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“Drive MORE Qualified Buyer Traffic, Leads, and Customers to ALL of Your Sites.”
If you publish or manage content on more than one site, you’re about to discover how to make your life 10x easier…
…And 10x more profitable”

The largest driver of traffic online is Organic Search (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing).
And The #1 Success Factor that Fuels Organic Search is… Content

of all online buyers start their product research on search engines

of B2B buyers click through organic results, compared to less than 20 percent who click on PPC ads.

of marketers agree that content is the most effective strategy for ranking naturally in the search engines.

The Point: Content FUELS the
Internet, and Drives Qualified
BUYER Traffic to Your Sites

If You’re NOT implementing a streamlined strategy for producing content, your online business will be caught dead in the water
provenThe Best Part for You:
Content Marketing is PROVEN to Produce REAL Results in ANY Niche Market

If you’re a content creator, content manager, writer, or online business owner with multiple web sites, you know how frustrating it is to manage each site individually.

You always have way too many tabs open.

You’re always logging in and out.

And you have to keep up with blog scheduling in each independent site’s dashboard

It’s a lot like owning a bunch of houses and every day you’re stuck driving from one house to another, unlocking each door, rearranging the furniture, trimming the hedges, and ensuring the coffee maker is scheduled to brew at 7AM the next morning.

You’re spending more time keeping track of everything from one admin panel and browser tab to the next, than actually writing, managing, and scheduling your important posts.

And, if you’re managing a team of people, handling the various permissions and schedules and collaborations across multiple sites makes everything even more frustrating.

I don’t know about you, but one of the reasons I went into online marketing was to limit frustrations, not add to them.

After a lot of planning and a lot of work I was finally able to come up with a solution that we call PublishVault. It will change the way you publish, distribute content online, and manage content teams forever.

Here’s how…

PublishVault is a 100% unique all-in-one solution for content creators of every type, from managers to writers to online business owners with blog-based sites

Become a Big-Time Internet Marketing Player by Producing, Publishing, and Syndicating Unique High Quality Content to ALL of Your WordPress Sites…
In Just Minutes!

Watch PublishVault In Action…
Click to Play Demo Video

PublishVault Takes Control of the Internet’s Fuel:
Your Content Marketing.
All-In-One Content Platform

Publish all your content across all your WordPress websites from one central location. No more logging in from one dashboard to the next. You simply sync your sites up and control your posts and pages from just one, single intuitive dashboard.

Collaborate with Your Team.

You no longer have to jump from one admin panel to another to edit/review posts before publication, and your team no longer has to physically login to each property to create post and page drafts while collaborating in third party environments like Skype or Basecamp.

You can submit ideas, create, edit, and publish content in one convenient location

Find and Hire Expert Writers for ANY NICHE

Find high-quality professional writers on-demand, for literally any niche you can think of. Integrated directly with the Top Content Providers Online:

Find high-quality professional writers on-demand, for literally any niche you can think of. Integrated directly with the Top Content Providers Online:

*Additional costs apply when using the above services

Imagine being able to tap into the largest team of professional writers in the market and collaborate with them immediately across all your WordPress sites from a single location – no more endless tabs, endless emails, and endless locations to navigate between.
Built-In Editorial Calendar

A convenient publication calendar is at your fingertips. With a single-click, choose the days to publish, what times, and to what pages and sites. Instant scheduling!

Easy User Management
– Add Unlimited Users!

With one click of the mouse, invite admins, authors, or editors into the application and get everyone involved and on the same page

Drip-Feed Content to Unlimited WordPress Blogs.

You can even schedule your posts and sync them with Google Calendar for access across all your devices no matter where you are

Use for UNLIMITED Number of Sites.

Unlike most all other content marketing software, PublishVault will never limit you on the number of sites you can manage. You can publish, distribute, and manage content for as many sites as you own.

PublishVault is your answer for easier content management, publishing, team management and collaboration, and even team hiring.

This all-in-one solution isn’t just going to make your life easier, it’s going to make your business more profitable.
As the saying goes – TIME IS MONEY

hourgrlassThe less time you spend on frustrating busy work, the more time you can spend on doing the things that actually generate income across your content networks.

Not only that, PublishVault provides you with an unprecedented edge over everyone else out there who is stuck doing things the old way, while you are utilizing this secret weapon to churn out quality content quicker and more efficiently than you ever have before.

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