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Watch This Video to See The…
3 HIDDEN Features inside Mints App 2.0
You’ll Use to Build High Performing Campaigns
Making Up to $30,000 Monthly on AutoPilot!

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Here’s the deal…

We’ve built 2 powerful features that allows us to engage an audience with our mints app campaigns 10x more effectively than we were able to do earlier and also analyse our best performing campaigns to find out exactly why they’re so successful then use the insight to create even more wildly successful campaigns.
Having access to such analytical insights and data gives you an unfair advantage to know with 100% certainty exactly which campaigns will convert and make you more money.

Even better…. What if there was a way to run your campaigns directly on the Mints App platform itself using high converting page templates you know are so engaging and profitable they could literally mint money for you (Yes, embedding the customer-driven funnels on Shopify stores, landing pages, blogs etc. is cool but this is way cooler).

Before we built this new feature, we used to COPY the campaign script (embed code) and manually paste it in our eCommerce stores, landing pages, blogs, sales pages etc… while this is awesome and gets massive results for us, it has 2 downsides to it.
Even though it was fairly easy… some users found it VERY technical to paste a simple embed code in the exact places they needed these customer-driven funnels to appear on their pages.
It took more time from creation to finally profiting
BUT with the brand new Page Templates feature, users can now launch campaigns in seconds WITHOUT needing to paste a single line of code.
Even better, they’ll be launching their campaigns using page templates we’ve tested, used for months and proven to bring in more engagement and revenue when running mints app campaigns.
These templates are designed to put the spotlight on your customer-driven funnels and get the best results possible (much more than anywhere else you’ll publish same campaign).


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