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Landing Pages for 2016 and Beyond!
Multiple Animated Scenes That Dance Like Video
Play Automatically On ALL Mobile & Are Hosted By Us

Watch How Easy It Is To Make An
Animated Landing Page With Multiple Steps/Scenes

MotionLeads Provides Everything You Need Including Hosting.
You Create Animated Landing Page, Drive Traffic, Collect Leads.

You can quickly and easily create stunning animated landing pages with multiple scenes that look just like video. Each scene uses “Motion” that “Leads” your visitors step by step towards their buying decisions or opting in.

Everything Is Included

48 templates. 16 fancy text snippets. 200 background images. 35 motion backgrounds. 250 pro images. 29 animations. 8 background music tracks. Video Tutorials. All included!

Add Your Own Touch

Easily import your own music and images. Plus, for a limited time get FREE Lifetime access to new templates, animations and complete Done For You landing pages.

Anyone Can Create These

If you can type your email, you can make your own animated multi-step landing pages with MotionLeads. It’s Super easy and newbie friendly.

Mobile Friendly

Plays automatically on ALL mobile devices — video can’t, but MotionLeads CAN! Capture the attention of ALL your mobile leads and turn them into buyers/subscribers.

Use Anywhere

Use on Facebook, WordPress, or any web page. MotionLeads animated landing pages are completely responsive and will adjust to fit any device small or large.

Web Based

Set up MotionLeads ONE time and you’re ready to make UNLIMITED animated landing pages. It’s a breeze to use with any webhost, even a free one – it’s been tested.
Fully Hosted

No web host? No problem. We’ll host your MotionLeads for you!! Just click a button and MotionLeads will be AUTOMATICALLY INSTALLED on our lightning fast server. No recurring fees!
Self Hosted

Want to use MotionLeads on your web host? You can do that, too. Simply upload the files to your web host and login to your admin area. That’s all there is to it.
Amazingly Simple, Powerful Features!

Animate your landing pages so they play like video with 29 different animations which can be applied to specific images and entire steps/scenes. Select from 5 different styles that will magically “type” your text across the screen moving your message from one scene to the next. Instantly preview and select any animation you want right inside your admin.

Motion Backgrounds

Motion backgrounds will play on ANY device, including mobile, and even in email. They are actually animated GIFs that have been optimized to load fast. We’ve included 35 for you.

48 Customizable templates are included to get you off to a fast start. Select your template color; specify your dimensions; align your template. Super quick, super easy!

Easy To Use
Web Based Admin Area

User friendly MotionLeads admin area is web based so it can be accessed from anywhere and works on PCs and Macs. Quick video tutorials and hover-over tooltips guide you through everything inside your admin area.
Smart Web Forms

Every time a web form is submitted you can select 1 of 5 ways to display the Thank You page. Thanks to the excellent MotionLeads tracking feature. For instance, with the click of a button, you can have your visitors do 2 things at the same time. EX: sign up to your list then watch a sales video.

Works With Any Autoresponder

Seamless integration with ANY autoresponder. Just copy and paste the html code right into any landing page.

Track visitors from start to finish automatically on all your landing pages. Know exactly how your landing page is performing and where you need to change and optimize it! Track how many visitors submit forms. Use the provided tracking pixel for seamless integration with affiliate programs and payment processors.

Background Music

Pre-loaded background music tracks are super optimized for quick load times and will make ANY landing page sound professional. Preview and select background music right inside your MotionLeads admin.
Background Images

200 high quality background images are included and have been optimized to load fast. Easily browse through your image library in your admin area and click to select your choice.


Your MotionLeads animated landing pages can play like video and can have controls like video. Choose from multiple controls themes and which buttons to include.
Free Updates

FREE updates for life. Easily check for new updates from button inside the admin area.

Unlimited Landing Pages

Landing pages

Create multiple landing pages for multiple products and build multiple lists all from one organized location. Create unlimited landing pages and easily make exact copies of them.
Unlimited Steps/Scenes

Landing pages

Each landing page can have unlimited steps that play in order like the scenes of a video. Create great interest as you move your viewer along from start to finish and the important call to action.
Cusomizable Templates

Landing pages

Use any template on any step and include text, images, video, or sign up form. Completely customize with the step designer.
Full Step/Scene Control

Landing pages

Easily control each step/scene from starting and pausing background music to displaying or delaying animated images to auto advancing to the next step or using a “next’ button/image and so much more.

Landing pages

Choose from 29 animations that will grab your visitors’ attention and lead them to your call to action.
Background Images

Landing pages

Use the included background images or upload your own inside your admin.
Background Music

Landing pages

Use the included background music or upload your own inside your admin.
Video Like Controls

Landing pages

Your landing page plays like a video so it can have controls like a video.
Visitor Tracking

Landing pages

Track your landing page visitors and increase your conversions by knowing exactly how your page is performing. This gives you critical information to make needed changes. Track form submissions and seamlessly integrate with affiliate programs and payment processors.
Upload Your Own Images/Music

Landing pages

Upload unlimited images to use as backgrounds or in-page images, as well as background music MP3’s to use with any of your landing pages.

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