[GET] Virtual Studio Simulator (UNLIMITED) Free Download

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WAIT, Add Animated Backgrounds, Green Screen Accesories, Cinematic Backgrounds, AND MORE!

Get all of this with Virtual Studio UNLIMITED!

To add complete versatility to your studio backgrounds, dress them up with accessories that let you take Green Screen/Chromakey to a whole new level! Desks that you can place in front of you, monitors that can be placed exactly where you want to focus attention, and lights for authenticity, just for starters. This will put you ahead of everyone else for years to come. In fact, one of our own advanced techniques, the “2-person studio trick” uses one of the wider studio desks to make the scene realistic and reminiscent of TV News or Entertainment channels.
Cinematic/YouTube/Powerpoint Backgrounds

Youtube Outro “stingers” that will bring a dramatic Close to your videos, and keeps people engaged on your channel. PLUS Video frames that you can personalize and brand your Videos with, and keep folks from stealing your videos.
Animated Backgrounds

You’re already “wow-ing” anyone who visits your video with your Green Screen finesee and studio backdrops, but there are times where you want to catch attention with those wild motion video backgrounds that have been taking the Internet by storm! We have 31 backgrounds that range from out-of-this world environments to digital displays more exciting than a laser light show – and all of this framing you or your subject to keep your videos alive and kicking!
Advanced Training

How to use your studio accessories. How to use the Youtube “stinger” outros. How to use your video frames. Advanced look at using Camtasia, using Sony Vegas, advanced Green Screen tricks and tips with Todd Gross. How do to the “Two persons across the world” trick. Plus a bonus INSTANT SALES PAGE where you can sell your Green Screen Services!
BONUS – Two Person In-Studio Trick

Imagine the credibility boost you’ll have by placing TWO people on the same studio background conversing with each other back and forth even if they are 6,000 miles apart! Using the accessories you’ve that come with this special package, you’ll learn how to do this AMAZING advanced Green Screen trick that will astound visitors to your website, and shoot your Authority into the stratosphere!