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eel Like a Zero When Trying to Convince a
Business Owner That They Need a New Website?

1 Point Website Checklist.
Simple Question Technique that opens up 21 revenue streams.
The Complete Done For You Website Prospecting Marketing Package.

How To Become a Website Hero
With All The Heavy Lifting Already Done For You…

When Tami Patzer’s Students Apply and Implement Her Proven Methods… They Succeed!
Here’s the Proof:

Local Business Consultant Terry Hudson captured a $2500 Real Estate client just by following Tami’s proven methods. He paid $27 for access to Tami’s mentorship program … and made a 9,260 Percent Return on his Investment!
Hawaii-based Local Business Consultant Eleni Davis used Tami’s Power Pitch and got 3 HOT PROSPECTS in less than three days.
Northern Virginia Video Marketing Consultant Yvonne Herbst followed Tami’s advice and got her local Chamber of Commerce to co-sponsor a Video Marketing Day event. Boom! Up to $4,000 cash in Yvonne’s pocket from a one-day event. Yvonne is reaping bankable rewards thanks to Tami’s coaching.

The website marketing arena is a $ 400 Billion Business and is growing exponentially…

How Much Of That Do You Want?

With WEBSITE HERO You’ll discover how to:

#1: Add a brand new client this week.
#2: Make an easy $250 or more … again and again and again.
#3: Get paid just by sharing what you know.
#4: Use free tools to fatten your bank account.
#5: Create money-making videos in minutes that open doors to new clients.
#6: Stop wasting time and energy meeting with prospects face to face

Get Exclusive Access To The Exact Proven Methods…
That Really Work!
“How Can I Quickly Convince Local Business Owners That They Need A Better Website?”

Here’s how wealthy sales pros close sales fast:

Show them how to avoid the pain of lost sales, with a 21 points Website Evaluation!
Then closing the sale is fast and easy.
When your prospect SEES the value and the benefits, then you don’t NEED to do any more selling… Just take their order!! 😉

What is the Biggest Reason You Are Not Closing Deals Today?…TRUST!
The Ultimate Sales Tool Kit That Instantly Grabs
The Attention of Local Business Owners
and Converts Prospects to Cash Sales in Minutes

You Sell Like a Pro!

Sounds Interesting… Right?
WEBSITE HERO does the hard work for you!

Make Money Today
That’s Fantastic! What Do I Get?

Website Hero


#1: Custom 21 Point Website Checklist Video Website Analysis (Including 30 minutes of solid training on how to use the checklist to add thousands to your bottom line!).
#2: Simple question technique that opens up 21 revenue streams: Tami shows you how to make more money just by asking questions in this step-by-step video training.
#3: PROVEN POWER PITCH: Learn exactly what to say in the first 10 seconds to lead your prospect to buy from you.
#4: MAGIC CLOSE: Learn how to walk out of any presentation with hot leads begging you for more. You will get the actual questionnaireTami has used to capture hundreds of leads in her local market PLUS a training video that deconstructs Tami’s questionnaire and shows you WHY it works, so you will never lose a lead again. Tami commands respect when she speaks and turns speaking engagement into profitable paying CLIENTS.
#6: 21 Ways to Rock Your Website: Tami uses Jack’s Local Theme Jack websites as examples in a sales presentation slide deck you can customize and brand for your company. UPDATED: Is Your Website Open for Business? What Google’s April 21 Mobilegeddon update means for local businesses and why they need a Mobile Friendly Website NOW.

Here is the next level:
5 Professional Niches


Local Theme Jack

One Click Install

Create your very own WEBSITE DESIGN COMPANY website in minutes.

This theme package (1 + 5) alone has a value of $ 497… that makes picking up WEBSITE HERO Expert a NO BRAINER…

The WEBSITE DESIGN COMPANY WordPress theme will make you look professional right out of the gate – giving you instantly credibility

Now Part of this Incredible deal, this theme package will be released as a $97 stand-alone product.

Get A Professional WordPress Theme
– Website Design Company –

Install The 5 + 1 Niches Below
In Just ONE Click

Click Here to Check Out Our Website Design Theme
plumbing theme

Click Here to Check Out Our Plumbing Theme
plumbing theme

Click Here to Check Out Our Painter Theme
painter theme

Click Here to Check Out Our Roofer Theme
roofer theme

Click Here to Check Out Our Landscaping Theme
landscaping theme

Click Here to Check Out Our Remodeling Theme
remodeling theme

Clear Backend Menus
Local Theme Jack Backend Menu

80+ Shortcodes
80+ Short Codes

Flexible Slider Layout
Slider Layout

You’re Excited, right? Good!

Here is Everything You Need To Know About
Local Theme Jack:

Designed to make it easy for YOU, the Local Business Marketer. That means it is fast and simple to set up… In fact, you will see that virtually every part of Local Theme Jack can be customized with ONE click of your mouse.
Change the design and color scheme with ONE click of your mouse. Select from 15 pre-configured, proven-to-convert color schemes. (And if you would like to choose the colors and fonts for yourself, you can do that too… You have complete control.)
With ONE Click you can select from 15 expensive-looking layouts. After years of testing every detail of my clients’ websites, I have nailed down the 15 layouts that convert the best… and now you can turn them – ON – with ONE click.
Choose from 15 ready-made professional color layouts… or customize the color scheme completely to suit your preferences with the built-in Style Wizard tool.
Choose from a variety of high converting built-in sliders. Other slider plugins with less functionality can cost up to $100! Save that cash… Because with Local Theme Jack, it is built-in. Include opt-in forms, videos (with auto-play functionality), images and text in your slider with ease. You also have the option to show sliders on any posts/pages you want.
Integrated Easy-to-Setup Contact Form. Just select how many fields you want to use, give each field a name and upload a nice background image. Your website visitor will receive a customized Thank You Email and you will receive an email with the website visitor’s Contact Information. This Contact Information will also be stored in the WordPress Backend, which will allow you to add it to your favorite Autoresponder for future followup.
Local Theme Jack websites are fully responsive and mobile friendly. Show your prospects how much better their new website will look on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone)… and how you will help them capture more leads and close more sales with Local Theme Jack’s built-in click to call and click to email features.
I have sold “Mobile Friendly” versions of websites for hundreds of dollars. Local Theme Jack websites are made to be mobile-friendly automatically, so you can easily bank $100’s in easy extra cash… with zero additional work on your part.
Add a blog with its own unique and blog-friendly design… with ONE click! Select from the 3 best blog layouts to give added value to your clients. I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked how to add a blog to a static site… With Local Theme Jack, you can add a blog in a minute.
Exceptional, fully SEO-Optimized WordPress Theme. YES, SEO is important and it MUST also look impressive. Local Theme Jack does it all.
Google Maps is 100% DONE and CONFIGURED for you… So you do not need an extra plugin or any coding knowledge at all. Just enter the address and the map (with option to get directions) will appear. The Google Map and the Get Directions option are already Mobile Friendly, with no additional work required. It cannot get any easier than that!
All the Social Media you need. Instantly link up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business (formerly, Google+), YouTube and Flickr. Kiss those annoying Social Media Plugins goodbye and say hello to a more efficient and higher converting Social Media Presence.
Live Updating Testimonial Stream will immediately increase your conversion rates. Just type (or copy and paste) Reviews and they will automatically appear on the Homepage and update in real time. The Testimonials are also Mobile Friendly.
Tracking is fully integrated. Just paste your analytics code (from Google or whomever you use) and you will get all of the stats about who visits the website, where they came from, how long they stay and more.
80+ SHORTCODES you may add to any page, post or widget. These style and content Shortcodes will make content creation a snap. Add Google Maps, a testimonial stream, slider, Contact Form, latest posts feed and DOZENS more elements anywhere you want.
Shortcodes create custom buttons, info/notification boxes, lists, toggled and tabbed content (great for FAQ pages), sliders, Google Maps, custom charts and more. In the past, you would have to purchase, download, install and configure up to 10 additional WordPress Plugins to do all of this! Now it is all in one place and easier to use than ever before.
Full WordPress Menu support in up to three locations: Header, Footer and Center-of-the-Home-Page. (Secret: The big menu in the Center-of-the-Home-Page is an incredible “hot spot” that gets a lot of clicks! Put your most important links there.)
Step-by-Step “how to” Training. You’ll have access to our “fast start” how-to videos and built-in FAQs document showing you how to set up your Local Theme Jack WordPress Sites in minutes. Plus, we hold weekly special training webinars where every feature of Local Theme Jack is covered in full detail. If you can’t make the live webinar, you can watch the replays in our membership area.
Elite Level Support. If you still need any help at all with Local Theme Jack, my professional team and I will be there to quickly answer your questions… At NO point will you be left wondering what to do… I often work overtime to make sure that YOU are happy and satisfied.
No coding required! Publish to your site in a single click and save yourself time.

Learn Tami’s Simple Video Strategies To Grow Your Business – ($97 Value)

– Tami will show you how to create effective videos on the fly that help prospects see exactly where they need help with their online presence … and convert them into paying customers FAST.

Online Presence Analysis and Mobile Friendly Test Examples – ($97 Value)

– Attorney Example Videos
– Cosmetic Dentist Example Video
– Hair Salon Example Video
– HVAC Example Videos

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