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Increase Conversions Through Improved Audio.

The Ultimate Software & Training System To Creating High Converting Marketing Content

What Are People Saying About Audio Boss?
Check Out These AWESOME Testimonials From Our Happy Customers!
Andy Jenkins

“I live by 1 rule in my business. Never have an opinion on conversion. The only thing that matters is data. I test everything. As an Emmy Award winning editor and online marketing conversion expert, I run literately hundreds of tests each year on Audio and Video. I won’t tell you that good Audio will increase your conversions, But I will tell you that anything other than great audio will kill your conversions. I know because I have tested it. If you want to win the game of converting visitors to customers, become an Audio Boss and leave your competition in the dust.”
Mike Filsaime

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but online sales won’t happen with just pictures. Great quality sounding audio is priceless. Having done Tens of Millions of dollars in sales online over that past 10 years, every marketing campaign I did had my voice used in video or live webinars. I wish I had Audio Boss when I started. It took me years and a lot of money (and lost sales) to master great audio. There is no better product on the market today with the same value as Audio Boss. It can literally pay for itself hundreds of times over with your current or next online product or service.”
Omar Martin

“There’s a reason why top level marketers like myself, Mike Filsaime, and others utilize the techniques shown in Audio Boss on our media… and that reason is simple — PROFIT. I figured out a long time ago that the quality of my marketing media matters. You want to come off as pro and really get conversions like I do? Then you need to sound good. Period. How seriously is someone going to take you when you say you’re an expert and yet sound like an amateur? Don’t make that mistake….Audio Boss shows you everything you need to know and it’s so simple to follow that anyone can do it.”
Eugene Mc Grath
“I have always had problems with good audio on my videos. I’ve bought a lot of products to help with this. Some were good but they didn’t have everything under one roof. Until I found Audio Boss. It has bite sized step by step videos that teach you how to add quality and make your audio shine like a professional has recorded it in a studio. Buy Audio Boss. You need it in your arsenal!”
Michelle Fradella
“I am blown away with the amount of content and tools included with Audio Boss! It goes beyond just a training program because it not only gives you the training you need to get perfect audio, but it includes great software and plugins to get the enhancements that you are looking for. I highly recommend Audio Boss to anyone looking to have top-notch audio in their business!”
Jenish Pandya
“If you use audio anywhere in your business then Audio Boss is a must have. Not only was I able to improve the audio quality of my podcast but the whole process into how I go about recording it, editing it and publishing it was changed for better and it has saved me heaps of precious time. Andrei has delivered immense value along with certain things about audio that no one tells you about.”
David Whitfield
“I have never experienced a training as complete in any niche; nor as thorough or easy to follow as Audio Boss. Many of my recordings have had glitches, mic noise, mouth noise and other distractions and I just did not know how to deal with it. Now I can. There is soooo much more that I could do and I had no idea. It’s the difference of night and day in producing a quality product.”
Lonnie Robinson
“There isn’t a business owner in any market who couldn’t implement the tools and strategies in Audio Boss and not get tremendous value and incredible results. Andrei and his team have done an outstanding job. The software included with Audio Boss is amazing and they have packed the member’s area with so much value for such a small investment. Thank you so much Andrei!”
Jeff Caravantes
“Audio Boss is saving me time and helping me build value in every product I make from now on. Audio Boss has everything you need to know about producing quality audio for your videos, audio-books, and podcasts, in an easy-­to-­follow package. Quality and value saturate training videos. I can honestly say Audio Boss truly is the ultimate audio marketing solution!”

Audio Boss is a one of a kind online video training course that teaches internet marketers how to get the absolute most out of the audio in their marketing media; so as to increase conversion, improve product and brand appeal, and remove all the guesswork related to creating high quality audio/video content. It utilizes a specially crafted 5 step system that shows you exactly what to do every step of the way when creating marketing content (VSLs, Screen Capture Videos, Podcasts, Voice Over Videos, etc.) with the main goal of bringing the impact of your content to a whole new level of awesome. Audio Boss is revolutionizing the way that marketers think about (and take advantage of) audio in their marketing content and media.

Audio Software Included!

If you order Audio Boss today during this grand opening special event, in addition to the Audio Boss course you will receive a fully unlocked personal license to a high end audio software and an entire bonus module of software training videos. This software is capable of doing everything you could possibly need to record, edit, and enhance your audio to the highest possible level. With your own copy of the software, you’ll be able to follow along exactly with everything that Audio Boss teaches you. Act now before this bonus goes away forever!

The Audio Boss 5 Step System

Audio Boss utilizes a powerful, specially crafted, 5 step system that focuses on creating amazingly captivating and high converting marketing multimedia (Videos, Podcasts, Webinars, Etc.). Enhanced content that has the capability to reel in customers and get conversions better than any content you’ve made before… all without headaches, confusion, or breaking the bank. The 5 step Audio Boss system walks you through each step of the content creation process for all types of media (VSLs, Podcasts, Screen Capture Video, Voice Overs, etc.). Through months of meticulous and strategic planning, we’ve eliminated all of the guesswork and created a system that you can implement as quickly and easily as possible when creating marketing media. We’ve already done the hard work, and now all you have to do is sit back and profit from it.

The Audio Boss System In Action
Easily Attain Stunning Results Using Our 5 Step System

Our unique 5 step system will allow you to economically, quickly, and easily enhance your content to the highest levels of quality imaginable. Levels of quality that will help you come off as highly professional, and in turn increase your views, plays, shares, likes, subscribers, and ultimately your conversion rates.

Now if you’re thinking, “Well, my content already sounds pretty good, so I don’t need Audio Boss…” I’m sure that you’ll also agree that more sales and higher conversion rates are always a good thing, especially when they can be attained quickly and easily. So whether your content sounds terrible or “already sounds pretty good”, the Audio Boss system is here to help. Help you get more customers, more sales, and more money in your pocket.

1. Content Before The System
Your browser does not support the audio element required to play this example.

This audio example is pretty much a worst case scenario. If your content sounds better than this then great! The Audio Boss system will make your content sound even better!

2. The Audio Boss System

Use the Audio Boss 5 step system to easily and quickly attain stunning & captivating levels of quality with all your marketing media. Then sit back, watch, and enjoy as the success of your new improved content skyrockets!

3. Content After The System
Your browser does not support the audio element required to play this example.

The Audio Boss system will show you how to achieve results like the example above (or even better!) with all your marketing media. Get ready to watch your content succeed!

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