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Build A Complete Amazon Affiliate Website In Under 60 Seconds With AutoZON Builder…

With AutoZON Builder You Can:

Create complete affiliate sites in under 60 seconds
Automatically adds your own affiliate links
Automatically adds the product description, features, image and reviews

AutoZON Builder Features…

Build Amazon Affiliate Sites FAST

You can build your very own Amazon affiliate site in under 60 seconds.

Your Affiliate Links Added Automatically

AutoZON Builder automatically inserts your affiliate links into each page.

Runs On WordPress For Easy Setup

The AutoZON Builder plugins runs on WordPress so it is very easy to setup and any WordPress user can use it.

Earn More Commission From Amazon

Increase your Amazon earnings by having the ability to create affiliate sites fast.

Choose Any Products You Want

You are in complete control as to what products are added to your website.

Use Any WordPress Theme You Want

You can completely control the look and feel of your site because AutoZON Builder runs right on your current theme.

Build Complete Amazon Affiliate Sites At Lightning Speeds!
AutoZON Builder Makes Creating Amazon Affiliate Websites As Easy As 1…2…3!

How easy is it to create Amazon affiliate websites with AutoZON Builder? Just take a look below…


Enter Your Chosen Keyword To Find Products

Simply enter in any keyword you want and AutoZON Builder will bring back 50 products for you to choose from to add to your website.

Enter In A Keyword or Product


Select Which Products You Want Posts Created For

Simply click the desired products you want added to your site, you are in complete control of what products are added.

Choose Your Products


Click “Add Post” and Let AutoZON Builder Do All The Work

With the click of a button AutoZON Builder will create a new post for every product you select. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Automatically Inserts The Product Features

AutoZON Builder pulls the product features from Amazon and inserts it into each product page on your website.
Automatically Inserts The Product Description

AutoZON Builder pulls the product description from Amazon and inserts it into each product page on your website.
Automatically Inserts The Product Price and Savings

AutoZON Builder not only inserts the price of the product directly from Amazon, but it will also show how much the customer is saving by ordering now (big conversion booster!)
Automatically Inserts The Product Reviews

AutoZON Builder will pull the customer reviews from the Amazon product page and insert a reviews box into each product page on your site.
Automatically Inserts The Product Image

No need to go find images for your site, AutoZON Builder will insert a product image into each product page on your site automatically.
Automatically Inserts A Buy Button With Your Affiliate Link

Worried about having to insert an affiliate link into every page on your site? Don’t worry, AutoZON Builder does it for you automatically! You even get to chose what “Call To Action” image you would like to use.
AutoZON Builder Makes Creating Amazon Affiliate Websites Easier Than Ever!

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