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If you’d like to increase profits on ANYTHING you sell online, in just a few seconds, keep reading.

See – no matter what you sell online – physical products on Teespring, Shopify or Amazon, or CPA, or Kindle offers, or maybe you have an offline business…


And that’s retargeting.

Do you know how you might go on a site,look at a product, and leave, but then get followed around the web by ads from that site?

That’s retargeting – and companies like Amazon do it because it’s VERY profitable.

Even “regular” folk like you and I can do this successfully, by putting up an ugly picture with some text over it.

The reason this does so well is because most people need to see things more than once before they make a purchase. When you see your item, store, or service over and over, they eventually BUY.

Retargeting is the one thing that’ll pretty much make you money every time you do it.

If people have come onto your site the first time, they were already interested in whatever it is you offer. Now you get to keep the conversation going.

I recently heard of a very powerful marketer saying that building a remarketing list is even more powerful than having a list, because you’re communicating with the people who were most recently on your site.

Besides that, you can’t email someone 100 times a day, but you can certainly show them your ad over and over.

And when you do things like sequential marketing, where you tell people to come back to your site, then offer them a discount a few days later, it gets even more powerful.

There’s no doubt that retargeting is a great profit-enhancer.

And then when you combine it with videos, which are HUGE right now, things get very powerful.

You’ll find videos all over Facebook right now.. People are getting crazy-cheap video views and Facebook is giving them a LOT more reach in the news feed.

So when you have videos, then remarketing – which you can make money on even when you screw it up… you end up with something very powerful.

There’s only one reason most people don’t do video remarketing:
Up until now, it’s been a huge pain in the butt to create videos for remarketing.

Although video remarketing is wildly powerful, it can be a HUGE pain in the butt to create videos. You either have to put yourself on camera (which can be really embarassing, and if you’re a woman, you probably want to do the whole make-up/do your hair shtick), use boring PPT videos, or pay $1k+ to have videos done for you.

From now on, instead of dealing with that, Video Retargeter will create videos for you in SECONDS. You can throw them up on retargeting campaigns and increase the ROI on every campaign you make.

ou can use Video Retargeter for…

Physical products on stores like Amazon, Teespring, GearBubble, or Shopify (or anywhere!)
CPA Offers
Affiliate campaigns
Facebook ads

Kindle books
Your offline store – Promote your restaurants, real estate business, or anywhere else
Product review videos
YouTube ads

There are a few things you DON’T get…
No annoying watermarks

Every video is watermark-free and branded directly to you.
No problems using this on your computer

Video Retargeter is web-based, meaning it works beautifully on PC’s and Macs.
No monthly fees

This software is a low one-time investment (for now).
No huge price tag

While we’re in grand opening, Video Retargeter is an incredibly low one-time investment.
Here’s what you DO get when you purchase Video Retargeter:
Powerful software

This is a web based software that’s easy to use (have you seen the demo?) and is Mac and PC compatible.
Video background templates

You’ll access 10 different templates you can use to showcase your website.
1 year of support and updates

As Video Retargeter gets better and better, you get access to every single update as well as fast, premium support.
Custom voiceovers

You’ll get access to voiceovers from people in the U.S., U.K., and Australia – AND you can upload your own voiceovers.
Full resale rights to videos

You get access to all of your videos – you can use them for yourself or sell and profit from them.
Unlimited videos

Grand opening buyers can build UNLIMITED videos without ever paying an extra penny.

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