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In this video I’ll show you how I’ve generated MILLIONS of website visitors, TENS OF THOUSANDS of leads, and made MILLIONS in revenue online…
By Harnessing the Power of MASSIVE TRAFFIC!

This New Speed Blogging Extension can help you Blog 10x Faster by Instantly Embedding Content in Seconds and using White-Hat SEO Strategies to help you Rank Your Posts Long Term in Google!


Bridge Pages will sell for roughly $47/mo after this launch, but when you buy Speed Blogging Today, we will throw in an UNLIMITED version for you!

This means you can create Unlimited Lead Capture Pages and Sales Pages that are completely dynamic and we will cover the hosting of these pages for you!

This alone is worth MORE than Speed Blogging and it’s your fast-action bonus when you buy before the timer hits zero today!

You asked, we delivered – Now you can schedule out all your posts!
You can instantly find content on the web and in just one click you can embed it to your speed blogging admin area, choose a title and description, and then schedule out a date for it to be posted!

Instantly Embed Facebook Status Updates in Seconds!
Facebook™ has become the worlds leading source of trending news and viral content, and now you will see a new Speed Blogging icon on each post that allows you to instantly embed the post to your blog to help capitalize on the viral trends to drive massive traffic, leads & sales!
Instantly Embed YouTube Videos to Your Blog with a Single Click!
All YouTube videos will now have a Speed Blogging icon when you hover over them that allows you to instantly embed them to any blog that you connect to your account. No more searching for embed codes and trying to make them look perfect, now you can simply click a video, add a title & description and press publish!
Sharing Pinterest Pins Has Never Been Simpler!
A new Speed Blogging icon will be featured on every single Pinterest Pin when you hover over an image. This allows you to instantly publish images to your blog, while giving the original author the proper credit, to help you build beautiful posts with amazing pictures!

Personal Message from Chris Record
Founder of SpeedBlogging.com
First of all, thank you for taking the time to learn more about Speed Blogging. I really appreciate you and your time, and I want to take just a moment to speak from my heart.

I created this tool as a solution to a major problem that most bloggers face, which is the TIME that it takes to create content!
I’ve personally spent as much as 4-5 hours just writing a single blog post! Seriously, it sounds crazy but when I started talking with other bloggers it turned out that so many people had the same exact problems that I had.
It can be extremely frustrating to blog for hours and then LOSE all the content of your entire blog post – believe me that’s happened to me several times. And every single hour that we spend away from our family and friends is precious, so I went on a mission to find a solution, not only for myself, but for all bloggers around the world.
I started looking at the areas of blogging that we spend the most time in. Embedding videos, getting our pictures to center properly, aligning content in our posts, and most of all just trying to figure out what to blog about!

And I also took a hard look at what the most popular blogs were doing to create viral traffic, as well as long-term white-hat SEO techniques that would still be working years from now. I sat down and brainstormed it all with my team of developers, and that’s when we came up with the solution: SPEED BLOGGING.
Now we can all install this simple-to-use Google Chrome Extension and connect as many blogs as we want. And we are able to instantly blog content from around the web without ever having to log back into our blogs again! This alone will save us hours, but I wanted to take it a few steps further.

I knew that LIST POSTS were quickly becoming the most popular content on the web, and were dominating the first page of results in Google for almost everything that I searched for. So I put together the fastest possible solution to create list-posts in just minutes, allowing us to write articles about our 10 favorite things, or 7 ways to accomplish something, or 5 best websites on any topic we can think of.

Now, we don’t have to think so hard about WHAT to blog about, and we can spend more time actually creating content that everyone wants to read and share on their social media accounts, as well as ranking high in Google.

I truly believe from the bottom of my heart that SPEED BLOGGING will completely transform the way that we all blog, and I am 100% dedicated to improving this tool every single month for years and years to come.

Sure, there will be some bugs in the early days, and yes, it’s near impossible to make it work perfectly on everyone’s blogs, since we all use different themes and different plugins and different stylesheets.

So when you come across a bug, or have a feature request for us, please be sure to submit those to our customer support team so that we can continue to make Speed Blogging better and better with YOUR awesome help!

I’m so excited to share this amazing software with you and I’m truly thankful to have you on board with us!
– Chris Record, Founder of SpeedBlogging.com

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