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Video Jeet

Create Self updating video blogs

Build unlimited blogs

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Video Jeet is software that allows you to very easily build, self-updating video blogs with either WordPress OR Blogger.  Help drive targeted traffic, boost SEO rankings, and much in only minutes! Contest prizes, as well as the entire funnel, and more can be found on the JV page.  Thank you for your support!

SUBJECT: Your Own Unlimited Video Blogs..


Have you ever wanted to own your own network of video blogs,
but always thought it was too hard to do? Not anymore, not
with Video Jeet.

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Video Jeet, from Cyril Gupta and Todd Gross is windows desktop
software that “curates” video content specific to any niche or
keyword you choose. It really is uncanny how easy it is to use,
and yet powerful enough to automatically pull-in the best videos
specific to your niche.

You can then become a powerful editor by choosing exactly which
videos are best.. but there’s something that makes Video Jeet even
more unique. With Video Jeet, you aren’t stuck with just WordPress,
you can also use Google’s own Blogging service, “Blogger” which
they love!

The best part? Blogger is free! You won’t need a website to post
dozens or even hundreds of video-blogs – and since Google sends
traffic to them naturally, you will get visitors without having
to advertise or spend money in any way, shape or form!

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As the videos get posted Video Jeet even sends notifications to
your Twitter and Facebook accounts, letting your followers know
of the brand new content. All this with software that barely
costs what you paid for dinner last night!

Free traffic and free video blogs. (Plus extra viral traffic from
Youtube and Twitter) It’s Brilliant! Video Jeet is available for
2 weeks and then gone completely, not to mention the introductory
price is right NOW.. Grab Video Jeet before the price goes up,
and before it goes away for good..

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Video Jeet is software package that permits you to terribly simply build, self-updating video blogs with either WordPress OR Blogger. facilitate drive targeted traffic, boost SEO rankings, and far in mere minutes! Contest prizes, furthermore because the entire funnel, and a lot of are often found on the JV page. many thanks for your support!

Have you seen blogs like totallyoffensive.com UN agency earn tens of thousands of bucks
a month simply posting funny videos? marvel however they are doing it? however they discover all those
videos? would not you prefer to possess a journal like that… or even 10?

How a couple of journal like that for each niche imaginable? affirmative, you’ll try this currently with
Video Jeet. the most recent innovative product From Cyril ‘Jeet’ Gupta.

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Video Jeet is that the solely 100% automatic video-curation and auto-blogger which will
discover the most recent and therefore the best rated videos for any niche, and mechanically post
them to your WordPress or Blogger.com blogs.

In fact, this is often the sole journal curation software package that supports blogger.com… What’s
so special regarding it? Well, a blogger.com journal is completely free Associate in Nursingd you’ll produce an
endless financial gain stream from them while not finance one cent.

If those killer options weren’t enough, Video Jeet additionally connects to your Facebook and
Twitter account and can automobile post data regarding the videos to form a social buzz
and get a lot of viewers.

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It’s got Associate in Nursing variety of alternative superb options {to make|to form|to produce} certain you’ll create fabulously
powerful earning machines and unlock all earning strategies be it advertisements, promoting
affiliate offers, or the rest you would like.

You can even hook up with all of your existing blogs and automobile post videos to them, creating
more content, and higher quality for your blogs.

Oh and yes… It’s on an acquisition immediately, which suggests the costs square measure rising steady with
every sale, and it will be lots costlier terribly before long the manner it’s marketing.

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