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How A 36 Year Old Former Wrestler Shamelessly Copied His Way To
Millions In Profit Online
PLUS: How He’s Going To Help You Increase Your Profits 150% To 650% Overnight – Then Do It Again Over The Next 12 Months!

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Funnel Hack Live Notes
Session #1
Expert Secrets
The FASTEST way to start and scale a company is by leveraging YOUR expert status and then leveraging it inside of one of Russell’s ‘Expert’ funnels.
Russell will be revealing 5 very specific funnels including the one funnel he calls “The Expert Maker.” This funnel will almost instantly build your platform, give you an audience and setup / preframe all future funnels.
You’ll hear from Garrett White on how to “evolve” into a legitimate expert in any niche – master your craft, find your voice, and build a highly engaged audience.
Session #2
The Funnels
You’ll get specific blueprints for front end funnels, backend funnels and other funnels that you probably never imagined were even possible. This section will give you the actual tactics you need to execute on the expert secrets strategy!
Discover how Liz Benny created her first information product, launched a webinar, built a following and earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in just 12 months.
How does the “Hardcore Closer” Ryan Stewman convince clients to pay him $5k… $10k… or more? Now you’ll know his best “high ticket” secrets.
I reveal how you can leverage Youtube and other social media to build a profitable business with free traffic in any niche – just like Jacob Hiller.
Session #3
The Opportunity
You’ll find out how to earn an extra 6 figures this year as a “certified funnel consultant” – with live success stories and case studies.
Get the inside scoop on how Alex Hormozi got 500 clients, and $51,191 in the bank before he opened the doors of his gym with a local business funnel.
Leverage your new found skills with local funnels to build your own business… or build a highly profitable local marketing consultancy.
Session #4
Personal Transformation
Often times the limitations to your results are not in the software or your business model – but in the problem beliefs we have inside of ourselves. Russell and his team help you eliminate the inner obstacles to success.
Sean Stephenson – the “Three Foot Giant” – shares how to use your unique life experiences to create connection with your audience and reach millions!
Discover the truth about the ‘Entrepreneurial Personality Type’ that you likely have, and how to leverage it to rapidly build and scale your business.
Session #5
The 3 P’s – People, Process, Product…
Legendary business recovery expert Marcus Lemonis reveals his “3 P’s” strategy for getting People, Process and Product working for you.
You’ll get the best “entrepreneur hacks” from his experience saving dozens of struggling businesses around the country in wildly different industries.
Marcus reveals the #1 fail factor that plagues unsuccessful businesses – and how to guarantee you avoid it while you build your own 6-7 figure business.


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