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Intelligent Marketing Made Simple
Super Powerful New Software Creates Lead Generating, List Building Micro-commitment Surveys In Less Than 5 Minutes

Video Surveys, Audio Surveys, Mobile Surveys and more.
Get ready for the future of customer engagement and lead acquisition

Social Surveys is our brand new, cloud based survey, lead generation, lead capture and customer feedback app that completely blows every other survey app out of the water.

Social Surveys is the app the boring old survey companies don’t want you to know about. From the ground up, we have created a cutting edge cloud based platform with video surveys, audio surveys, voice recording functions, logic based questions and a lot more…

We aren’t just providing a boring “survey app” here though, we are providing a complete marketing intelligence system that will let you dial in

…..every customer communication you send
…..every product offering you make
…..every marketing campaign you run
…..every client project you manage

Nothing Else Can Do What Social Surveys Does

We are going to show you our amazing features further down the page but know this: no other app can do what this does.

The bottom line is, Social Surveys lets you almost ‘look into the mind’ of your customers and prospects.

If you do not know your customers, you are flying blind.

It’s time to tear the blindfold away and start marketing smarter.

Let me put it this way. If you asked people exactly what they wanted and got their email address….you think it is going to be pretty easy to make what they just told you they wanted, then sell it to them….?

……of course it is!
Just Let That Sink In.

Below you will see examples of some typical thoughts people might have, and a laser targeted response from a business.

If you can tap into their sub-conscious needs and desires, and put the right message in front of them….big things will happen….

…and Social Surveys lets you do this in a way that no other app does.

Check out these scenarios….

Social Surveys Lets You or Your Clients Have These Conversations On Autopilot

No sales calls…
No “shot in the dark” emails or paid ads…
No guessing…

Social Surveys takes the guesswork out of your marketing and turns your efforts into a guided missile attack.

And the cool thing is, people will be happy to hear from you.

If they tell you what they want, then you give it to them….well, it doesn’t get much simpler than that, does it?

We make it practically impossible for people not to opt-in by using a powerful system of ‘micro-commitments’. By showing visitors a Social Survey app with engaging steps that include images, audio, videos and more…..we make sure people go right through the process and with each step, they are more and more likely to enter their email at the end – the purpose of the survey….

….especially if you use our giveaway system to reward them with a bonus.
Beautiful, Dynamic, Intelligent – Social Surveys campaigns convert

Social Surveys work on web, mobile and Facebook.

Using groundbreaking animation technology transition from question to question is seamless, and fast, ensuring you get maximum conversions.

With each click, users make a micro-commitment and become more engaged as they near the bonus you offer them. The further they go, the more likely they are to enter their email and listen to what you have to say on the other side.

Social Surveys qualifies them. They micro-commit. They will want to hear what you have to say.

Once they get to the last step in the survey, they are presented with an optin field, a redirect or a bonus. You can even provide a different bonus or redirect based on what answers they gave!

Which brings us to our next groundbreaking feature…..response based optins

Yes, you read that correctly – you can make peoples email go to a different optin list depending on what answer they gave. If people answer A, they go to list A, if they answer B, they go to list B. Then, you follow up with the A’s about the appropriate topic, and so on.

No point in having all these answers if you can’t easily get in touch with the people who said A or B, right?

This is crazy powerful. Nothing else does this. Nothing else puts that laser focused business intelligence right into your hands. I’m sure the alarm bells are going off with ideas already. Even as I write this, I am getting more ideas for my own business. It’s endless.

Not only does our app add them to your autoresponder of choice, you can also retarget your survey respondents – yes, Social Surveys is that powerful.

Because we understand the importance of visuals, we have made Social Surveys one of the most graphically appealing and customisable apps on the market. With 25 built in pre-made templates, and full options for text, font, colour, layout and more….every Survey you create will look amazing.

You know surveys work.

Traditional marketing has been using them for decades.

“Take 5 minutes to complete our survey to enter a draw to win a car”…..you know the sort of thing I am talking about here.

Well, we take this proven concept and turned it into a powerhouse solution for facebook, mobile and the web.
And To Match Our Amazing Advanced Features….We Have A Massive Library of “Done For You” Survey Templates

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