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nlimited ViralGive Gift Apps

You can create unlimited gifts no need to worry about limits if you can give it you can build it.

Simple WordPress Plugin

Easy to create ViralGive Gift campaigns using the step by drop down settings in the plugin.

Facecbook Open Graph

You can maximize your advertising spend as friends of the users who share your Gifts on Facebook click through and spread the word!

Custom Audience

Each user that shares your gift on Facebook, User ID will be saved and can be used in facebook ads to target the users using the custom audience feature.(Cheap-Retargeting)!

No Branding

The apps you create won’t include any ‘Powered By’ links or references to the ViralGive Plugin.

Cool Analytics

See all your campaign statistics for page views, shares completed, and shares not completed.

Proven Templates

Choose between 2 proven templates with more to come in later updates!

Mobile Responsive

Each template is mobile responsive so they adapt to the environment on a tablet or mobile phone.

All File Formats

Insert a link to any file you want to share, File upload support is coming up in an later update.

Leads Profile Data

You will be able to see leads profile data such as profile image, first name, last name, gender and timeline, no app authorization required just a simple share.

Sales Page:




In a moment i will reveal a powerful way to gain traffic from Facebook with a super powerful software Get more people to share your content on Facebook, create a custom audience for Facebook ads all at the same time.

Hey There my name is Mikhail Della The Genius Developer,
and I’m going to show you an easy way to use Facebook to build your business. This is a method the big companies are using to kill the competition dead in their tracks and now you can do the same with out spending a lot of cash or hiring over charging programmers and wasting money on testing every marketing method out there.

(I have something to show you but let me ask you 2 questions)

Ques: Do you feel like you’re wasting time and effort on Facebook marketing and its not paying off? By gaining real customers that are ready to spend?

Ques: Are you unsatisfied with your Facebook ads targeting and reaching the wrong audience?

If you answered yes to any of those questions I have a solution for you today. prepare to be awwwed by what I am about to show you! If you don’t know your way around the Facebook API, Programming or Facebook Open Graph you just qualified for this plugin. and you are missing out on a great chunk of the Facebook marketing pie.

So the BIG secret i will share with you today is SIMPLE it’s all in the news feed, Put your marketing message in the facebook news feed Now i said simple but we know its not that to the point cut and dry Right? In order for a marketing message to be effective On Facebook you need to have A Message in the NewsFeed Shouldn’t seem like advertising, So make it add value to people’s life. Should be engaging and simple, Ad blindness is now more common than ever these days.


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