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Attention FB Marketers: If You Are Missing This, You Are Rapidly Killing Your Business…
& The Exact Process of How You Can Do This Immediately

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Inside Social Scaling Formula, You’ll Discover:
Target Angle Realignment

You will learn how to pivot different messages to different types of people that will help you scale your ads better. This is important because there is no such “golden ad” or “golden audience.” You must be able to pivot and be “light on your feet” if you want to scale your ads.
Super Targeting Demographic and Placement Strategy

You will learn how to scramble ad demographics with different placements to set the foreground for your scaling success. Once you learn that people react differently, you have to create different ads for the different possible outcomes. Doing so sets you up for easier scaling when you do decide to scale your ads.

Video Invigoration

You will learn the importance of video marketing and how cheap your ads can get with the proper syndication of videos. The rise of video is upon us and you will need to be on the forefront of social video advertising if you want to scale quickly.
Super Targeting Data Driven Ads Formula

You’ll discover how to create ads that will captivate and personally relate to the audience. You can even use the geo-location based strategies in this module to take your super targeted ads even further. This will surely make your potential customer feel special and want to opt-in or even buy.
Ride The Carousel

Carousel ads are underused and underrated. But their potential is huge. They are extremely versatile and once they are in your arsenal of knowledge, you can scale indefinitely. This goes well with Target Angle Realignment as you want to hit them from different angles.
Social Proof Prescription

No ads copy is more powerful than the EXACT words your customers say. This module will show you a solid way to generate user feedback and how to use it in your ads. This tactic and all that comes with it is one of the ways I use to scale all of my ads on all of my social media channels.

Lookalike Amplification

You will learn how to extremely BOOST your lookalike campaign performance by utilizing the combination technique. I will show you the different ways you can utilize lookalike audiences by teaching you the many options and types, and the many functions you can do.

Instagram has proven time and time again that it is a low investment, high return media channel that is totally underutilized by advertisers. You will learn how to utilize Instagram so you can finally tap into the millions of users that are ready to buy your product in as little as 2 hours from now.
Blog Primer

The best audience on Facebook is a pixel audience that has seen your content before.

You get the best use out of your pixel with blog posts. Whether or not you are using a blog, chances are you could be doing better. This module will show you the ins and outs of driving traffic to blog posts and using it to scale ads with your pixel audience.


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