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You now have a unique, unparalleled opportunity to build a real, solid and proven white label business within the custom print  TIME FOR CHANGEindustry turning over billions of Dollars, Pounds and Euros every year.

Our system taps right into … and will leverage the 6 year old, custom print industry’s leading platform which incorporates stores, online designer, quote systems, customer management, product management, marketing management and so much more!

Once on the inside you are in the REAL world of custom printing, not just an another affiliate.

  • A business which requires zero investment!
  • A proven business model (our platform actually launched over 6 years ago)
  • A business which is scalable, easy to understand and profitable
  • A business delivering  products people use and BUY every day

And it’s your white label business delivering proven in demand, tangible real products.


It takes time and effort to establish your brand, so when setting up in business, its important you choose your suppliers and partners wisely.

This is why we have partnered with the decoration industry’s (custom print industry) leading platform.

When a bricks and mortar printer wants to sell their services online they use the same solution we do.Reliability Definition Magnifier Showing Trust Quality And Dependability

Our solution sits on a rock solid business model established over six years of investment and development. It is used by thousands of real printers around the world. You may have used it already … without knowing it … if you have bought printed apparel online.

This combination means you can confidently build a strong, successful, white label custom print business knowing that the infrastructure supporting it won’t erode or dissipate.

And most importantly the infrastructure supporting your business will continue to be developed for the long term.

It’s important to appreciate these facts; since mid 2013 this industry has seen massive growth, and very soon software developers will appear on the scene trying to emulate what we have put together.

They may have a nice sales page and offer lots of fancy bells and whistles, but will they still be here in 6 months, 6 years or 16 years to further develop their solution ensuring you can deliver what your demanding customers want and expect?

The fact remains you simply cannot duplicate this system or platform in a few weeks or even a few months of programming.

Product development and testing takes time to perfect.

Choose your solution wisely, we are in this for the long term.


You are probably reading this page for the very same reason I set this up in the first place … having experienced the massive earning potential surrounding crowd funded custom printing this also highlighted many short comings … such as:

  • Longevity (or lack of it) … once a crowd funded campaign ends your great selling design stops sellingwhite-label-t-shirt-printing1-300x300
  • Failure to hit the minimum print run … you don’t get paid on those sales if the campaign fails to reach the minimum
  • You have to endure many failures for each successful campaign
  • Only basic designs with minimum colors are cost effective due to the screen print process
  • You’re building someone else’s brand (whilst you promote TeeSpring you are only building the TeeSpring brand)
  • You’re building someone else’s business. Surely you’d prefer your customers to come back to you over and over again?

Even Don Wilson admits that running FB ads to a crowd funded campaign is not sustainable.

Building your own business will always out way any other option.

Don’t get me wrong, crowd funded sales are a great way to make money and deliver low cost custom printed apparel, but its simply not the only way to make money in this industry.

If you are already making money from crowd funded custom printing what I am about to show you will allow you to keep selling your great designs and build YOUR brand at the same time.

If you’ve yet to make a profit from custom printing this could be your tipping point as our white labelled custom printing set up means you not only get paid on EVERY sale but you also build that all import brand, YOUR brand, so that customers come back to you and not your competitors!

Perhaps most importantly this is a great, proven way to set up your own white label business within an industry which is here for the long term …


Fresh from our secret Facebook group where we discuss marketing strategies, exchange tips and discover new ideas. Something hot for discussion right now is setting your white label sites up, branded for schools, clubs and local business. This is soooo powerful … free marketing, 24/7/365 … because the schools for example who have thousands of pupils and parents run the promotions for you!  Facebook is not the only traffic source!




Now is the time to leverage the massive growth currently taking place within the custom printing industry.

If you grasp this opportunity today, you can immediately start building your own white label printing business … a real, viable and scalable business with ZERO overheads and zero investment.

Note that I say white label ‘custom printing’ because we encompass more than just shirts and apparel.

Within the next few weeks we are also adding custom printers who will supply and print high demand, unique products such as:

  • iPad and iPhone covers (now available, see below)
  • Phone and tablet covers  (now available, see below)
  • Drinks coolers
  • Pet tags
  • Rucksacks
  • Even traditional barrels!

There will be more, all white label, custom printing, you will be amazed where this industry can take you.

But right now lets focus on the custom printing of apparel such as t-shirts and hoodies as I know this is why you are here!shot-3

You will be able to offer over 150 different types of garment and apparel from hats and accessories through to bread and butter product lines such as custom t-shirts and hoodies.

You will be able to offer custom printing to both consumers and to B2B contracts by offering different printing options … even top of the range embroidery!

And what makes this so unique is that you get to deliver FULL COLOR printed garments with NO MINIMUM print run required.

Allow me to empathise this point … you can offer FULL COLOR printing on over 150 products with NO MINIMUM print run, as long as you have just one order our printers go to print.

Which means you get paid on every sale.

Traditional printing requires minimum print runs with just one to four colors … as soon as you go over one or two colors the cost per garment is astronomical unless you have the budget to print in the hundreds or thousands!

You can verify this yourself, go to any of the mainstream shirt printing site where 99% of designs consist of just one color.

You get to run your white label t-shirt printing business exactly how you wish … choose your products, choose your designs and set your own retail pricing  to suit the profit margin you want.


If you sell to the offline sector or you are looking for a new business venture why not sell stores to the offline sector or better Vector School Buildingstill manage stores for your clients.

Remember … as far as the offline business is concerned you are the printer … you manage the printing, the fulfilment and customer support, all they have to do is tell their customers about their new store.

You can setup and develop as many white label stores as you wish.

For example … offer restaurants and clubs etc. in your area a fully branded store on a custom domain for their business. Just add their logo within the online designer and it will instantly appear on garments you specify.

You can charge them for the privilege or split future profits from sales. Or do both!Icon of the facade of a store.

All they need to do is promote the website address within their establishment, on menus etc.

They love it because you have just given them an easy route to promote their business with branded apparel people will wear around town.

Once you get into this business the sky really is the limit, don’t let your imagination hold you back.


Following are just a few of the many fantastic features:

  • 100% white label business set up
  • Brand-able custom stores
  • Create as many niche stores as you wish
  • Create branded custom stores for your clientsshot-4
  • Add custom pages and naviagtion
  • Set store to focus on customers creating their own designs, designs you have created or both
  • Sell single garments to consumers or contract large B2B print runs
  • Back office to monitor sales and earnings
  • Direct access to customer records
  • Create custom pages
  • Map your own domain
  • Over 150 types of blank products to print on
  • Multiple sizes from youth to adult for both male and female
  • Front end designer for clients to create their designs
  • Back end designer for you to create custom designs
  • Over 20 store template designs with multiple color options
  • Option to create totally unique store design via custom CSS
  • Interact and communicate with customer via inbuilt custom newsletter
  • Market your white label store with the iframe and flash widgets or push to 3rd party RSS feeds
  • No minimum print run, customers can order just one
  • Full color printing
  • Over 4,000 stock images to help you and your customers create custom designs
  • ‘Direct To Garment’ (DTG), Screen, Sublimation & Embroidery Printing Options
  • Printing & Fulfilment done for you

Unlike a traditional garment printing business we guarantee zero investment required. You NEVER have to invest in:

Businessman Holding Up an OK Sign hand

  • Printing machinery
  • Printing supplies
  • Stock such as shirts and accessories
  • Premises
  • Website hosting
  • Website design
  • Packaging

Here are some screen shots of the stunning store designs achieved:






With over 150 blank items each available in multiple color options and sizes  the combinations are never ending. If a client wants a two1-32 tone hoodie for their 6 year old son with their favourite football star … we have a product line for this.

You can even provide custom, branded work wear solutions to the offline market.

We take the guesswork out of choosing the right blank product to show off your design.

We make sure every product we offer fits well, feels comfortable and has a long life span.

With brands like Gildan, District Threads, Port & Company and a few others we maintain a commitment to quality and comfort.

We print all of our apparel with top-of-the-line, direct-to-garment, sublimation, and screen printing equipment. Our prints are always crisp and last the lifetime of the garment it’s printed on.

The process is simple:

  • Select a Product
  • Add Designs



By the 23rd May we are adding a sports wear printer, the sort of sports wear Olympic athletes would wear.sports

This just shows the diversity of where this business can take you when you have the right infrastructure.

Its this type of product (sports wear) along with iPhones and tablet cases and even pictures which allows you to really zone in on the niche side to this business.

When it comes to targeting, sports wear (and I mean real sports wear which athletes buy and wear) has the ability to be targeted by layers.

You have the gender layer, the sports type layer, the team layer, the location layer, the school layer … I think you get my drift.

When it comes to offline sales and marketing you don’t have to be a genius to leverage the possibilities.sports1

Schools and teams are obvious targets, schools of course contain a massive captive audience and the management of the schools do the marketing for you.

Our white label, turnkey business package means you can open unlimited stores, branded for schools, businesses, teams and organisations. In the background our platform also takes care of the designing, the order taking, the printing and the fulfilment.

Currently the printer is in Europe, so a massive distribution area, but no US printer yet, but remember this is a global business … If English is your only language (like myself) then the UK is the obvious target.



Currently printed from the UK we have partnered with a top of the range printer delivering customised tablet, mobile phone, iPhone & iPad covers, hard eye glass cases, mouse and key rings.

This printer comes with the best credentials you will ever find … they print custom items for the Arsenal football team and sell their products via the Hamleys Toystore on Regent Street in the West End of London.



We have you covered … use less color to empathise great quotes to really stir the emotion and draw the buyers in. Use our screen print options for low, low pricing …



Our intuitive designer is the best product customization tool on the market. Integrated with Corel Draw design software the designer
supports many applications all on one convenient page. We offer over 4,000 stock clipart images and templates for creating your perfect product. Immediately review image quality, status of your uploaded artwork, background transparency, and give your design effects & borders. You can also add text with over 100 fonts and effects to take your product from concept to reality.

The design to the right took less than 10 minutes to create using the in-house stock clipart images …


IMPORTANT :: This feature is in development and will not initially be available

You will have access to thousands of pre made designs, all you need to do is add the digital design to the garments you wish to sell and they will appear within your store.

The designs are full color and can be sorted by niche or keyword so you can find exactly what you want. In the example screen shot below you will see we have targeted ‘football nfl’. You will also notice their is a cost attached, this is a cost per print, but you don’t have to pay this, we absorb the cost within the wholesale charges (see examples below).

So … you get to offer great designer created designs to your garments, apparel and accessories with zero upfront cost.

White Label T-Shirt Printing



Your white label website comes with 3 powerful marketing tools:

  • Flash Widget

The flash widget application allows you to create a custom HTML widget that can be used on your website or any other website that allows you to display custom HTML


  • iFrame Widget

The iframe widget is very similar to the flash widget application. You can decide how many and which products you want to list on the iframe and then paste the custom HTML code on your website or another


  • Rss Setup

The RSS setup allows you to push your new products and designs into a third party RSS feed. RSS feeds are used to show new posts and updates to the website and are automatically generated.



Within the ‘Marketing’ section of your white label website you will also have access to a communication console so that you can:

  • Send newsletters to registered subscribers
  • Write directly to customers who have made a purchase
  • Write to customers who have opened accounts but not purchased



NOTE: Pricing you are about to view is for single shirt orders, yes you read that correctly … low wholesale pricing for single shirt print runs!

Every product has a  wholesale price, you have the option to:

  • Add individual pricing to each product
  • Add a set amount of $ profit to all products
  • Add a set % profit to all products

So you have maximum flexibility to apply the profit margin you wish to achieve.

To give you an example of wholesale pricing …PADDY

  • T-Shirts :: you are looking at $10 per shirt with full color printing on light coloured shirts such as white and sand
  • T-Shirts :: you are looking at $12.50 per shirt with full color printing on medium coloured shirts such as light blue and sport grey
  • T-Shirts :: you are looking at $15.00 per shirt with full color printing on dark coloured shirts such as black and red etc.

The above can easily be sold at $19.95 to $29.95 upwards …

  • Hoodies :: you are looking at $20.50 per hoodie with full color printing on white shirts
  • Hoodies :: you are looking at $22.59 per hoodie with full color printing on light steel and ash colored hoodies
  • Hoodies :: you are looking at $27.00 per hoodie with full color printing on dark coloured shirts such as black and red etc.

The above can easily be sold at $39.95 to $59.95 upwards. Remember these are one off sales we print for every single order achieved, there are no minimum print runs to achieve before you go into profit!


You can sell from absolutely any where you like. Unlike other custom printingshot-1
opportunities you are restricted to selling the designs directly from the third party branded website.

These are now your designs hosted within your own white labelled, branded business so you can send traffic from any where to your store or download the designs and then upload to shopping portals such as Ebay and Amazon.

There are no restrictions, this is YOUR business.

If you run Facebook ads we can also provide responsive, mobile enabled landing pages to show your designs and then link to the store for the customer to choose size and other options before making the purchase.

Use the multiple opportunities available across the internet to build YOUR brand and make sales …



We are currently printing from the USA, Australia and UK. This will mean we can offerflags extremely competitive domestic shipping costs for the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA.

Because we use the industry leading platform there will be printers throughout the world ready to start printing for you. If your country is not listed here please .

We have a very vigorous program to add new printers in different countries at the same time as expanding the product range.

Within the next few weeks we will be adding European and more USA printers and then adding more product lines to be printed from these countries.

If you have a specific requirement such as a print facility in your country please enquire, we should be able to locate a printer and make it a smooth integration …


All stores have an integrated eCommerce shopping cart so you don’t have to worry about the complications of how your customers will make payment.ecommerce

All customer payments made through the stores go through the central eCommerce facility.

Payments made via Amazon, Ebay and other 3rd party shopping portals are made directly to you.

Commissions on all printed sales paid via the stores are automatically paid at the end of each month, however arrangements can also be made to pay commissions middle of the month if you are a volume seller.

At the end of the day we are all in this to make sales so our aim is to be flexible and work with you, once on board if you have any specific requirements please let us know.


Need help to get set up or looking for ideas on gaining more customers? Fear not once on board you will access to:

  • Technical support to manage your websites and stores
  •  Access to your respective printer for help and guidance
  • Comprehensive video and PDF tutorials (if needed)
  • Our support hub for help from knowledgeable people using this system every day
  • Our secret Facebook group, small yet extremely active! And secret so you can ask the right questions and receive the right answers!


When you sign up you will have access to a range of printing options, so should you require a larger printer run this can be handled within your own white label store ensuring rock bottom pricing.


  • No minimums
  •  100% cotton products
  •  Price depends on total quantity ordered



  • 10 Piece minimum
  • Lowest unit cost per print
  • Price depends on color & total ordered

Screen Printer


  • No minimums
  • Large range of products
  • Price depends on total quantity ordered



  • No minimums
  • Stickers, Posters, Window Clings, Canvas
  • Price depends on size of print & total ordered



  • No minimums on some products
  • Mugs, Bags, Pens, & a lot more
  •  Price depends on color & total ordered

vinyl cutter


  • No minimums
  • T- Shirts, Hats, Polos, & Jackets
  • Price depends on stitch count & total ordered



The cost of entry is a one time payment which includes:

  • Unlimited branded stores & websites
  • Everything detailed under features above
  • All new products and stores
  • Private Facebook group
  • Hosting
  • Support

There is no need to purchase anything at all. Everything you need to get started and grow your business is available after registration. However, to help with the branding of your new business we do recommend the following optional purchases if you do not currently have these:

  • Domain name (under $10)
  • Icon (Just $5 details available after registration)

White Label TeeSpring!





Sales page:


Download link:

Hi JV Partners …

Our white label, custom print business delivers a massive opportunity to bank solid profits as we ride on the back of the frenzy surrounding everything to do with TeeSpring!

Our system taps right into … and leverages the 6 year old, custom print industries leading platform which incorporates stores, online designer, quote systems, customer management, product management and so much more!

This is a real, fully customizable, fully brandable, white label opportunity built on a proven business model. Your clients can now get their hands on their own white label printing business including:

White label business setup (website, stores, hosting etc.)
Full color, custom printing
No minimum print run, we print single orders
Order fulfilment included
Zero investment required

Your clients have a unique, unparalleled opportunity to build a real, solid and proven white label business within an industry turning over billions of Dollars, Pounds and Euros every year. Please check the sales page via button below to appreciate the massive package available to your clients.

Whether your clients are making a success of crowd funding or not, this system will fit perfectly with their business plan.

Terry Johnson