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T Shirt Course for 2015 and beyond!

Was able to go through Devid’s course modules without wondering if there was something he was leaving out… and unlike many other courses, he laid everything out in detail. A complete, concise course on getting up and running on Teespring (which could also be used on other platforms as well). For the marketers already selling online, the strategies he has shared are golden. The pdf-style course contains many resource links that are extremely useful in finding good niches and targeting ideas. Well done!
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Kenny Martinez ·
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If you want to earn a decent income online you have to learn from the best and Devid is definitely one of the best when it comes to Teespring! This course is perfect for everyone, if you are a Newbie or even a advanced tee shirt marketer. I like how every module is not very long, easy to follow and value packed with awesome content. When you get access to T-Shirt Confessions you will learn strategies that can only be found in a $5k/$25k Teespring mastermind group!
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Joe Mangano · The College of New Jersey
Hi I’m Joe Mangano and I had the opportunity to review David’s course and provide comments. When I started reading his materials I was concerned that this was just going to be a glossy overview of materials that were already in the market. Well, I was very wrong. Yes, in the beginning David does a great job at laying the foundation, which is useful for new marketers and a good review for ones with experience. Then, he lays out step-by-step exactly how to grow, scale and take your Tee business to the next level. Everyone needs to pay very close attention to his 3 key ingredients for success – believe me – they work.

His explanation on targeting and layering are the materials you may have had to spend 100’s of dollars for in the past. He presents a bidding strategy for ads that I have not seen anywhere else. And wait until you see the research techniques he lays out – yes – all 16 of them are solid gold!. Oh, and it that’s not enough, he has a whole section on ways to get free and high converting traffic.

In summary I was very pleasantly surprised by the level of depth in the materials and the care he has taken to make the information clear and easy to understand. My advice – buy this, study it, take massive action and reap massive rewards.
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Dave Castle ·
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Hi my name is Dave Castle and I’m doing this testimonial to thank Devid Farah for giving me review access to his new product T-shirt confessions.

The first thing that struck me is the very professional layout of his website and the content that you gain access to.

Each of the 17 modules cover aspects of the T-shirt business that I don’t think a lot of people are talking about.

I have a feeling like Devid is sharing in this course or more to the point what he’s exposing is not only going to rattle some cages but is going to bring a lot of people who are struggling or who are on the sidelines to the front of the line in making a profit with T-shirts on Facebook.

I highly recommend this course I’m using it and I’m actually looking forward to being one of the people at the top of the leaderboard’s as far as T-shirt sales and inexpensive Facebook clicks myself thanks to what I am learning.

Thank you Devid I very much appreciate this access you granted me and I hope you do well I’m confident you will.
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Lamont Clark ·
Follow · Washington, District of Columbia
I purchased the product, but could NOT even access it. The website to login in is inaccessible. I wrote their support team, and all they did was give me the same inaccessible web address with a new password. You can’t be a “top notch” product with a crappy site and poor support. IF I ever get access to the product I can give it a fair review, but this is a bad beginning.
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Devid Farah · Los Angeles, California
Lamont, sorry about this, we are into it. Please contact our support here support@corporatevaluelimited.net
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Naja Hayward ·
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It seems like you’re the only person that actually paid and wasn’t given the course to test and then write a testimonial and your also the only person that actually could not get the product they paid for. Nope. Not buying based on this one review. Thanks for your honesty.
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Scott Davidson
This is one heck of a course! If you want something very detailed and precisely laid out, then this is it! Pure hand holding in simple, easy to understand training modules. I started implementing some of the strategies and am already seeing huge increases in my returns. This is really golden knowledge and if you are in the tshirt game or any FB marketing game, then pick this course up. It will teach you things you never knew about marketing with Facebook.
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Rick Levine
There are so many courses available regarding selling T-shirts and Fb advertising that it is difficult deciphering what is good and what is reguritated BS. I just read David Farah’s new course and I can definitely say it does not fall into the Rreguritated BS category. It is chock full of strategies and tips that I feel either the newbie or seasoned Tee seller will benefit from the information contained in this course. This course is not some 30 page waste of time. It is extensive and well organized and contains everything from “soup to nuts”. What I like most about the course is that it is practical and easy to implement and not based on theory. Devid Farah’s “Confessions of a Five Figure a Month Tee Shirt Earner” is a breath of fresh air a must have addition to your tee shirt marketing library.
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Lucas Cepeda ·
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I have just finished going through Devid’s t-shirt confessions course and I have to say, the information he is sharing is life-changing! Inside Devid covers everything you “need” to turn your tee-shirt business from rock bottom to incredible profits. He definetely doesn’t leave anything out, the information is highly up to date, zero B.S. If you are looking to become a “wealthy” teespringer, simply follow the steps inside the course and you will likely become a pro in no time! Plus…not to mention the incredible bonuses he has packed into this ALREADY incredible valuable course! To anyone looking to get into tee shirt selling,this is definetely the “perfect” course to grab, no matter at what level you are! Thanks a lot Devid, congratulations on a phenomenal product!
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Harold Brown · Works at Self-Employed
Devid Farah’s “Confessions of a Five Figure a Month Tee Shirt Earner” is a breath of fresh air in a smoke-filled room full of self proclaimed Tee Shirt “gurus”, with a few of them selling smoke and mirrors. I’ve purchased several courses on Teespring/FB ad marketing and found several ideas in Devid’s work that I hadn’t seen before. He succinctly covers all the basics with rock solid step-by-step instructions. The course moves along quickly and includes hotlinks to several great resources. I especially like the PDF format with the hotlinks much better than the videos-only courses where I have to take notes.

Highly recommended!
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Deborah Baker ·
If you’re looking for a step-by-step, one-of-a-kind ‘How To Sell T-Shirts’..From A to Z, then Devid Farah’s ‘Confessions of a Five Figure A Month T-Shirt Earner’ is just what you need.

It’s like a recipe book, from researching a great niche, design, setting up campaigns and ads, and most importantly, laser targeting to get that ‘Sweet-Spot’ audience who are salivating to buy your shirts.

What most people have had to look all over the net for – the learn how to sell on Teespring – is now altogether in one course. Wished I’d had this when I started!
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Raymond Mihaere
Lots of Gems here!! A number of courses these days dance around the subject or hold back on the real gold that is required to be successful. This one holds nothing back and has great strategies that are not commonly known. These strategies are explained in detail making them easy to implement especially if you have never done any online marketing before. Devid provides links to valuable resources, like Tshirt designers and sites for conducting research that are not well known and so you will not get the same old rehash of other courses here. Those who take action and follow the strategies will benefit from this course.
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Phil Henderson · Top Commenter · Glasgow, United Kingdom
Devid has answered “many” of the qustions that seemed to be left un-answered in other courses I have gone through. The information is laid out well, concise yet easy to follow.
I walked away from the T shirt arena a few months; however, having gone through this course I can see them being part of my income streams once again very, very shortly.
Great course!
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Saul Maraney · King David High School, Linksfield
Devid Farah’s product has blown me away. – I liked the way the information was laid out and I definitely learned a lot about both T-shirts and FB marketing. The targeting module was my favorite module and I picked up tips and insider strategies that I have never seen shared anywhere else. – I highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about taking their IM business to the next level. – Saul Maraney, Johannesburg, South Africa
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Graeme Salter
The T-Shirt Confessions course is a rare find. Many courses tell you what you should be doing, but give few details on how to actually do it. In this course, Devid has lots of sections that start with ‘How to …’ and then he provides detailed step-by-step instructions, which are easy to follow. When I say ‘detailed’, I mean it. Most course authors leave out the specifics that you really need (eg. detailed bidding strategies for Facebook ads). In T-shirt confessions there is enough detail, across the breadth of Tee marketing, to replicate his success.
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Daniel Gaiswinkler ·
BOOOOM – Guys This is amazing stuff! Looks great and already found REAL good golden nuggets!!!

Alone the Facebook Ads Secrets module will give you tricks that you wont find anywhere else and are worth the price of

the entire course. This is amazing and gives me some really good tips for my business. I read the Targeting Secrets module too – its golden!! Thanks for this piece of information. Really good and very detailed with all the screenshots to understand the procress. Thanks Devid for allowing me to test your amazing course!

Daniel Gaiswinkler
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Bart Rutherford · Works at Self-Employed
Thanks Devid for letting me have a look at T-Shirt Confessions. When I first saw it I was skeptical that is was just another T-Shirt course like the many others release before. Well I was wrong as Devid’s material was top notch and did I ever dig some real helpful nuggets from the great info within.

The information was a gem to me to help with both design and targeting with my audiences. This new material should help me and perhaps anyone else having a hard time making a profit. Highly recommended for new and experienced alike.
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Austin E Anthony · Works at Self Employed (Business)
Devid has put together an awesome course on Teespring. I really like the module on how to come up with winning designs. Then targeting module offers some great and very unique ideas that should help anyone find only the most interested people on FB. Now every Teespringer knows design and targeting is what sells a shirt and after going through Devid’s course, I am sure you will have a winning campaign right after giving it a read.
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Alex Copeland ·
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After being able to go through the whole course I’m happy to say it is a solid entry into t-shirt selling and shows you all the steps in a good amount of detail so you don’t get stuck. Good job and worth a look of you fancy selling t’s or even if you just want to learn more about targeting on Facebook as that section alone is worth the money!
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Itamar Blumenfeld · Top Commenter · University of Life
WOW man!! I just read the course, this is amazing pieces of content, actually, it’s one of the best I’ve ever read about tshirt marketing!! just wanted to reach out and tell you that I got so much value, and I took some of the strategies and implemented it right away, and got amazing results! I have few campaigns averaging $300/day easy and just got started… you really know your stuff. Thanks a lot!!
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Declan Mc ·
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This is the most in depth, thorough, revealing and enlightening T-shirt marketing course I have seen. In this Devid reveals information that the so called ‘ gurus ‘ don’t want exposed. I highly recommend this course if you want to take your T-shirt business to another level!