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Build Instantly Targetable Keyword Lists from
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Authority Site Research Tool…

Finds Hidden Buyer Keywords
Research 15 Top Authority Sites
Uncovers Whole Niches Niches
Instantly Usable Keyword lists

SEO Commander can help you…

Save hours wasted on research
Track Your SERP Rankings
Track Your Social Signals
Become more profitable faster

Powerful SEO Tools At Your Fingertips.
Get The Data You Need To Help Increase Your Traffic, Bank & Outrank Your Competitors
The data you need when you need it
Super fast multi-thread windows desktop software gives you the speed you want to get the job done quick.
SPY on your competitors (*Pro Version)
Easily see what keywords your competitors are using, what social signals they have and many more metrics to help give you insight.
Laser Targeted Keywords
We use these keywords ourselves on our affiliate & eCommerce sites to help us bank better using laser targeted related keywords.
Rankings and social metrics
Monitor your search engine rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Check your social metrics / signals on many top social platforms.
Charts and graphs
Compare your ranking results easily over the past 7 – 30 days with our easy to read inbuilt graphs and charts.
Video Tutorials
Bite size video tutorials for each part of the software in our members area.
Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get
Build Laser Targeted Buyer Keyword Lists In Seconds!
Rapid Keyword Discovery
Simple and Easy To Use Interface
SEO Commander provides an abundance of features including discovering the highest searched related keywords from eighteen top sources including Google, Bing, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, BestBuy, eBay, Etsy, SnapDeal, YouTube, Yahoo, Ask. shopping.com + more

it’s is so easy to use… just enter the domain(s) / keyword(s) and in a click or two of the mouse SEO Commander will give you results.

Here’s what you get…

Bing Search Suggestions Keywords
Google Suggest Keywords
Yahoo Search Assistant Keywords
YouTube Suggestions Keywords
Shopping.com Search Suggestions
GooglePlay Suggestions
Ebay Keyword Suggestions
Ask Keywords Suggestion
Etsy Keyword Suggestions
Amazon.com Keywords Suggestion
Amazon.co.uk Keywords Suggestion
Amazon.de Keywords Suggestion
Duckduckgo Keyword Suggestions
SnapDeal Keyword Suggestions
BestBuy Keyword Suggestions
Google Trend Keywords
Rank Tracker (Check Google, Yahoo and Bing Rankings)
Social Tracker

Optional Pro Upgrade
Unlock these powerful PRO SEO features…
If you want access to the same data as professional SEO Agencies use, we are offering a special deal on the upgrade to the pro version for all customers.

The pro version has all the features of the standard version, plus some new exclusive tools, many of which are not offered by any other software.

SEMRush Data at Trade Price

Here’s what you get in the pro version :-

Serps Insight – Check Google Algorithm for Changes
Site SPY – Find Out Your Competitor’s Weak Spots
Keyword Spy – Easily Find Your Competitors Keywords
SEM Rush – Get SEM Rush data at Massive Discounts
EMD Checker – Find Exact Match Domains fast
PRO Keyword & Domain Research – using SEM Rush Data

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