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Build a massive subscriber list for free…

Revolutionary system simply download and giveaway this in demand software. Yes that’s right not only do you get the software you have free giveaway rights!

Sales Page:




The answer to growing that list It’s Simple…You help as many people as possible by Giving them something that solves their problem…

Frank kern one of the most successful marketers on the planet says..
Give people results in advance
Let me show you how you do that and how you will then truly start to make it in the online world.

Step 1: Identify a problem you can help solve
What do people need help with online? What solution can you provide?

Step 2 : Give massive value
Giving free plr reports or Ebooks that help people solve that problem is one way but results are poor goto step 3 for the solution

Step3: Give them free software that solve the problem
We have created a desktop software that you can give away for free which solves a problem everyone has online right now. do you think people will give you an email in return for free software you better believe it

Free Giveaway Rights
So you can see how powerful this software is BUT you also get free giveaway rights.

Free Sales page
We make it so easy for you.Not only do you get the software we are giving you your own done for you sales page.You can edite this as you like.There are only two things to add 1:Your unique software key
2:Your autoresponder code so you collect leads.

Free download page
So you have your sales page we also give you your fully edited download page.EDIT as you like just include the software unlock code we give you for the software.

Full training
Comprehensive step by step videos will get you up and running collect leads and building your list like crazy…


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