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We identified several problems we were facing in our own online business when it came to our video marketing efforts. We then created the solution for our own company, talked to our customers, and made it easier and more powerful than ever! Check this out…
Poor Video Delivery
Today, video is more powerful than ever. However we are yet to find a reliable, easy to use, cost effective solution.
The New ViDiO Technology
Our NEW “ViDiO” Technology will deliver your videos in a rapid manner, across multiple devices, on your cloud hosting,drastically reducing your costs.
Social Media
So many outlets to list your videos on. Where do you start? How do you make sure your video is being showcased on all these properties. How do you find the time required?
Instant Social Media Integration
We know how important it is to have your videos featured on the key properties. However we also know each one has their own platform. So we found a way to gel the key platforms together with a few clicks of the mouse.
Ineffective Video Marketing
You probably have bought one of the many tools to make videos. You probably also have a good idea how to rank your videos. Yet you still are not making money from your videos!
Lead And Monetization
As much as we love creating videos in our online business It’s important that we are consistently generating leads and making sales in our business. This is what Videohub does for you!

We had a pain in our own business and needed to find the solution!
Hi, so I’m sure by this point you are familiar with us- Chad & Karthik. Between the two of us we have over 100,000 customers that we do very best to take care of more about that down below.
For now, we want you to understand why we built Videohub. I’m sure it’s no secret to you that we do a lot with video marketing. It is the backbone of our business
You see, when we’re done filming our show , we would have our team edit it, and then we would load the video up to YouTube and that was it!
If Your Video Marketing Look Like This…

The Results?
More Traffic, More Sales, MORE TIME AND EFFORT!
Now we’re at maximum exposure, we started seeing more leads and more sales using these sites below.

We definitely figured out a strategy that works! It works like bonkers, especially if you are running any kind of paid advertising. We do, and lots of it! We know a lot of our customers do as well!

Even though this was working exactly as we planned… it took TOO MUCH EFFORT!

Here is the reason why. Each one of those properties that are listed above have a separate upload process. Not only that but did you know that you can load videos inside of Facebook? You ABSOLUTELY CAN! We did this, and it was very confusing.

We had to render two separate video because of Facebook’s hidden limitations. Not only that you have some of your views going to YouTube and some of them going to Facebook! Then with WordPress and cloud hosted sites, well that’s a whole different story altogether !

So we got smart and we hired a social media manager to do all of this for us. Her bill was about 14,000 PHP which equates to about $300 a month. Money wasn’t the problem, the problem was the management.

So we said screw it, we will build our own solution!
This was the results we had once things started rolling smoothly
The strategy is so very simple you’re getting more eyeballs to your offers , and more leads in your funnel and
you’re using video and Videohub to do this!

Videohub enhances your video marketing to result in more exposure, leads, and sales

We have created the solution that will allow you to get your videos online fast.

Choose from one our 20 beautiful templates, customize it to your liking, and automatically pull in your videos from YouTube, Amazon S3 and Vimeo

Instantly publish to Facebook, WordPress, your site, or we will even host your gallery for you on our servers.

We’re Introducing New Cutting Edge Technology
For the past year we have been quietly working behind the scenes on our ViDiO technology. This video player will be the most premier solution for online marketing. It uses Amazon S3 storage, it is the fastest, most reliable cost-effective solution on the internet today. We are rolling out this technology for Videohub members. This is something nobody else can offer you!
The Overall Powerful Features Of Videohub

Easy to use drag & drop interface
Automatic Deployment
Video Retargeting
Pulled into Fanpage
Pulled into WordPress
Video skins with CTA options
Converts videos to three formats
Supports Amazon Web Services
Built in Video player

Create Unlimited number of categories
Mix & Match your Playlist
Time triggered Optins
Timed Playlists
Integrated with Top Autoresponders
Stats & Analytics
“Beautiful” Done-for-you Gallery templates

Create Multiple Campaigns

Depending on the level you choose, you can very easily create multiple campaigns which allow you to create multiple galleries for any niche or marketplace. As you can see in the screenshot

Publish To Multiple Properties All The Same Time!

We have created every option that is possible. You see we know that in order to make the most leads and sales, you need as much exposure as possible. So here’s what you can do at the click of a mouse!
We will host your gallery for you!

There’s no need for wordpress, domain names, servers, ssl certificates or anything else. At the click of a mouse we will host your gallery for you on our fast and reliable cloud hosting.
Host For Me!
Host your gallery on your Facebook Fanpage!

Facebook is still THE Social Media giant. We don’t see that changing anytime soon. Therefore we made it possible for you to instantly deploy your new video gallery to your fanpage. Keep in mind these videos are NOT hosted on Facebook. They are hosted on YouTube. So you still get the YouTube traffic!
Load My Fanpage
We will host your gallery for you!

There’s no need for WordPress, domain names, servers, ssl certificates or anything else. At the click of a mouse we will host your gallery for you on our fast and reliable cloud hosting.
Publish To WordPress
Load your gallery up to your website with HTML

Yes we recognize that many of our customers prefer to have their sites in HTML. In many cases we prefer the same thing! So VideoHub will create an HTML for you gallery that can be loaded into your server.

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