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WP Spy truly is a multi­function tool. It has 7 functions under one roof—all designed to compile a complete dossier on your competition. They’ll think they can hide their secrets, but WP Spy will pry every nugget of data. Its suite of tools is so sophisticated they’ll spill everything before they know what’s happened Look inside WP Spy now, as we unveil its covert power to unearth the secrets of your fiercest competition . . .
Module 1: Site Info

If you think the competition’s site looks a mite sexier than yours does, no problem. You can get the same look with much less fuss than ever before. Put WP Spy to work to uncover the enemy’s:

BuiltWith data
Source code
Domain info
Site security info
WP Data (WP version, plugins & themes)

You’ll be able to emulate the look of the competition with all of this classified data and find out why their site works so effectively.
Module 2: Page Info

This module of WP Spy will let you know in an instant if the bad guys have optimized their content properly. On­page optimization is powerful, and even more important after the many Google slaps. Send WP Spy out to find crucial optimization data you can take advantage of. One slip up, and you can produce your own optimized content that will beat theirs in SERP positions. Learn if the competition has optimized with:

Meta keywords & meta description
Meta robots
H1 & H2 tags
Text decoration
Body, meta­keywords & meta description length.

If the other guys have slipped up optimizing, you’ll know it in a flash.
Module 3: SEO Stats

Get debriefed on the other guys’ SEO standings from:

Cached pages

Know what you’re up against—now you’ll know what you have to do to take over rankings from your competition.
Module 4: Traffic

Uncover the enemy’s most viewed pages. Study why their bounce rates are low. Now all you’ve got to do is emulate the same kind of content and page layout to grab your share of their traffic! Get underground info on:

Daily page views
Alexa rank
Bounce rate

And more…
Module 5: Links

Links are still critical to long ­term rankings, despite what you might have heard. The best strategy is to find out where your competition gets their most powerful links from—and set out to get them from the same places. WP Spy goes into stealth mode to uncover the other guys’ links as reported by:


And more… Now you’ll see every URL with external links on the other guy’s site and their anchor text. Emulate them to dominate them in the SERPs.

Let’s Quickly Recap. . .

Discover the plugins and themes used by any wordpress blog (invaluable)
Instantly download any free plugin and theme discovered by WP Spy…with one click…(unique and efficient)
Discover the Whois details about any site (great for offliners, service providers)
Check the on page SEO for your own site is up to snuff. . . or see what your competitors are lacking
Discover site vulnerabilities so you protect them from hackers and gain new grateful clients (invaluable)
See all the social shares your competition has (Discover those social strengths and weaknesses)
Get any domain’s backlinks so you can steal them for your own (invaluable data)
Archive all your searches for future analysis (Time saving, time is precious)
View history of site, backlinks, shares etc. (See how you are winning)