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“How One Man Turned Google’s Latest Apocalypse Into a $4,000 a Month Business…”
“And How You Can Profit By Doing The Same – Without Any Of The Work!”

Everything begins with a niche. It could be a type of business in your area that you know is suffering. Or it could be something that you care about personally.

Enter Niche: Once you have your niche and region – simply enter them into the system.
Search: Cloud Prospect Machine takes your search terms – and using Google’s official API identifies those sites which are suffering thanks to not being mobile ready.
Get Approval: What this means is that you get a Google-approved checklist of websites that need help.
Save Searches: It even remembers previous searches – so you can instantly see what stage you are at with a particular client or prospect!

By Showing Them EXACTLY What’s Wrong…

Sell Without Selling – Generate A Unique ‘Problem’ Report …Specifically Tailored To Each Business That Explains And Agitates Their Problem….And Guarantees You The Sale.

Here is where things get even better.

Imagine being able to sell without ‘selling’.

I’m talking about something so clear and persuasive that it does the job for you.

The Mobile Auditor section produces detailed reports, showing exactly what is wrong with the site and where work is needed.
The Mobile Auditor is very sophisticated in what it covers, ensuring that the report is completely unique.

Thanks to the variety of features the software checks – each business owner can recognise that the report is tailored to their site.
This is genius because it instantly agitates the problem in the prospect’s mind. The key difference here, is that it’s done an intelligent and unique way. This is what hit’s your prospect right in the gut.
One of the reasons this works so well is that the report has immense value. Any business owner will see the report and understand, for the first time what is working and what isn’t.
This means you can deliver immense value and position yourself as an authority. Automatically.

This means no more selling. Just eager buyers who can clearly see you are the expert.

Having a unique report already differentiates you from the nickel and dime chuckleheads who will send two sentence emails about #Mobilegeddon.

CPM helps you take that advantage further by enabling you to create different profiles for different business types – ensuring that you target each one in the most effective way.
That way, restaurants get a pitch that suits restaurants. Delis get one that works for them. Hardware stores just know you are talking directly to them…
And you don’t even have to write a single e-mail yourself!

Then You Just Sit Back And Watch The Prospects Roll In!

Your 9 Step Cloud Prospect
‘Profit Blueprint’

*(And you only actually have to do TWO of these!)

Enter Your Keyword(s).

Cloud Prospect Machine Will Instantly Search Google’s Top 100…

Determine Whether Or Not They Pass The Google Mobile Friendly Test…

…And Will Section Off Those That Don’t…

Then Automatically Generate A Detailed Report Showing You (And Your Prospects) Exactly What Changes Need To Be Made To Conform With Google’s New Mobile Standards…

And give you the direct contact details to directly offer them a tailor-made solution.

Choose a tailor made swipe from our selection of already done-for-you emails and click send to email your prospects directly in-app.

Sit back and watch the prospects roll in…

Get ready to profit BIG!

How Much Profit Can You Make With Cloud Prospect Machine?
Well Don’t Take Our Word For It…
Let CNBC Tell You!

Here IS EXACTLY What You Are Getting
In Your Personal #Mobilegeddon Automated Profit Centre.

The Starter license is best suited to those just beginning to market to other business.PLEASE NOTE: The Starter license is limited to sending 300 emails to prospects each month.

The Professional license is best suited to experienced marketers. Allows unlimited prospect emails.

The Agency license is best to those who need multiple accounts. The Agency license provides 3 account logins. Allows unlimited prospect emails.
Unlimited Access To The Cloud Prospect Machine SAAS Software
Including Prospecting & Report System
Exclusive Training From Todd Spears And Steve Benn
Plus: 5 Free Sales Profiles

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