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Still Trying To Figure Out How To Rank, Generate Traffic And Make
MONSTER Sales From Your Video Marketing Efforts?
“Copy-Paste” Authority system from YouTube Genius! Get more than a million video views and over 20k/month in passive income

Watch this short video below and discover how you can obtain this
revolutionary piece of software that will generate the same results!

Build Authority

The main thing that you need to be focused on is building up the authority of your channel. Most people have been trained to focus on the ranking of the videos and as a result, they miss the main strategy altogether. When you have this first step down then the next step will boost up your traffic and monetization.

Target Correct Traffic Source

Understand that the majority of YouTube traffic is NOT from organic listings from search engines, paid advertising, or Social Media. The main source of traffic is actually suggested videos! Yes you heard this right, a source of traffic that doesn’t cost you a dime more to implement. However you have to know how to be setup properly to tap into this traffic pool!

Easy enough right? Well, not so much. It may sound easy but the overall manual process can be very cumbersome.
Take it from somebody who has a team of staff members trained to execute this exact strategy.

So How Do You Get Started Implementing These Two Things?
Well We Took Our Own Internal Process That We Have Been
Using On All Our Channels, And Made The Software Do The Work

41241… Our automated software produces results like nothing else in the marketplace.

The reason why is because it was actually created by somebody that is creating massive YouTube Authority Channels.

He knows exactly what you need to do to see real results!

Channel Authority Builder is a tool which helps people in content planning to create strategic content that is relevant, targets other videos and can get people long term organic traffic, not from search but from YouTube’s content discovery.

This is the strategy you need to unlock 80% of the traffic that you’re not getting targeting only keywords, and to create long-term authority channels.

When you have Channel Authority Builder:

You will be able to unlock 90% of the traffic that you don’t even know how to target.
You will be able to create authority channels that result in more views and greater income opportunity
You will be able to go after niches that you think are too big or too competitive for you
You will learn how to avoid niches that don’t have enough ROI.

This is the first YouTube software that is focused totally on helping marketers build authority or target YouTube’s content discovery mechanisms.

Most of the competing products just go after keywords or search.
Watch My Detailed Demo Video

Amazing Features With Channel Authority Builder:
Keyword Rank Tracker

Keep track of your keyword rankings and also of your competition.

Find out which videos are doing better on YouTube to evolve your own strategies.
Video Stats Monitor

Pick up any video on YouTube and monitor its performance to gain insights that will tell you what videos are actually working better long term so that you can create highly targeted content and grow your own views.
Channel Stats Monitor

Past performance is not an indicator of current performance. Laser-target your content strategy to the right leaders by monitoring channel performance and finding the channels that can send you the most number of views.
Latest Videos From Monitored Channels

You need to be on top of your niche to create a powerful content strategy. This feature brings you the latest videos being produced by all the channels you’re monitoring so that you can quickly climb aboard the winning ones.
Sidebar Monitor

Find videos that are appearing on high-traffic sidebars and target them to diver that flow to your channel.
Related Channels Finder

Quickly find channels that dominate the market in any niche along with their stats so that you can lock on to high performance channels and hone your content strategy around them.
Trending Tags Finder

What are the hottest topics to produce a video for right now? Let your niche competition do all the work. Discover latest trends and get them working for you.
Popular Videos Finder

Don’t waste your time on videos that don’t work. Filter and identify videos ideas that draw in the crowds and get them working for you.

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