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Backlinks are the most important factor for search rankings. In Backlinkpedia our mission is to document every method possible for getting backlinks to your website.

The most recent SEO survey by Moz of 120 SEO experts and a data study of more than 14,000 keyword found that a whopping 40 percent of Google’s search algorithm is based on links:

In short:

Backlinks = Rankings

Rankings = Traffic

Traffic = Money

What You Get in Backlinkpedia

* Due to the headline at the top of this page, you probably want to know how you can get Google to pay others to backlink to your website. It is quite creative and you will not find it mentioned elsewhere. (Although, the nature of the beast is after Backlinkpedia goes live someone will feel compelled to be a big shot and blab about this. Please don’t let that be you.)

* How to get links on major websites.

* How to create incentives for others to link to you.

* Vanity plays to get links.

* Boring stuff you already know about: blog commenting, forums, guest posts, and so on. There’s no possible claim that everything here is new stuff you’ve never heard of. Every linking method is being included. But for ideas you may know about, there are tips and resources you may not be using, such as the free site that gives you blogs you can comment on which are not “no follow”.

* How to get links from content thieves.

* The simple method of getting a link from Ebay without worrying about what product you need to sell. Or even selling anything.

* Links from Google. Hey, if you want ranked in Google it probably makes sense to get links from Google. You’ll get some sneaky surprises and more link opportunities than you imagined.

* Broken link requests? Sure. How to do this fast. But we don’t categorize these as broken link requests. It is just a subset of numerous strategies called Guilt Requests and you’ll see why plus get out other strategies to use. The goal is to find an excuse to ask for a link from anyone, even if they don’t have a broken link.

* 1400+ backlinks or site mentions from this one interesting push button service.

* The free PageRank passing links available from Yahoo. Our friends at Yahoo have been trying real hard to eliminate link opportunities. You have probably never heard of this one that remains standing. Obscure, tech stuff – but who cares – an easy link.

* Places where you can sell a product and generate a free backlink. No, these are not classifieds sites.

* How we legally “injected” a backlink into a major university website (and you can too). This will probably be closed off soon, but you can search for more opportunities. There is something awesome about seeing a link to your website on a page, and the site owner having no idea what you are doing.

* Using competitors to give us all their juicy backlinking sources so you can get those backlinks too.

* Bribes and a few ways to exchange bucks for links.

* And a lot more. Nothing fancy inside except for lots of linking opportunities. Our time is spent on link strategies. Not overblown eye-candy fluff.

* 55 different categories of link strategies … and growing.

You will get an intro section that talks about links. Then there is a looong list of backlinking categories. It is rapidly continuing to grow. At the end is a section with backlinking tools, automation software and resources.

Over a hundred pages of content and backlinks all in a membership site so it can be easily and continually updated. There is no PDF or blog post that will quickly get out of date.

Although the site is continually updating your investment is just a one-off. No ongoing fees.

SEO and Links are Important

The fact is most customers and traffic are going to come from search engines. They are not visiting your site after viewing a tweet or some pin. Get real. But even for tweets, pins, email lists, etc., there has to be a starting point where you acquire the customer. For many products and services that is from search. Customers do not magically appear on a squeeze page. They have to find it first.

Are you making what you want to make from the Internet?

What would be the change in your life if you had higher search rankings?

Here is a small sampling of some of what I rank for …

#1 for a legal phrase with over 5 million competing sites. I normally do not view “competition” counts in Google as being important, except to compare how generally competitive a phrase is to another. My site even beats Wikipedia.

#1 for an auto part with over 135,000 other sites. This is an affiliate site.

#1 for a type of socks and 385,000 other sites. My site is beating Amazon and Ebay.

#5 and #6 for a Mickey Mouse product with almost 7 million other sites. Still behind Ebay and Amazon, but gaining fast.

#3 for a sexual product. Yeah, I have a wide range of sites.

#1 for a business issue with over 1 million other sites

#1 for a brand of old-time collectibles with over a half million other sites.

and literally thousands of other phrases on the first page of Google. Then there’s Bing – my personal playground.

Getting ranked is not difficult. Most links can be obtained for free. And it sure beats having to pay Google Adwords just to get a visitor.

Just a One-Time Investment

We all know SEO services can be outrageously expensive, easily hitting $5000 or more for the information inside the private members area.

A lot of time has gone into this site. Why? Because I use it too. This is “my” backlinking guide too.

If you were going to hire someone to put this all together, and there is – frankly – no way they could duplicate all the creativity in developing link opportunities here, it would easily cost you several thousand dollars.

Then, next year, you would have to do it all over again to check on what still works and what has been newly developed. If there is one thing about the Internet that stays the same it is continual change.

Membership is normally just a one-time $495. That is what everyone else pays.

On this special page your deal is a whopping 95% off – only $27.

This is an introductory special you don’t want to miss out on. It’s a no-brainer drop in the advertising bucket and an incredible deal. For the cost of a dinner out you get all 55 categories, all the tips, all the strategies, all the resources, and everything these to be added in the future. Enjoy!

Profitably Yours,

Brian Kindsvater

Great stuff!!! – Larry

Cool product – Leon

You got me. There are ideas in here I never would have dreamed of. Thanks! – David

Disclaimer: I have clients and friends at both Google and Microsoft. However, there is no confidential information in the members area. Statements about good or bad strategies and links are personal opinions only and should not be construed as “insider” information or a guarantee they will result in a certain search ranking, or any ranking.

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