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Marketers That Need More Visitors
Automatically discover, curate, and publish fresh content that surprises and delights your visitors. Bring in more Google search visitors, grow your Facebook and Twitter Likes and Shares, and take advantage of viral traffic!
(All in 93% less time than done manually!)

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Here at Trending Traffic, we scan the most popular sites
constantly to find the best content for you to share with your audience.
Here’s how it works:
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We find awesome articles

All Running in Under 3 Minutes!

We monitor over a dozen leading sites for you every day, finding stories getting massive social love. You can filter the articles by popularity/virality, posting site, keyword, and freshness, assuring the content is exactly what you need.
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All Running in Under 3 Minutes!

Take all those amazing posts and choose which ones should get posted on your sites. The content can be curated manually AND you can post it on autopilot if you want to be fully automated. Maximum flexibility that works for every site owner.
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Profit !

All Running in Under 3 Minutes!

Making your visitors happy is the real goal and by sharing top quality posts with them, you’ll build a great stream of rabid followers ready to be monetized. Google also LOVES trending content and you’ll naturally pick up visitors from improved SEO rankings.

Benefits of using Trending Traffic

Increased Site Traffic

Once you start posting higher quality content, your visitors stick around longer, come back more often, and grow to like you more. AND Google also loves seeing this and rewards you with higher rankings too.
No Software to Install

Trending Traffic is a full web-based content curation service and works with any WordPress installation. You don’t need to install any software or plugins – just add your site and start improving your site.
Free Time!

Instead of spending dozens of hours a week finding good content online and posting it on your blog, we do the heavy digging for you. Just sort the trending posts by freshness, virality, keywords, and more, and post away!
Full Automation

If you want to start spinning up multiple sites to capitalize on free SEO traffic, this service is perfect for you. Just specify the type of content you’re looking for and we’ll post your content every day.
“Done For You” Research

Have you ever tried finding an article on dogs that has received over 10,000 shares? Or how about a post on a viral site that is getting insane LinkedIn shares? With our service, you pull exactly the content you need.


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