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Full-Time Writer Reveals Her Secret Formula to Write an eBook in 6 Hours or Less From Scratch!

6-Hour eBook

6-Hour eBook reveals the approach I use to create eBooks on countless topics for my clients each year. You will discover the importance of filling your mind about your topic. Writing words on a page is not the same as generating meaningful prose that engages your reader.

Every step outlined in 6-Hour eBook has been tested in my writing business over the years. I rearranged each step until I discovered the fastest way to produce a publishable eBook in a few hours.
Included in 6-Hour eBook
Worksheet & Checklists

A worksheet and checklists to guide your effort have been provided to ensure that you are able to keep track of your writing project. Your project will not die before you finish when you take the time to print these guides and complete each one!

These helpful guides ensure that you step through the eBook writing process in the proven order of steps. You will print these sheets before you begin.
PDF eBook

Within the pages of 6-Hour eBook, you will find answers to your questions. I offer insight to the writing process that no one else is willing to provide. Years of guessing at the answers inspired me to create my processes and share them with others for the very first time. This 24-page eBook is in PDF format for easy reading.

In this analogy, the eBook writing process parallels the construction of a house. You will learn to repeat the process because each step ties to the major phases of building a house.

The mindmap reveals the overview of the eBook writing process. For many visual readers, the mindmap acts as a roadmap through the entire writing process. Your willingness to use the mindmap will save you time when you are tempted to skip steps within the process of writing your eBook in 6 hours.

Refer to the mindmap throughout your eBook project to ensure that you complete each step before moving on to the next phase.
Audio Guide

The author reads the entire eBook for convenient listening online or on your portable listening device. Listeners will be able to follow along in the eBook if both versions would make understanding easier. Some people learn more quickly by listening to the spoken word.

Additional insights are added to each chapter to enhance your learning experience. Listen as the author encourages you to follow the process.
Improve your writing when you follow the steps inside 6-Hour eBook.

You will never be stuck in the midst of an important project again. Move through every project with ease when you take steps in the order that supports your writing exercise.
5-Star Reviews
John Thornhill

Congrats on a job well done!

Your 6 hour ebook is not only a very well written guide,
but the inclusion of checklists and mindmap makes it a
very useful resource, for anyone wanting to produce their
own work.

If people follow your ebook from start to finish, I’m sure we’ll
soon be seeing a ‘raising of the bar’ when it comes to the
standards and quality of ebooks people produce.

I will be happy to recommend 6hour ebook to anyone who is
looking for a simple way to plan and write a High Quality
report or ebook on any subject.

John Thornhill
Randy & Simon

I’ve just read through your 6 hour ebook.

I have to say it’s one of the most professionally written ebooks
on the subject that I’ve come across in over 14 years online!
Congratulations on covering the topic with such a common sense analogy.

I’m sure anyone who wants to write professional, in order to actually sell their work and earn an income from doing so, will devour your content and continue to use the checklist over and over as their careers progress.

Warm Regards
Randy & Si
Sharon – {retired school teacher}

The 6-hour ebook is a great book for any author to use. I found that the steps were not only easy to follow, but also straight to the point. This book gave me ideas that I would never have thought of. An example of this is how to eliminate distractions and the importance of doing so. The worksheets that are included are invaluable. I would recommend that anyone wanting to write an eBook use this 6-Hour eBook as a reference.
Dawn – Photographer

6-hour ebook is a practical but fun approach to what has always seemed a daunting task. I really appreciate the way the course is organized because it breaks writing an ebook down into manageable tasks that make me feel empowered. So many of my projects wind up sitting unfinished. Now I can finally see a clear path from ‘idea’ to ‘final product’!
You will also learn:

To prepare for your effort to write your eBook in 6 hours.
To conduct research at the right point in the eBook project.
To focus your thoughts and avoid interruptions.
To incorporate your professional and life experience into your writing.
To increase your concentration level and track the thoughts that would distract you.
To include important visual attributes to improve your reader’s experience with your eBook.
And much more!

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