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Now YOU Can Look AND Sound Like a PRO on Videos – Never Forget a Line

…with Amazing NEW Teleprompter Pro, that displays an easy-to-read script at the same speed the speaker or speakers are reading it.
Designed to render the highest quality professional results, which actors, news anchors, and Presidents use.
Used as designed, you never stumble, you never forget, and no one can tell you’re reading!

Cross Platform Software

Teleprompter PRO has been tested to work on PCs and Macs; Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks, Notebooks; and works on iOS and Android devices, including tablets, smart phones, iPads and iPhones; using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Android Browsers
Simple & Easy to Use

Teleprompter PRO was designed to be used right out of the box, without the need to change or edit any of the settings. However, despite its ease of use, Teleprompter PRO was also designed to give users a tremendous amount of flexibility and enable them to add formatting and customize the aesthetics of the display and delivery of their scripted messages.
It’s Portable & Flexible

Teleprompter PRO can be used at home on your own local server, or uploaded to a web host and accessed from anywhere in the world where you have Internet access. You don’t have to pack anything extra when you travel. Take the same cameras and/or recording devices; and the same computer devices you normally take with you

There’s no question, teleprompters calm your fears & hesitation.
So why are so many people not using teleprompters already?
Other Teleprompters are not portable and flexible!

WHY? Because they can be bulky and they’ll add an extra degree of difficulty to travel, due to having to take an extra carry on or check another bag when you travel; so you leave it behind and you end up not being able to use your teleprompter when you really need it; like when you need to give an impromptu or unplanned presentation on the road and that’s right … you didnt bring your teleprompter case and extra cords and all the extras you need to go with it.

They are not easy to use because it takes too much time connecting everything, making sure your reflective glass is clean and clear and your camera and all the additional hardware is properly connected and setup; and then you still need to get the script to the camera. It can be a lot of work.
Other Teleprompters don’t have the options you want!

You cant change colors, you cant change fonts, you cant change the speed of the teleprompter, you cant setup a start delay, you can’t insert inline images into your script, you cant pause the teleprompter, you cant set up the teleprompter to accommodate multiple speakers, you can’t import a text file. You can’t change the size of the fonts so when you try to read the words on the teleprompter from across the room, 12-15+ feet away, you can’t even see the words.
Other Teleprompters cost too much money!

If you want a teleprompter that has the premium options you want, plan to spend upwards of $1,000.00 and even as much as $3,000.00 and more. If you are willing to sacrifice some features and options you can get one for under $1,000.00. You can get into a teleprompter that doesnt cost as much, but the Do It Yourself projects often require that you have already invested thousands of dollars into nbsp;the tools and the shop you need to build a $35 dollar DIY teleprompter. Of course, with that cheaper DIY teleprompter you now go back to the same problems you had with other teleprompters: they’re not flexible, not portable and don’t have the options you want.
Other Teleprompters won’t work on your computer or on your device, or with your operating system!

… or maybe they will, but what you didnt realize when you downloaded the software from some obscure website, is that the teleprompter came with some malware or viruses; or the app you downloaded for your iPhone or Android Smart Phone pays for itself by showing you annoying ads all the time; and if you want to get rid of the ads and possibly add some features to make the teleprompter more useful, you need to upgrade to a monthly subscription. .
It’s obvious why you aren’t using other teleprompters.
But, now it’s all changed!

You no longer need to fear that you will sometimes stumble or forget some of your lines, or leave out an important part of your message, because with Teleprompter PRO, by using your built in HD webcam, or inexpensive equipment such as an external HD webcam or small camera/camcorder, such as the Kodak Playtouch, you can either clamp the webcam or camcorder on to your monitor, laptop, MacBook, Netbook, iPad or Android Tablet and record from across the room and create awesome green screen videos without missing any of your lines.

It’s no longer a problem If you wear glasses and want to shoot a video without them, but can’t read your script from across the room, because with Teleprompter PRO, you can set it up on a laptop, or on a monitor of any size you need to; and adjust the font size up to 160 pixels, so you can read your lines from clear across the room. Try that on with an iPhone or Android Teleprompter App.

You and your co-anchors can breathe a sigh of relief if you have wanted to be able to use a teleprompter to make a recording with 2, 3 or 4 different speakers, but couldn’t find any acceptable solution, because with Teleprompter PRO, you have several different formatting options specifically designed to accommodate up to four different speakers.

You no longer have to worry when you create voice overs or deliver telephone or Skype presentations and have to read from long scripts but cant be shuffling papers and need your hands free for writing or keyboarding, because with Teleprompter PRO, you finally have a solution that lets you deliver even the longest scripted messages without having to shuffle papers or have three or four empty tables to lay out your script while you talk. Plus, you can hover over the Teleprompter with your mouse and pause the Teleprompter, to give you time to interact with a client or when there are designed gaps in your voice over message.

It’s no longer an issue when you are on the road or traveling; and you no longer need to hold off on getting a teleprompter that is portable and flexible, because with Teleprompter PRO, unlike mobile apps, you can use it on your PC or Mac; and unlike expensive teleprompter setups which require you take an entire studio with you, it is conveniently portable and can be accessed from anywhere in the world you are, as long as you have an internet connection; some type of device to connect to the internet and a webcam, camcorder or mobile camera. You can’t get more portable and easy to use, with all the bells and whistles anywhere else besides Teleprompter PRO.

Finally, you can have peace of mind if you have considered one of the cheap or free teleprompter apps you can download to your phone, but didn’t want to be hammered with In-App Ads all the time, or were afraid of downloading malware from the Internet, because with Teleprompter PRO, you will never see any ads displayed on your page, unless you put them there; and it is virus and malware free.

It’s nice to know you don’t need a bank loan and you don’t have to take out a second mortgage … that’s right, if you’ve been unable to find an affordable teleprompter that came standard with all of the premium features you needed, without the big price tag, you can now breathe easy, because with Teleprompter PRO, you have more premium features than any other teleprompter solution that costs 20 – 30 times as much, or more; including, Color Pickers, Font Family Selectors, Font Size Selectors, Text Alignment Display Selectors, Font Weight Selectors, Additional Speaker Font Style Selectors, Teleprompter Speed Selector, Teleprompter Delay Selector, a Dozen Helpful Shortcodes, Plus the ability to Import Text Files, as well as, copy and paste in MS Word text.

You can forget the headache if you have considered making one of those cheap DIY Teleprompters, but realized you need to spend over $1,000 on shop equipment to make it, because with Teleprompter PRO, you can save a bunch of time, eliminate the headaches and save your money, plus you don’t have to have thousands of dollars worth of tools and a shop to make a $35 teleprompter which has no flexibility and no options other than simple black and white non-adjustable scrolling.

You might want to consider getting a lottery ticket if you have wanted to be able to use and insert images into a teleprompter but could never find one with that option, because with Teleprompter PRO, you can insert inline images with your text; and studies have proven that your mind can process an image quicker than text.
Teleprompter PRO is the ultimate affordable teleprompter tool
for anyone who makes videos.

TelePrompter PRO is a fully responsive, cross-platform, super-easy to use Teleprompter that offers dozens of configurable options. We’ve enabled it with a set of useful shortcodes, included to provide a wide array of unique and useful ways to customize your scripted messages.

But we also remembered the vast number of people who don’t want to be power users. Teleprompter PRO was designed for YOU – to be used right out of the box, without the need to change or edit any of the settings.
What could be easier?

Simply load your script and you’re ready to rock!
Works flawlessly on PCs, Macs, Laptops, Notebooks, Netbooks, MacBooks, iPads, Android Tablets and Smart Phones.
Best of all, Teleprompter PRO does not cost tens of thousands of dollars like those found in TV Studios. Instead, this amazing application can be yours for JUST $17.

I don’t have to tell you the buzz has started, from well known Internet Marketers, video marketing agencies, even production studios are interested. EVERYONE wants to get their hands on Teleprompter PRO.

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