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Watch Over My Shoulder As I Outsource The Creation
Of A Desktop Application For An Offline Client
And Learn How They Are Funding The Development Costs For An Application That I Will Own
And Resell To Other Offline Clients In That Market!

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This Case Study Is In Real Time And The Recordings Are Posted
To The Members Area As They Happen!

The first 2 recordings are in the members area right now. Progress on the SaaS project will be recorded and posted in the members area. I anticipate there will be 8 to 12 recordings by the time the software is complete.

By the time this case study is complete, you will know how to find, hire and manage a programmer to develop your application. You will also understand how to position your software within an offline market.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn When You Enroll In Offline Software Simplified:
How I Easily Convinced The Client To Pay For Development Of The Software That I Legally Own And Can Resell To Other Clients In The Same Market
How To Craft A Request For Proposal That Attracts Qualified Programmers
How To Select The Right Programmer For The Job
How To Properly Define The Product Requirements So The Programmer Can Understand (Even If They Have Poor English Skills)
How I Structure The Backend Sales & Delivery Process For This New Software Service
What Mistakes I Actually Make During This Live Case Study (PRICELESS)


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