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Build A Complete Viral Video Site that is Monetized With Amazon Affiliate Products In Under 60 Seconds…

With AutoTube Builder You Can:
Create complete viral affiliate video sites in under 60 seconds
Automatically adds videos from YouTube
Automatically adds related Amazon affiliate products

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AutoTube Builder Features…

Build Affiliate Video Sites FAST
You can build your very own viral affiliate video site monetized with Amazon affiliate products in under 60 seconds!

Automatically Adds Related Amazon Affiliate Products
AutoTube will automatically add relevant Amazon affiliate products to each post to monetize your site.

Choose Any Amazon Products You Want
Your also have the ability to choose what Amazon products you would like added to each post.

SEO Friendly
AutoTube Builder will automatically place the video title in the title tag and header tags.

Automatically Adds Relevant YouTube Videos
AutoTube allows you to search by keyword and choose videos to add to your site. The software will then create a new post for each video.

Your Affiliate Links Added Automatically
AutoTube Builder automatically inserts your affiliate links into each post.

Runs On WordPress For Easy Setup
The AutoTube Builder plugins runs on WordPress so it is easy to setup and any WordPress user can use it.

Use Any WordPress Theme You Want
You can completely control the look and feel of your site because AutoTube Builder runs right on your current theme.

Works With Different Amazon Locales

You can easily change your Amazon Locale in the settings to match your country.
Additional Features:
Schedule Posts

Instead of creating all your video posts at once, AutoTube Builder allows you to schedule them for a future date. This allows your site to naturally grow over time and results in better search engine rankings.


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