3000+ Again and Again PLUS Our Simple 5 Step Prospecting Method Will Empower You to Close UNLIMITED CLIENTS for These High In-Demand Services.

No More Messing Around with Poorly Coded Templates.
No Coding. No Designing Skills Needed.
Just Follow 1, 2, and 3″ And That’s It.

Download Our POWERFUL SET of Consultation Tools
Customize a bit as per client’s need in just 7 minutes or less
Impress your clients & collect your $3000 checks in REAL time.

If you’ve ever wanted to have a business that can pay your mortgage with only a few minutes of work… to have clients who love what you do so much that you can’t stop them coming back for more, and to join hundreds of offline consultants using the toolkit that makes it all possible, please pay attention to every word on this page.

Let me shock you with these real-time facts.
Hope you know about Godaddy!

This web giant grossed more than a billion dollar in revenue in 2014 mostly by selling web services to businesses in backend.

I was checking the success stories of small companies who provides web based services like us and here’s what I found
Kraupp Inc. making $250,000 – $1 million every year from only 50 active clients.

You can see there are many companies indexed here and making over a million every year. Google is filled with the success stories like these.
See what this startup agency is claiming on their ugly blog


I was surprised when I saw that and sharing with you.

Offline Consulting can be a GOLDEN EGG LAYING HEN!

People are making 6, 7 even 8 figure income with only few serious clients. Before I share with you the secrets…

Here is the 4 “traditional and painful” ways to become an offline consultant.

PAINFUL PROBLEM #1: Most offline marketers don’t know how to get clients to provide services to…
They just call to each and every business indexed on yellow pages and hope they will pay them 1000s of bucks.
Nope, they are not going to convert. Not every business owner is your right prospect.

PAINFUL PROBLEM #2: Learn it first and Do It yourself – it’s not a surprise that it takes years of time & thousands of dollars from your pocket to learn- what works and what simply don’t for local businesses.

It requires a lot of knowledge to drive RESULTS to businesses.

PAINFUL PROBLEM #3: They don’t have access to the right tools to get the desired results for client’s business and just go here and there, Buy poorly coded WordPress themes, Unsafe HTML templates, boring video templates or buy ugly graphics templates and mess around with confusing codes & designs.

Not just poor quality, they also charge anywhere from $50 to $150 for just one template without any developers license.

PAINFUL PROBLEM #4: Hire a freelancer with ZERO marketing experience.

They charges anywhere from $15-30 per hour, suck your time in guidance & testing AND WHAT YOU GET IS a horrible FINAL outcome. At the end of it all, thousands of dollars are wasted.

Not only it is painful, but it is also the reason WHY 99% of the offline marketers NEVER made a penny online.

We were in the same boat when we started with offline consultation.

With 6 years of failure and improvement, banking on our previous experience of serving 100s of local businesses and by coaching 100s of online and offline marketers; we learned what works and what simply not for local businesses in order to maximize their lead generation, conversions and sales.

We’ve discovered that for a long term and profitable consultation business, you REALLY need to STOP creating boring websites and less engaging videos that SIMPLY DO NOT help your clients to grow their businesses.

That’s exactly why we have created a SET OF POWERFUL TOOLS WITH CUTTING EDGE FEATURES THAT’S missing from the Offline consulting marketplace so we don’t have to go through all this.

When we make sites for our clients, it takes just 7 minutes, because we use a proven template, and that’s what we’re going to offer you today.

A completely new and revolutionary combination of the latest technology & Offline marketing expertise.

It’s a powerful set of professional tools & Training that’s all you need to start your very own profitable Local Consultancy Agency within the next 48 Hours

Without spending a fortune on it
Without worrying about getting unlimited clients

So What’s Inside This Revolutionary, Exquisite Toolkit?

Tool #1
Exquisite WordPress Theme for Businesses
That is SEO & SMO Friendly and Compatible with ALL the Devices Including Mobile Phones.

Unlike other themes that are available in the market, this theme is completely business oriented and packed with all the “Must Have” elements for a local business website.

#1. Highly Appealing and Clean Designs:

One of the major benefits of this theme is that it’s completely business oriented as well as its fresh and looks very clean & beautiful.

It can take you a lot of work and talent to decide the design requirement of client.

Its custom designs are made by having local business website requirement in mind:

Just select the niche & it will pull content and everything for you so you can create any niche site in 5 minute.

Check the live demo here

#2. Create Lightning FAST websites

No poor code & built on latest web designing technologies available. Proper balancing of JS, CSS make this theme lighting fast and very easy to load to give the best User experience.

#3. All Important Business Sections Included

People visiting a business website like to know all about the company, the services, how to contact them, etc.
Here you will have all the necessary templates ready to Go. Just choose template & you are all done.

Informative Home Page
Conact Us
Full width template
All ready to go

#4. Fully Mobile responsive Framework

Has been designed to enhance your website appeal on Mobiles & Tablet devices as well.
Its CRITICAL point to explain as without supporting mobile devices, no business can survive online so More details coming ahead.

#5. 100% Secured websites

No need to worry about Security issues.
Latest technology & intelligent coding makes it 100% secured platform.
Along with that, our regular updates will allow you to get relaxed.

#6. Skyrocket user engagement & Conversions

The top most priority is to engage users on your business website. To make it easier, we have-

A. Google Maps:It’s very important when you want to address your business online.

As a fact, 100 MILLION PEOPLE a month use Google Maps from mobile phones to find business information and use Google map to reach to business destination.

With our theme it can be set on contact us page, footer or in sidebar in just 2-3 click.

B. CTA management:A local business website should have multiple contact points. It motivates the visitors to take action to Call or fill the form right away so more leads & ultimately more sales for your business.

Choose right from dashboard to show Text, button or Image CTA in header, slider, above footer or in widget area without touching any code.

C. Highly engaging and Feature rich slider: Highly customizable slider to meet your requirements. You will also be able to setup highly engaging, 10+ possible Slider Combinations within few Minutes.

But more than just images, you will be able to customize this very beautiful Slider with calls to actions, buttons, headlines, background images and even use videos.

This will definitely grab visitor’s attention to skyrocket conversions

#7. Maximize lead generation results with our Lead Management feature

It comprises of ready to use & beautiful Lead form in 8 different colors which Works at ease with Aweber, Get-response and Mail-Chimp.
Use lead generation form on home page, on mobile sites, sidebar and widgets in just a few clicks.

#8. Create SEO Friendly Websites

It has been designed to meet all your on-page SEO needs.
It has a very light code, enables you to set Meta data like title, description, Keywords, no follow, no index tags right from user interface for any page, post or archive pages.
Use top 3 search engine’s webmasters tools without any hassles to index your pages FAST.

#9. Get More likes, shares and Viral Traffic using Social media feature

It gives you complete freedom to install social media & RSS Icons on header, below post, sidebar & footer by using widget or right from dashboard.
Most of the customers check business details for their social reputation before buying from them so No business can afford to avoid Social media these days.
You will have that function available as well without complicated coding.

No business WordPress theme comes even closers to it. It’s a Brand New & top notch Local consultant theme.

It’s built upon our SOLID and World’s No. 1, WordPress FRAMEWORK for BUSINESSES – The Graffiti. It will empower our customers to quickly and easily build incredible small business websites in just minutes.
Here’s a nice chart explaining How Exquisite Theme is
Better than Any Business theme ever:

Engage Visitors with 10+ beautiful Slider Combinations!

Engaging biz websites always have a really nice slider right at the home page. You will also be able to setup highly engaging slider within few Minutes.
But more than just images, you will be able to customize this very beautiful Slider with inbuilt lead generation form, calls to action images or text, buttons, headlines, background images and use even videos.
You can show upto 5 slides in almost 20 combinations, This will definitely grab visitors attention to skyrocket conversions.

Set website width & Layout without touching any Code!

Customize the layout right from dashboard. Set website width, divide in 2, 3 or 4 columns, decide no. of footer widgets etc. in just few clicks.
The more features you can change, the more unique it will look for other businesses.

Fully Customizable Typography

You know that the words speak to visitors. To get most of business websites, hey should speak like you want from them.
That’s why you should have full control on font, size & color of headlines, text, and links from the dashboard itself. Again no need to touch any code. Our theme supports 100+ google fonts.
This is giving you the chance to make a unique website to 1000s of different clients on the same niche.

Give Unique look to every client’s websites In Minutes

Customize header color, image, navigation color, hover color, footer, sidebar design & background image and color right from dashboard.
Its hard to explain the flexibily of Exquisite theme in words, your experience it yourself.
You literally can create 1000s of Unique & beautiful website combinations for your clients.

Very EASY USER Interface that Grandma can Use it

With this, your customers will be able to create attractive and expert local business websites in just 10 minutes.
It is so easy to use that even a newbie can handle without any problem.

Free Updates for Life Time

You will get Free updates for entire life for our framework as it’s not just a product launch. It’s a HUGE and lifetime project.
So new features will be added with time, will work great with all new versions of WordPress & least website security issues in future.

Analytics & remarketing ready

Make the best use of Google Analytics and FB Remarketing Pixels or any other third party code without investing any extra time.
Just put these codes in dashboard and enjoy these features.

Additional features:

Create unlimited services, portfolio & testimonial pages using wordpress simple editor.
Graffiti Support hooks, custom CSS.
Ready to use widgets for google maps, lead form, Image CTA, Custom TAB & much more
20+ short codes
Much more…

Super-Duper-Powerful Mobile Website Solution
Exquisite theme is not just 100% responsive but we went further and also provides customization options to make more engaging & lightning fast mobile sites.

100% Responsive for All the devices

Most of local searched happens on Mobile devices. Its CRITICAL to have mobile responsive site nowadays. If a business website is not mobile friendly, it is like insulting their customers & BIG loss.
Our Exquisite theme is fully responsive as it is based on latest web designing technology: HTML5, CSS3 & bootstrap so works great on all the Mobile devices, Tablets & all desktop sizes.
You will have that function available as well Without complicated coding.

Lighting Fast Mobile Sites

Our theme is not just responsive, you can even customize so heavy code does not hamper website performance and website load faster so better user experience.
Latest google update give top rankings in mobile searches only to the websites which load faster and perform better on mobiles.
That’s why Exquisite theme also give flexibility to remove sidebar & footer widgets which have no to little use on mobile phones & decreases website performance so your site can rank better in mobile search.

Don’t Lose Mobile Visitor anymore

Exquisite theme enables you to have full control on what to show as first screen when someone visit the site from Mobile or Tablets to get desired action from visitors so you will not lose mobile visitors anymore.

Show either

Text/Image CTA to make people take action or
Google Map to help visitors in getting directions or
Lead generation form to get more leads of potential customers or
Show beautiful slider to attract them

It will become a reality ONLY WITH this theme. No theme have that option till now.

It also improve the performance of website on mobile by showing only desired and necessary thing.

Manage client’s business website from Your Mobile phone

This is something really cool as well. Been able to use the dashboard from you cellphone it’s a most. Imagine you needing to edit something in the go, without waiting to get home.
In the internet marketing world, just 1 minute counts hundreds of sales.
With a 100% mobile friendly dashboard exclusive feature, managing business from mobiles will be QUICK AND EASY.

Tool #2
High-Converting Video Commercials to Turn Visitors into Potential Buyers for Your Clients

“A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”.

Everyone knows that video is the best way to sell online, but hardly anyone’s confident they can make one… and even the ones that are confident don’t have the time.

So when you can provide a completely ready-­‐made video commercial they can just plug into their new website and have it pull in the customers… ask for $400 and they’ll bite your hand off.

Just take a look at the demo video

You will get access to 5 Doodle like and High Definition commercial videos to use on client websites and skyrocket response from their visitors.
Don’t have video editing knowledge? Don’t worry, we have created 2-3 minutes of professional videos, ready to be used on client websites. You’ll never need to hire an expensive video guy again.
Videos Comes in MP4 format so works great on all the devices like Mac, PC, Tablets and Mobile phones.
Videos also Comes with all the raw footage files so you can edit them however you want.
Professional sales video scripts written by our expert offline marketers. These will engage each and every visitor to make them paying customers.
Professional US voiceovers for EVERY video… so you’re not just offering a completely plug-­‐and-­‐play service, you’re massively increasing the value too
You’ll get all the attractive graphics & characters we used to create the videos.
You can charge anywhere from $400-1000 a POP for these commercials alone.

Tool #3
200+ Ready-to-Print and Editable Brochures, Business Cards, Coupons, Proposal Templates etc.
There is hardly any business owner out there who don’t use business cards to market their business, and it represents their brand.

60% of shoppers actively look for coupons before making a purchase And…

A business is as good as it presents itself and eye catchy graphics are the best way to present a business as an authority in their market. So businesses are paying $1000-2000 for getting their print ready commercials done NICELY.

That’s why we have created a set of 200+ fully editable graphics templates for you. It hardly takes few minutes of work to get entire branding package done for your client using these templates.

This package comprises of-

Within this 3rd Consultation tool, I’m talking about 200+ gorgeous and high quality designs in which my personal graphic designers has placed their heart and really hard work for you. In a few clicks, you can edit them yourself so you’ll never need to hire an expensive designer again.

These will come in ready to go JPG & PNG format & also comes in editable PSD format so total 600+ files.

What If we give you all these 3 revolutionary Tools PLUS

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