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$329,000 in Automated Profits PROVES
Comments Are the New Social Currency
…And Now You Too Can Multiply Your Profits By Up to 2000%
with a simple app that turns Facebook comments into cold hard CASH.

What if You Could Turn Simple Comments into Cash on Facebook?
This new technology has already raked in $329,000 in profits by leveraging comments on our pages, posts and ads…
4 Clicks to ReEngage
Setup a money-making campaign in as little as 4 clicks…
Sends Your Offers
Your messages and offers are sent to commenters with a FB notification
Target Buyers
Real buyer traffic, ready to give you money take notice and ACTION
Your Campaigns Take OFF
Sends a surge of leads, clicks and sales all for FREE…

But make no mistake, this is about WAY more than just tees…

What if you could easily and quickly multiply leads, sales and clicks on ANY of your offers, whether you sell tees, physical products, digital goods, run CPA offers, or contests…


Then you’d be OVER THE MOON, right?

And just imagine if you could make…

$8,764.00 EXTRA in Cold Hard Cash in Just 3 Days?

Sounds like marketer’s dream, right?

Well then, Dorothy you’re absolutely right, we’re not in Kansas any more.

Because now this is icing on the cake, EXTRA profit – 100% of which goes straight into your pocket… with just a few minutes of extra effort.

You don’t have to pay a single cent more in ad spend to get these results.

This is the key to maximizing your sales and profits on Facebook.

In the next 4 minutes I’m going to show you simple it is to use this software and how this is the closest to a guaranteed earnings booster you’ve ever seen.

You See, ReEngaging Is the Key To Selling And Maximizing Your Profits…
In Just 4 Clicks You Will Be Raking In More Profits From Your social marketing efforts than ever before:
Automated Scheduling of Your Messages Just Like Top Autoresponders!
Prospects Get Alerts on their Smartphones and See Your Message FIRST When they Login…
Use Spinner Text to Make Your Replies Seem Totally Unique…
Automatically Tag Your Leads By Name for Increased Engagement…
Universally Compatible Web-Based Software. Nothing to Download!
Your Leads are Notified Immediately in the Classic FB Notification Bar…

Track Results with the Real Time Analytics Dashboard…
Run Split Tests and Automatically Optimize Your Clicks, Sales and Leads…
Mass Manage All Your Messages and Offers from One Place…
So the Question is: What Could You Do with the POWER of ReEnagement?
And even more benefits await you… ReEngage allows anyone to turns previously worthless social comments into 4 figure paydays. And all it takes it just a few simple steps to get going…
Absolutely No Tech Experience Required – Out of the Box Profits!
ReEngage Gives You Unlimited Chances To Make Your Prospects Sit Up And Take Notice

There is no other product out there that can do what ReEngage will do for you. ReEngage Will Dramatically MULTIPLY Your FB Sales and Profits In Just 4 Clicks:

Step #1 – Click On Reply Bot
Step #2 – Select which of your pages you’d like to use
Step #3 – Choose The Post You Want to ReEngage & Type Your Message
Step #4 – Click ‘Post Reply’…

And BOOM! Your chosen post is instantly populated with your reply!
ReEngage is PERFECT For Multiplying Your Profits With Your…

Instant Engagement Overload!
It’s Time to Take Your Social Marketing to Unprecedented Levels Starting Right Now

You see without ReEngage, you’re willingly leaving money on the table. There’s no other way to leverage simple Facebook comments and turn them into surefire profits – we’ve proven this time and time again.

And there’s no simpler way to pad your ROI, by up to 2000% by simply clicking 4 buttons. And as you know by now, ReEngage turns average campaigns into mass sale campaigns – it’s there and for the taking.

What if instead of ignoring a golden opportunity, like 99% of Facebook marketers, you made the most out of it?

From now on, every comment you generate – whether you do t-shirts, physical products, lead building or affiliate marketing – would turn into a permanent lead from whom you can make money time and time again!

So you’ve seen what this has the potential to do for your business and bottom line, but I won’t mince words…

If you want in, you need to take action immediately.

ReEngage was built by social marketers and based on thousands of dollars invested and hundreds of hours spent running Facebook campaigns.
It’s the only tool in existence today that can turn Facebook comments into cold hard cash, and boost ROI’s as high as 2000% with 4 simple clicks.

So Only One Question Remains: Are You Ready?
In 7 Days Time We’ll Pulling the Tool Off the Market Completely…

Here’s what you absolutely need to know about this special offer today…

When we relaunch it, ReEngage will be available exclusively as a monthly subscription service only.
By investing in your copy of ReEngage today, you are saving yourself a lifetime of payments…
You’re going to be getting your copy of ReEngage for LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A SINGLE MONTH’S MEMBERSHIP.

Miss out now and the second this exclusive launch period ends, you will have to pay $97 EVERY MONTH for access to ReEngage and wait months for it to re-open.

But YOU can avoid that headache with swift action today.

Because by taking advantage of this exclusive launch offer RIGHT NOW, you can grab your copy of ReEngage for a one time investment and at about HALF of that price…

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