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Unlimited, Videos ONLY Available On YOUR Site
Legally Fill Your Blog With Hyper Popular Content
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Imagine what it’s like being one of the first people to ‘nail’ YouTube or ‘suss out’ Twitter, Facebook or G+” and building a stupendous, money-spinning audience… before everyone else has even got out of bed.

While everybody else struggles to wake up and catch up you get to be the one sitting back, reaping the rewards for seizing the early opportunity.

Tap into the explosive audience and you’ll be stunned by the speed you gain the traffic you need for your product or service to boom.

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It’s no small thing…
This New Video Platform Pumps Out 10 YEARS Of New Live Content Every Day… And Marketers Are Ignoring It

Periscope Lets Users Broadcast LIVE, For FREE With Nothing More Than A Smartphone… And It’s Direct Integraton With Twitter Has Made It The Fastest Growing Video Platform Ever!

See Periscope In These REAL Screenshots, With Hungry Audiences Begging To Sign Up, Buy & Share Your Content and Products
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Huge, Instant Audiences

Click a button to start a ‘scope’ and have hundreds of targeted people ready to interact with you, share your product and even grow your audience both now and future, snowballing with every scope you run.

Introducing: WPScope
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WPScope is a WordPress plugin that turns Periscope’s traffic, content, and fan power into your personal traffic factory…

Instead of videos getting deleted after 24 hours…

WPScope curates an autopilot blog made up of high-quality permanent Scopes that drive red-hot traffic back to your blog…

Where you can capture opt in details, sell affiliate offers, retarget them and more… in short, turning your free Periscope traffic into an audience for LIFE.

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