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In Under 60 Minutes
You Can Be A Video Professional !

Don’t Even Think This Will Stay At This Price Very Long

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Dear Friend,
I’m going to be frank with you here. Most people don’t get the proper training because of time. Even though we have 24 hours a day, we usually don’t have time to get to do the things that are really important and that includes taking an online video course.

I’ve discovered for myself that it is totally possible to learn all you need to know in a very short time, because I have developed a shortcut to all that is necessary to learn video, even “professional” video and the best part is, it only takes:

60 Minutes

……………………to achieve it!

Don’t You Wish That You Could Create, Edit and Market Videos In No Time?
I know it is hard for you to believe that creating your own professional videos is possible at this moment. It is indeed incredible to be able to learn all you need to know in such little time… and produce professional videos without any effort… not to mention learning the best means of marketing them.

But that is until you discover our 53 page e-book:

60 Min Pro Video will help you create & master real professional videos
after battling with creating even really simple You Tube videos for such a long time because you will do the same as the “real” professionals do, use the same tools and you will be shown how real marketing works and exactly what are the “effective” marketing strategies of today.

It took me a very long time to learn how to create a decent marketable video in a respectable time period,getting disgusted at the $300, $500 and $1000 price tags on professional video software to finally discover the solution to it all and I want to cut short “your time” of searching for money-making video production methods & solutions.

Now, you will have the answer to professional video creation, editing and marketing at your fingertips.

This is how 60 Min Pro Video will fix your problems…

A Complete “Pro” Training Module
“5” High Quality Training Videos
Easy-To-Use PDF Video Guide
Step-By-Step Instruction
3 Ways To Almost Unlimited Video Traffic

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The knowledge you have on the subject matter shone through on the video presentations. Although not a newcomer to video production there was simple actions revealed by your course that had never crossed my mind previously. The video training is backed with PDFs and a bonus PDF report that is invaluable. Excellent training

Jim Burney

We all know that, at this age of broadband internet, doing any form of business without video is going to be dull and old school. I also understand that many people do not do videos because they don’t know where to start, what tools to use, and how to publish it. In Ray’s course, he shows with crystal clear step-by-step, from the setting up, creating visual aid to the publishing and converting of the video to be uploaded and hosted to the sites of your choice, including YouTube. He gives you the free and paid tools as a choice for your video production need. His presentation is clear and concise, with obviously amazing video and audio clarity, which he does what he preach. Keep rockin Ray, and for those of you who need to get your video up and running and save thousands of dollars in terms of time and tools, do yourself a favor, get Ray’s course!

Vincent Cheng
The FamilyPreneur Online Business System

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