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The world today suffers from ADD (attention deficit disorder).
We watch a video then scroll up and down the page looking for more!
Videoturbo store stops this dead!
Creating focus on the video while pointing out options to keep attention.
A player that sells unlimited services & products
This is a Key product I will be using ongoing.
Thanks Peter.
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Sheila Savage · University of West Florida
I just tried out the review copy and it is FANTASTIC! I have been working all morning on a new affiliate wordpress site and I love having the ability to customize the look and feel of the player to my wordpress theme, as well as, having the option to add my own logo. This product comes as advertised on the sales page. Nothing was left to chance. Great job Peter!
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Robert Schoolcraft · St. Petersburg College
Well, Peter Beattie does not know me, yet he was kind enough to give me a review copy of Video Turbo Store. I know it is Memorial Day(I am a Vet) yet I have been playing off and on with it into the early hours of Tuesday. Why? OMG!!!! It is so much fun. I have so many ideas I just keep trying one thing after another. It’s like eating potato chips, you just can’t eat one. With this you cannot just try one thing and stop. It is impossible. I have never written, mouthed or video taped a review before but I want to tell whoever reads this, it was an absolute pleasure! Why? Because I absolutely love good software. For example I do not want to read all the instructions. I want to thumb thru…I want the software to be intuitive. VOILA!!! Video Turbo Store is intuition waiting to blow you away! I want it to do what it says it will do…VOILA Again…
To me a good review also has to list the downsides, so I thought about this all day. What are the downsides? Well, in all honestly all I could think of was add-ons, there aren’t any. What would I use them for I don’t know because the plugin is so cool but like I said there has to be a downside somewhere…right? Check my site http://appsrus.mobi to get a peak at what I am going to do with it. OH and if it looks incomplete or unfinished that’s because I in the middle of my umteemph revision and I am going to bed!!!!
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Tyrus Parrish
Video Turbo Store is hands down the BEST video plugin for anyone looking to monetize their personal sales videos or affiliate videos. This is TOTALLY going to change the way that funnels are orchestrated. The horizontal video display allows for a sexy upselling and cross selling experience without the buyer having to leave your sales page. We all know that the longer they remain on your page, the greater your chances of making the sell or better yet making MULTIPLE SALES! The customization of the video player’s colors makes it even more engaging, as you can tailor the “mood” of your sales videos based on demographics, seasons, holidays or whatever your heart desires. I already have a plan to help some of my offline clients “package” their services and offerings into niche specific video clusters. Be the first in your niche to promote products or services using this cutting edge plugin. Your competition won’t stand a chance…. Peter, you did it again. my man! This is another game changer!!
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Christopher Griffin · University of South Florida
Peter was so kind to give me a review copy and this app packs a punch. I know how powerful this type of video marketing is because I have created pop up templates that share similar functionally but Peter has nailed the perfect isolated video monitization method here. I even created biz models for my list centered around auto dealers and real estate agents who are PRIME candidates for this as a service. You could literally have a dealer’s other related models listed on one core video and a re agents listings in same fashion. The video itself becomes a sales, education, showcase and lead gen tool all in one! Awesome thinking on this man. This is a wide open opportunity for high end niches, that rely upon video, to sell and showcase their products. Even the ‘USUAL SUSPECT” markets mentioned have had limited exposure to this opportunity, leaving this as fertile ground for which to offer as a high paying monthly service. Highly recommended!
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Tom McGaughan · Top Commenter · VP Sales & Marketing at Set-Rite Products
I was fortunate enough to receive a review copy of Video Turbo Store. I have been watching Peter’s career for the past few years and he always seems to come out with products that I would either be thinking about or he would launch one that I was totally blown away by. This one falls into the latter category. I can see vividly see how this will work for my business and more importantly how it will open many more potential avenues of income for me. It is solving the problem of leading customers from page to page and the possibility of losing them before converting. If you are smart…you will pick up this plugin and expand your horizons. Thank you Peter for being the visionary you are…it saves me a lot of brain power and at my age, I need to conserve as much as possible…;-)
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James Mason · Top Commenter · Us Air Force
Yes!….this is just plain fantastic! Peter has done it again…..with all the useless software out there it’s nice when something comes along that is simple to use and actually works. This little plugin is going to make some Big bucks for folks that put it to proper use! Plus if you do have a problem you know it is supported by the best in the business!! But don’t think that will happen Another homerun for Peter and gang!!….Great Job!!
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Jeff Eskow ·
Peter has done it again.Video Turbo Store is a awesome new word press plugin.Peter was so kind enough to give me a review copy and man oh man, is this a game changer for all internet marketers out there.Just imagine your customers being able to purchase your products right from inside your video with one click of the mouse. Well That’s just what Peter did for you.This is a must have if your are affiliate marketer as well as selling your own products.This is a must have…Thanks Peter
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Avi Waxman
WOW Peter!! You created an AMAZING Video Player that will increase conversions and sales for anyone who uses it. What makes this player unique is that while the video is playing a person can choose any product from the slider underneath the video and instantly make a purchase. All of the features can be customized to match any webpage so it can be adapted to any business or niche along with the appropriate links to their respective shopping carts. The bottom is less clicks for our customers and more sales which is a win-win situation for all.
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Ala Luke ·
Follow · Marketing / Technology at Kitarra
I wanted to say that this application was quite a surprise. With this product, I can easily be on par with the big leaguer in the business, and sell just like them. The features are rather impressive from such a small and yet, powerful program. I know that I can instantaneously monetize and recoup the cost of the product many times over its cost. I would be willing to pay several hundred dollars for a program like this. Thanks for making this. You made my day!
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Morris Murphy ·
Follow · Top Commenter · Co-Owner/CEO at Mobul Is No Bull · 242 followers
Another great product from Peter. I love this and think it can be a real winner. Just add effort. I definitely want to grab this as I’m doing so much more with video now and it just plain works.
Thanks Peter, I don’t know how you keep putting these great products out but I sure do enjoy using them.
Morris (Murph) Murphy
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Kim Senney
Wow Peter, this video player has got my head spinning! lol I have so many ideas now I don’t know which way to turn. This is sure to help anyone that has issues converting customers! You hit a home run with this one! 🙂
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Mason Ramm · Top Commenter · Publisher/Owner at Make Money Secrets
Peter, you have created an amazing piece of software/video plugin. Anyone who uses videos in their marketing should get a copy of this before the prices increase 🙂
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Darlene Ellenburg ·
Follow · Virginia Wesleyan College
I was lucky enough to get the plugin. I made a video about why I like it so much. https://youtu.be/4aObIn52Cdg
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