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How to Plug Your Leaky Sales Videos with
Multiple Creative Visual Persuading Assets
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Your Turnkey 6-in-1 Graphic and Video Assets so You Can
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Find Out How You Can Get Profitable
Results Without the Headaches

Hi this is Chris Jenkins with my partner JF Garsula,

Have you ever noticed the rise of video creation apps these days? It is now easier for a lot of people and even you to produce marketing videos. However, a lot of videos these days have become really common that makes your video lose its uniqueness. In short it’s boring.

Aside from that, the problem of dropping conversions, declining sales and leaking of profits is still on top of your head. So stick with me as it will all make sense in the end.

It’s quite easy to get more profits really… it’s just a matter of saving more.
Save Over $1,500 worth of Files and
Save More Than $1,000 worth of Your Time

Double Time on A Page With VideoNow is that really enough to turn your videos in to cash cows? Of course, it is not enough! You have to persuade them to subliminally watch your videos up until the end so you can turn ice cold traffic to raving fans of your products and services.

There’s an easy pattern to program your leads and prospects that will make them stuck on their screens. Figuring out this pattern made me go through tiring loops and hoops of countless hours of producing a highly persuasive and profitable sales video.

It all started on late Sunday night when I had to produce a sales video for one of my clients only to find out that he was about to fire me because it didn’t really convert at all.

However, the only words I heard from my client was, “I only got a 2% Increase in sales, Give me a refund.” I felt total shame because it didn’t made my client happy and I didn’t even profit from the whole project.

High Converting Sales Pitch

I called my client again and committed to increase his sales and profits even if I had to send him a refund. At this point I don’t care if I will lose money or not, I vowed to produce a highly creative and really persuading sales video to put a smile to my client.

I gave it another go of hard work, from spending a huge of money looking for graphic and video assets up to getting a video animator to make it fun to look at.

A week after I got a call from my client that made me feel really happy, “Conversions up almost 15%!”.

So I flipped every stone, studied a lot of marketing videos and even produced my own bundle of video assets that made me discover the pattern to produce top converting marketing videos like crazy.

This pattern made my client call me at the middle of the night saying, I have sent you a bonus 2 times bigger the project cost because he profited over 248% than what he expected.

And today, I’m going to share the exact pattern to you without going through the same hassle that I went through.
Imagine Having the Power to Produce
Creatively Persuading Videos

Based on the latest statistics, 65% of the people in this world are visual learners and the rest of 35% learn through words. If you are not showing your leads and prospects what they want then you will lose their attention and that could mean your sale. And if you are not letting them hear the right words they want to hear then gone is your profits as well.

You need the right pattern for your marketing videos to make them stick long enough make them feel, imagine and decide. How do you keep them so stuck watching your videos that they’d even want to kiss their screens?
Creative Stories + Insightful Advice + Powerful Offer = Creative Visual Persuasion

250 Vector Objects and Concepts
125 Vector Mascots and Characters
200 Vector Shapes and Elements

75 Animated Vector SWF
20 Animated Backgrounds
20 Video Transition Effects

Asset Pack #1 Preview
250 Vector Objects and Concepts

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