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Discover how to generate lots more income from your website
WITHOUT increasing the traffic…
ClickPress Is THE Solution To Failing Ads, Low Click-Through-Rates
And Websites That Make Their Owners A Pittance…

Clickpress Is Our Brand New Plugin That Puts The Power
Of These High Impact, Innovative Ads In YOUR Hands
This is the first time this kind of technology that has
EVER been available to WordPress users before!
This ad allows you to create a full page advert which takes over the entire page. You can choose to set a delay for when it will appear and a timer for when it will disappear. Use this for maximum visibility!
ClickBackground does exactly what it says, it creates a an ad which fills the background of your Webpages content. Very highly visible but not annoying.
This ad is extremely effective for enticing a visitor into clicking with a smaller ad which then expands out into a large ad when the mouse hovers over it. It can be placed over the page/post in a variety of positions.
An animated corner peeling ad which when hovered over peels the page down revealing your ad underneath.
ClickCutout uses all the standard banner sizes, 300×250, leaderboard, skyscraper (you name it) and it allows you to have an image with a transparent background so it appears to be floating over the page!
This ad allows you to place an autoplaying video over your page which can be positioned anywhere and hovers over your content as the visitor scrolls.
ClickFooter appears at the bottom of your page, hovering over your content, can be any size and scrolls with the visitor down the page.
Here’s What Your Getting…
ClickPress Members Area: Valued At $97
The ClickPress members area takes you through everything from setting up and installing the plugin to getting amazing results and generating record levels of income from your websites…

How to install ClickPress
How to setup
How to activate
How to use ClickPress for best results

Bonus Training To Catapult Your Results! – Worth $197!
We have got some seriously powerful bonuses lined up to help you make the most out of ClickPress!

We have secured exclusive training for you as a new ClickPress customer. You DO NOT want to miss out on this…

You are going to learn cutting edge SEO techniques with a world-renowned expert. You can use this traffic to explode your websites earnings in tandem with ClickPress.
Total Real World Value = $298
(Not including the HUGE launch discount on ClickPress itself)
When ClickPress Officially Launches To The Public
The Cost Will Be MUCH Higher Than We Are Asking Today…
In just 5 days time ClickPress will close to our community forever. And when it does it will go on sale to the public for at least $47 per year but the unlimited license will be $77 a year and those buyers will not get access to the $298 worth of extras that you get today.

What makes ClickPress so valuable an easily worth that yearly subscription is this simple fact.

ClickPress will pay you back in revenue directly generated from every website you install it on WITHOUT needing to increase your traffic at all!

This income will keep growing every day. So even at a yearly subscription, ClickPress is a wise investment that will pay you back many, many times over.
Total Value Today: $365
Here Is Why You Need To Take Action Today
We Have A Deeper Discount Right Now (As You Are
Reading This) Than There Will Ever Be Again…

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