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Statistics Have Shown That…
Upwards of 73 Million Businesses And
100s of Thousands of Online or Offline
Marketers Can Make Use Of This Product

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It’s no surprise that video making has taken over in so many aspects of online advertising.

With Google search queries showing videos as the top of results, it can be assumed that video marketing will only continue to grow.

How would you like to sell a major piece of the puzzle to video marketers of all kinds?

If you think about it, that’s such a wide spread market and it’s growing all the time.

The only problem is that you need a product to sell, and designing a software product isn’t easy or cheap in any sense (or cents).

Actually, the solution is quite simple; remember how I mentioned a puzzle earlier?

Background music. Royalty-free background audio.

Now you can market your very own video marketing asset to this evergreen niche.

White Label Audio presents the Lounge Beats Collection background music package with the private label rights license as well.

This package contains 35 professionally recorded, arranged, and mastered audio / music tracks in the style of lounge and chill out music. Each track comes with several different length segments.

Here’s A Breakdown of the Track Variations…
Pre-Arranged Set Length Loops
This portion contains several basic lengths such as: ~20 seconds, perfect for swells, stingers, sweeps and just about any production that requires just a snippet of some music. ~40 seconds, also great for intros and outros, this often contains variations on the initial track. ~60 seconds, ideal for shorter length videos and other productions. This version evolves as the track progresses. Lastly, you have the full length track which runs about 2 to 4 minutes. the full she-bang of the track. Meaning it has the shape and arrangement of a full song. Every single length included is capable of being looped perfectly for the perfect length.
Section Building Block Loops
This is something we have never seen done before with stock music. We’re giving you several variation segments all of the same length. For instance, you will have an intro segment, a main segment, a variation on the main segment, and then maybe a bridge or interlude segment. Each audio file will be say, about 20 seconds in length and capable of being looped seamlessly. You can then take these audio files and arrange them to create the perfect length and variation of the chosen song. This allows you full creative control of the music in the project you’re working with. On average, most songs in this section will have 4 segments provided.
Ending / Outro Segment
Let’s say that you loop one of the segments included in this package so that it meets the length requirements for your project. You could always just do a fade out of the audio towards the end of the video. But in this case, we wanted to give you options to choose from. Every track in this package comes with a ready to go “ending” clip so that you can slap this at the end of your audio track and seamlessly end your presentation. Whether you’re using the pre-arranged set length loops or the building block loops, you can ensure that you’ll always end up at exactly the right length for the video or media project at hand.

35 Royalty-Free Audio Tracks
Value $400

This package contains 35 completely royalty-free background tracks in the style of lounge and chill out music. Each track in this package is split into various lengths and even variations of different lengths. Additionally, every single track is able to be looped.
Private Label Rights License
Value $300

This business in a box package comes complete with the private label rights license allowing you tons of freedom to redistribute this product in a number of ways. You can even rebrand the product and change the materials to eliminate all of the potential competition.
Sales & Thank You Pages
Value $400

There’s both a front end sales page and an accompanying thank you page as well. This in itself will save you a ton of time. Just insert your name and place your buy button on the sales page. Upload them and you’re ready to start selling your very own product.
Graphics With PSD Source Files
Value $300

This includes the box, ecover, header (for the sales page), and a thank you page header. All of this with the PSD files so that you may edit and change any of the graphics as you see fit. With this, you can effortlessly rebrand the entire product.
Email Swipes For List Promotion
Value $150

Whether you have a list already, or you’re going to build a list – you need to have some swipes to mail to your list. If you want to gather affiliates and encourage them, you need to make it easy for them to promote your offer. Give them these swipes and let them do the selling for you.
2 Demonstration Tracks & Videos
Value $150

The only way to show potential customers what they’re purchasing is to let them hear it. This is where audio marketing comes into effect. You can use these tracks in videos, or on audio sites to reel in traffic from multiple different sources. You also get two HD videos that show off these audio demos.
Fully Rebrandable Training Guide
Value $100

Many individuals would be surprised to find out how easy it can be to tweak and edit audio files to better suit the project being created. This quick and informative training guide shows exactly how buyers can maximize their usage of this product both quickly and easy.


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