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“Want your videos to truly stand out from the crowd?”
“Now In just a few clicks, you too can easily create EPIC movies that REALLY SELL!
WOW your prospects with our complete all-in-one movie creation and distribution suite…

and take your video marketing to the next profit level…using nothing but your browser!

The power of video marketing is undeniable.

Good video is unbeatable.

Good video delivers more than ANY other form of marketing:


Think about it. What other medium delivers..

Content. Traffic. Conversions. Authority.

(And if you’re not doing video marketing – then you’re not fully taking advantage of Internet Marketing!)

To Succeed You Have To Stand Out From The Crowd

Ok – so we’ve come a long way in terms of video creation software. We’ve got access to better tools but it’s still way too hard to create compelling, persuasive video that stands out.

You need to stand out from the crowd to survive and profit.
You need to make professional looking and professional sounding videos quickly, easily and cheaply and be able to share them far and wide for mass exposure.

We don’t need to tell you – there is a catch. Something that holds us back.That thing is…
Getting The Pro Look isn’t easy.

FACT: Producing quality videos is time-consuming and costly.

And standing out amongst the droves of sketch board and explainer type videos is near impossible without excessive cost and truck-loads of time, effort and learned skills.

The Leaders In Video Marketing Don’t Want You To Know Their Secret…

So…just imagine if you could have all this in one superior video marketing package…

Make amazing, eye-catching, attention grabbing epic movie style videos to make you truly stand out from the crowd.
Make these videos quickly, easily and with simply drags, drops and clicks.
Have access to over $13,800 worth of high quality HD stock footage at absolutely no cost to you.
To be able to automatically syndicate and share your videos to all the top video sites on the web!
Already SEO optimized!

Just imagine if…

Every video you made could have the same powerful impact as a movie-trailer…

That could draw every one of your clients right into the action…

And most importantly – right into your selling points.

You Need attention-grabbing, eye-catching cinematic style movies…

Movies that WOW your prospects…

Movies that Apple would be proud of…

Made quickly, easily, with no prior experience, skills or knowledge necessary…

All completely customisable to your needs.

…Made In The Cloud Using Almost Any Device

AND without using any space on your hard-drive.

Stop Imagining.
Welcome to Cloud Movie Machine.
The First SAAS Video Creation Service With Built In Music, Footage & Photos

Cloud Movie Machine is the next generation of video creation – because it’s online. That means you can create video from almost anywhere. And, thanks to the massive amount of included music, photos and footage your video will look incredibly slick and professional.

Other video creation systems make great videos…
Cloud Movie Machine makes great movies.

Our Super Power?
The ‘3E’ Formula That Powers Almost All Video Success…

Cloud Movie Machine videos are evocative, engaging and entertaining.

And these ‘3 e’s’ are a winning combination.

These ‘3 e’s’ SELL.

Since we’ve been using these exact EPIC movie trailer style videos to promote our products…

We’ve gone from sub-six figure launches…
To never launching less than $100,000k… And better than that, we’ve even hit over $300,000k on a launch in just 5 days…

It’s truly taken our business to the next level.

And now it’s time to take YOUR BUSINESS to the next level…
Drag & Drop Footage
From The CMM Library And Mix With Your Own Slides.
All Within Your Browser!

Cloud Movie Machine makes it super-easy for you to make to make EPIC, eye-catching, super-engaging movies –

With simply drags, drops and clicks – (No training required).

With a choice of over $13,800 worth of high quality HD stock footage included INSIDE the software – (Leaving you no extra costs at all!)

AND automatically share and syndicates them for you to top SEO rankings – all inside the cloud. (No downloading or uploading required).

The First Online Video Creation Platform By Marketers For Marketers

It’s the first completely online video marketing platform designed by marketers, for marketers.

Create advanced WYSIWYG slideshow presentations
Use inbuilt motion graphics, stock footage, images and music to spice up your video
Import and edit video from anywhere you like
Mix it all together,record narration and music and more
Automatically distribute to the top video sites

Create Your Slideshows With WYSIWYG Ease
Add Your Chosen Stock Footage, Motion Backgrounds And Images From The Hundreds Included Inside The Software
Easily Assemble Everything On Your Timeline.
Easily Add Your Music And Audio Narration
Automatically Share, Distribute And Profit From Your Video

Here Is How Cloud Movie Machines Enables You To Make Epic Movies…And Epic Profits…
WYSIWYG Slide Creation

Quickly create compelling, professional slideshows from ANY device. Use screenshots, photos and text to deliver your message.

Drag & Drop Timeline Editor

Combine slides, photos, motion backgrounds and stock footage to create your moved.

Pro Stock Footage & Music

Simply Add Your Chosen Stock Footage, Motion Backgrounds And Images From The Hundreds Included Inside The Software – Or Import Your Own!

With Over $13,000 Of Professional Footage, Graphics & Music. Included

Cloud Movie Machine includes over $13,800 worth of professional high quality HD stock footage, motion graphics, images and music. You can easily edit these, mix them together and add them to your timeline.

As you know, stock footage is EXPENSIVE.


In fact,

We did lots of research before we created Cloud Movie Machine and the stock footage you’ll receive as part of your Cloud Movie Machine package will save you thousands of Dollars.

High quality HD stock footage costs a FORTUNE.

Here Is Exactly What You’re Getting When You Order Right Now:

The complete Cloud Movie Machine Video Creation and Distribution Software, which includes:

Over 120 (and $13,800 worth!) of high quality HD stock footage
Plus: Over 250 Royalty Free Audio Tracks
Over 500 Royalty Free Motion Backgrounds
Over 2,500 Royalty Free Images
Full rights to all the movies you create with the software
A lifetime of free updates…for life!
This software works on the cloud. No downloading or uploading required – ever.

And most importantly – you’ll be able to make epic movies in a flash that make your prospects take action!

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