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Are you still struggling with getting FREE TRAFFIC to your websites and offers? Do you want the keys to the “Traffic Kingdom” without the typical SEO nonsense?
“Here’s How a Virtually Unknown Marketer Sent 80,823 Visitors to An Offer WITHOUT Paying a Penny For Traffic…Without Google…And Now You Can Too!”

And He Didn’t Put Up With The Typical Hassles That Make Online Marketing So Difficult For The Rest Of Us:

No Domain
No Website
No Keyword Selection
No SEO (Definitely No Google Drama)
No Paid Traffic
No Products to Sell
No Technical Skills
No Subscribers
You don’t even need a COMPUTER!

In Fact, The Only Thing You Need Is a Smartphone And The Intense Desire To Make Money!

bg-micFrom: Bill Guthrie

RE: “Mystery” Untapped Traffic Source Ripe For the Picking!

Dear Online Marketer,

Hey, it’s Bill Guthrie. You may know me from my podcast and other popular marketing courses. If so, you know I like to be a resource to other online entrepreneurs.

Whether it be teaching you about branding, conversions, content curation, niche marketing or driving traffic, I’ve become successful doing the “hard work” and passing along the “easy way to do it” to marketers just like you. I’ve been involved in internet marketing for over 10 years, and I try to keep abreast of the latest trends and opportunities. But one thing I’ve yet to figure out is Instagram.

300 Million Active Users And Growing

Instagram, in case you’ve been trapped under a fallen refrigerator, is an image-sharing social network. They were acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion, and their growth since that point is astonishing. With over 300 million active users, Instagram has more active users than Twitter!

In short, people post images on Instagram, they are discovered, liked and shared. That’s all fine and good if you want your friends to see pictures of your adult softball team winning the league championship…but what about Instagram for BUSINESS?

How do we — the guerrilla marketers of the world — leverage Instagram for traffic, authority and ultimately, profit?
My Unfair Advantage (I’m Sharing With You)

I am at a place in my career where I can reach out to practically any expert or thought leader and get them to talk to me. I’d like to believe that’s because of my winning personality and charm, but really, it’s because of my podcast, PeakMarketer.

I interview subject-matter experts on the show. If I want to learn something, I reach out to the smartest person in that subject, and nine times out of ten, they agree to be interviewed. And through these interviews, I’ve grown an impressive network of experts and marketers who are the best of the best in particular areas.

I wanted to learn about Instagram. I’d heard stories of the huge amounts of referral traffic coming from Instagram, but I didn’t have time to do all the research, to test for myself, or to attempt to figure it all out on my own.

Someone in my network said to me, “Bill, you should talk to this guy I know. He absolutely crushes it with Instagram. Just posts these images and gets tens of thousands of quality clicks. He makes sales, builds email lists…everything, just from Instagram.”

I was intrigued, to say the least, and got in touch with this “Instagram Guru,” who we will call, for now, “Mr. R.” I needed to know if these claims were real or if it was just smoke and mirrors.
I Went All “Jack Bauer” On Him!

Like Jack Bauer, the master interrogator, I grilled Mr. R for over two hours, initially, to see if he was for real. I asked him for screen shots of his traffic, of his subscribers, of his sales. He walked me through his entire process of how he started in Instagram, what he does every day, and the various tactics he uses to send traffic anywhere at will — to offers, to blog posts, to squeeze pages.

Mr. R told me about a friend of his who was down on his luck, let’s call him “Joe.” Joe and Mr. R were close friends from childhood, and Joe wanted this new life that Mr. R had built for himself:

to work only a few minutes each day
to make money doing something fun and stress-free
to have a predictable, scalable business
to create multiple streams of income
to add value to people’s lives and get paid in the process

So Mr. R taught Joe his system. He walked him through everything, and since they were close friends, Mr. R thought long and hard about everything that Joe needed to do to ensure his success. Mr. R was determined his friend’s Instagram business would move fast and generate income quickly.

We’ll get back to Joe’s story in a few minutes …
A Secret Network Of Instagram Marketers Exists And Mr. R Is One Of Them

The more Mr. R shared with me, the more excited I got! Not only is Instagram easy to use, the way that Mr. R goes about it, anyone with a smartphone can leverage it for big results!

But there was more…

Mr. R admitted, almost by accident, that there is a sort of secret network of Instagram power users who share their tactics with one another.

These Instagram ninjas showed Mr. R all their secrets, and I have convinced Mr. R to share them with you.

Knowing how to make money on Instagram without selling anything
Generating endless amounts of content for free and with just a few minutes of “work”
Driving spikes of traffic at will to any web page you want, systematically
What you will do when you can catapult a newly created Instagram account into the “big boys” league
Knowing the easiest and most lucrative types of Instagram accounts to own
Never having to worry about search engines, keywords, paid traffic or other typical marketers’ headaches!

“The covert tactics that Mr. R gathered, plus his own Instagram mastery, are truly paying off, not only for Mr. R but also for his friend Joe.
The process is sound and proven.”
But don’t take my word for it. Check out the screen shots Mr. R sent me:

(Joe focuses on “Influencer Marketing,” which we’ll discuss in a minute. From this he generated $8,170.40 in 50 days, all from merely posting in Instagram. These are typical months for Joe since learning Mr. R’s process.)

This is a killer course…I consumed it in one sitting (very thorough) and implemented [Mr. R’s] strategies and am seeing great results!
John Lee Dumas EntrepreneurOnFire.com

Mr. R’s Instagram Process,

For the last two months I’ve worked closely with Mr. R to produce the Definitive Instagram Training for Marketers. What we’re about to reveal to you works for:

Affiliate Marketers
Product Vendors
Brick-and-Mortar Businesses
ANYONE who wants to Send Traffic AT WILL, Makes Sales, Increase Subscribers, Build Authority and have a Massive Legion of Followers Eager to Engage With You!

A Complete System for Driving Massive Traffic, Generating Quick Paydays, and Building Huge Email Lists with Instagram in 2015 and Beyond!

Audience Explosion For Instagram is video-based training, consisting of six in-depth modules, that you can watch on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. In fact, you will be amazed at your experience with this video course…


I’ve worked closely with Mr. R to create a system that is perfect for marketers of all experience levels. A lot of the things that he “just knows,” I had to pull out of him and explain in a way that someone with ZERO INSTAGRAM EXPERIENCE can understand and take immediate action.

The training course we’ve created for you incorporates the tactics and strategies of other Instagram marketers as well, ones that Mr. R has connected with over the past 12 months.
Here’s What’s Waiting For You:
Module 1: Get To Know Instagram, Your New Best Traffic Friend

We’re betting you’re completely new to Instagram, so we’re going to spend this module getting you completely familiar with this powerful social network.

Instagram overview for those who don’t know a thing about it
The depth and breadth of Instagram, so you can see the various ways to leverage it
Setting expectations, so you can plan your schedule and project your success through daily activities that build momentum
Instagram lingo, etiquette and best practices so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb
How to maximize linking in Instagram for that all-important click

Module 2: Create An Instagram Account That Fits Your Needs

Even if you may already have a particular brand or niche that you’re working in, you’ll want to spend plenty of time researching Instagram before jumping in. In this module we’ll cover:

Finding your Instagram niche, for those without a current brand identity
Hot niche topics that work well in Instagram
Which topics to avoid on Instagram
Examples of successful accounts for inspiration
Criteria for choosing your first account niche
Benefits of adding Instagram to your brand strategy, for existing brands
How to find the top Instagram accounts in your niche
How to reverse engineer successful accounts for your own quick success
Setting up your first Instagram account
How to write a great profile description

Module 3: Original Content Creation For Creative Dummies!

You DO NOT need to be a professional photographer, graphic designer or celebrity to be an Instagram superstar! You just need to produce quality original content, and Mr. R is going to let you in on a few secrets on exactly WHAT to create and HOW to do it:

Original content vs. Other people’s content — how to avoid drama in Instagram
“What should I post?” We’ll reveal the exact types of content you should be creating
Creating original content with the app, Phonto
Creating original content with the app, WordSwag
Popular styles you can emulate
Resources for images to use in your posts
Resources for quotes and things to say in your Instagram posts

Module 4: Posts — The Engine of Instagram Engagement

With your newly created image ready, it’s time to add it to Instagram. But there’s more to Mr. R’s strategy than just slapped it up on your Instagram wall! We will cover:

The best practices for attributing other accounts, and having your content attributed
Creating powerful Calls to Action that get people to do what you want (like, follow you, click, share, etc.)
The power of Hashtags — How and when to use them, plus the app that Mr. R uses to manage them
Tools to consider when managing your social networks

Module 5: Instagram Growth Hacks Revealed

You’re on your way, but you need to grow your account! You need followers, lots of them, and this is Mr. R’s speciality. Here we dig into:

How create an account worth following
How to get hundreds of new followers every day with a few minutes of work
The sneaky tools that Mr. R uses each day that explode his growth and bring in real, engaged followers eager to consume his posts
How to get people to give you a “Shoutout,” Instagram’s version of a public share
Your Instagram launch strategy for maximum exposure
How to create mutually beneficial partnerships with other Instagram accounts — this is so easy and people are hungry for these opportunities

Module 6: Instagram Profit Explosion

With your Instagram content machine in place, it’s time to focus on leveraging its awesome power for your benefit. This module covers various strategies for profiting from your Instagram marketing:

How to send traffic from Instagram and getting your link clicked
Building your email list with Instagram traffic
Making affiliate sales via Instagram
Sending traffic to ad-based sites for passive income
Selling Instagram marketing services
How to make money through promoted posts

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