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“Reveals How A Complete CPA Marketing Virgin Brought In His First Ever CPA Commissions of $65 on his very first Day…”

CPA Vid Kraken is a complete 6 part video series that will show you exactly what I did to go from CPA newbie to making money consistently in double-quick time.

I chose the name “Kraken” because it reflects the sheer size and power of the system.

Here’s what’s covered :
Module 1 : 110% Guaranteed CPA Network Acceptance (Live Call Demonstration With MaxBounty Affiliate Manager)

In this module you’ll see how to easily and very quickly get accepted into the best possible CPA Networks.

You’ll watch over the shoulder as I apply Naidy’s methods and get accepted into Maxbounty, one of the largest CPA networks effortlessly.

You’ll also get a “rejection-reversal” template to use in case you do get rejected (which is 99.99% impossible)
Module 2 : Discovering Hidden CPA Gems

If you’re able to choose a great and high converting CPA offer, you’ve already won half the battle.

You’ll see how I was able to find awesome CPA offers using Naidy’s 4-step “treasure-hunt” method.

Using this method you’ll be able to find low competition and high profitability offers within seconds!

Module 3 : Free Traffic Tsunami Formula

Most free traffic methods are so slow that you’re not going to even see a trickle of traffic after months.

In this module you’ll discover how to drive VIRAL traffic that is FREE so there’s no out of pocket expenses.

This traffic source is unlike anything you’ve heard of…

You’ll discover how to dominate “the front page of the Internet” within minutes and siphon floods of free, targeted traffic to your CPA offers.
Module 4 : The Vid Kraken Method

This is where the fun begins..

Here you’ll watch live as I create and rank a simple video in less than 12 minutes!

You’re probably thinking : Ranking videos? Doesn’t that require that I show my face and also compete with thousands of ranking gurus?

Not at all. You don’t have to show your face at all, and competition is irrelevant the way I did it, in fact the more competitive it is, the better!

These easy and quick to create videos will bring your CPA offer effortless amounts of targeted traffic on autopilot.
Module 5 : The Uncensored Truth Bomb Session

In this session I talk to Naidy about the truth about CPA marketing..

You’ll discover what it really takes to succeed in the industry. It doesn’t have to be difficult, you’ll just have to know how (and you’ll know how after watching the video)

You’ll get his personal rolodex of little-known free tools and resources that will allow you to scale and automate your CPA marketing efforts.

Not for the faint of heart, we reveal exactly what you need to do to succeed and build a real CPA business fast.
Your Golden Ticket To CPA Success

With everything that CPA Vid Kraken offers you, there is absolutely no reason as to why you shouldn’t be a CPA superstar cashing in BIG money in no time.

Just check out a few more testimonials that, again, can vouch that this truly is the REAL DEAL . . .

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