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NEW Software Finds 3,593 Buyers in 37 Seconds

OK. Now here’s the REAL Problem with
Google & Facebook Ads… TARGETING!

People who search something
(traditional Google Ads )

Likes + demographics
( Facebook Ads)

People who tweeted “keyword”,
recently and they’re !>BUYERS

Introducing Social Titan
The ONLY App that Locates & Extracts
Recent Buyers For Any Website or Niche

Automatically extract recent buyers for any niche
Automatically search 4 buyer keywords at the same time
Adheres to all Twitter rules – 100% powerful but compliant
Lifetime updates, awesome support, runs in your browser
Repeatable. Download up to 1,000 buyers every 60 seconds
Target any niche (IM/dating/t-shirt/offline/app/list-buldiing)
Access 300 million potential Recent Internet Buyers with 1 click

Here’s the easy 4 step formula that me
and my fellow Social Titan follow…
Step 1

First, I find products and websites that are similar to the product Im trying to sell. For example, if I was selling a niche ebook, I’d look for fanpages of other ebooks, products etc in that niche. If I was promoting an ecommerce product, I’d add related brands & websites.
Step 2

Now I know what type of leads I want to automatically extract, and have my buyer keywords. We simply enter enter these into the software. Any tweet that includes these words will be extracted. It’s 100% done for you… but you can easily customize Titan to any market or product you can think of.
Step 3

I let the Social Titan software loose Within seconds it scans billions of tweets, looking for the tell-tale buyer words that indicate explosively profitable leads. The very best buyer leads are instantly highlighted for you – it’s almost as if the money jumps off the screen! Simply repeat the process for all the products and keywords until you have thousands of hot leads!
Step 4

Now we can target this audience with an ad in a matter of seconds. It’s time to launch our ad …with a high degree of confidence that we will win! Titans only target the very BEST leads which allows us to spend a smaller amount of money and get larger returns – with very low risk. No matter the niche… we are instantly “locked in” on red-hot, recent buyers.

Make Online Ads work for you
no matter where the traffic goes..

Do you sell digital products (ebook and software), as an affiliate or product owner? Then Titan will change how you get leads and traffic. It’s so easy…

Simply think of related products in your niche (especially those of any similar or competing product) and extract all the buyers… then sell them your products.

Want to promote Amazon products as an affiliate? You can extract physical product buyers! eg. promoting a telescope? Add telescope brands, accessories etc, and Titan finds buyers…

Looking to build a loyal list of followers? Then you’ll love paying nickels for a tight list of buyers who are proven to engage, click and retweet all of your posts… and of course buy from you!

Do you want to build a responsive buyers list? Titan can find your competitors best, most engaged e-mail subscribers. Let Titan find them, then extract these targeted email lists in 1 click.

If you’ve got an app, you need super fans who will buy your app and tell their friends about it. With Titan, you can find these superfans in seconds – easy viral buyers!

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