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Have You Spent Your Hard Earned Money Building A List Only To Have People Not Buy and Immediately Unsubscribe?
(Have you seen your unsubscribes sky-rocket when you email your new list in the message following the free gift? Don’t you feel like tearing your hair out when subscribers do that?)

When A prospect swipes your free gift and runs, it’s extremely frustrating!

You’ve spent $100s, $1,000s, or more buying Facebook traffic, Solo Ads, Banners Ads, etc only to be left frustrated with significantly lighter pockets wondering where the sale fell apart.

What you do know is your product or service is really good for your customer. And that you’ve done everything to get them interested and ready to buy:

You wrote, paid for, an launched a Great Ad
You sent those who clicked the ad to a awesome squeeze page
You offered a great free gift on the squeeze page
You sent them to a great product with a great sales page when they signed up
You had great content in your email follow ups

…Yet despite being interested in all you were offering seen listed above, they shift, don’t buy, and click unsubscribe. And, a ‘sure sale’ slips through your fingers forever! That prospect went from potential buyer to wasted money in the blink of an eye.

So, what stops them from buying? What stops them from even wanting to receive another email from you? What’s really going on in your former subscribers mind?
And are you losing tons of money you really can’t afford to lose… buying traffic… because you don’t know the thought process a new subscriber goes through when they decide to sign up on your list?

How A Broke Guitarist From Philadelphia Accidentally Started Creating Fiercely Loyal Repeat Buyers On Auto-pilot!

How would you enjoy having lists full of customers who’ve been with you for years and bought from you well over 20 times?

The ‘D2 Savior Blueprint’ is a complete system that enables you to understand what your subscriber expects, likes, hates, wants, needs, can’t resist, and fears when he/she decides to join your list… regardless of the niche.

It’s a system that is based on deep understanding of sales psychology and human behavior. It gives you an understanding of how they respond to specific psychological triggers. And, it speeds up the sales process, and automates recurring sales. It truly is chock-full of time-tested, proven email marketing secrets you won’t find anywhere else. Secrets such as:

The four crucial elements found in every great email follow up!(These elements force people to read your emails because… they strike right at the heart of basic human nature. The same human nature that hasn’t changed since the beginning of recorded history. If you don’t infuse every inche of your sales funnel & emails with at least one—preferably, two or more—of these critical elements every time… you’re doomed to fail!)
A perfect ‘Money’ email example …proven across 8 different niches – of how to combine all four crucial elements of a great email follow up for stunning, “break the bank” response!(This example is a tested, proven winner. No matter where or when I launch it a 5 figure pay day follows.)
Uncover my ‘ Explosions Opener’ formula for writing tantalizing opening sentences in every email that drives curiosity & interest through the roof guaranteed every single time. (This formula guarantees no one will skim your email copy for at least the first 4 – 8 sentences! I reveal everything you need to know to presell anything in 10 seconds!)
Five Mistakes traditional email marketers make that you must avoid in order prevent suffering the unsubscribe frenzy the common marketer experiences.(These Five mistakes are the reason why the Gurus tell you to constantly bring in new traffic. Where as I’m showing how you can add new subscribers once every 3 months an profit like someone selling to brand new subscribers!)
Why those fancy-schmancy Email Swipe files you just bought is hopelessly inadequate when following the same tired email formulas as everyone else!(Until you change your tactics those ‘Done for you’ emails = ‘money lost for you’ investments)
How to make a small fortune with pseudo science!(This is the marketing secret the email marketing big dogs figure out, that the email gurus don’t. This is the difference between having a list of 60% – 80% buyers vs a list of 5% – 10% buyers!)
Why the stupid “standard” advice about how to ’Talk’ to your subscribers will get you big fat ZEROS in your bank account. (This goes against everything you think you know about writing, and you’re going to learn to love being contrary because contrary makes big money!)
How to instantly command the attention of even the most skeptical, disinterested prospect in the world!(This “trick” forces every prospect to at least start reading your message… which is 90% of the battle. (I show you three killer examples of this “trick” in action.)
How to get maximum response on your squeeze pages!(Just this one quick and easy change can mean the difference between a monster winner and a dismal failure!)
How to use an age-old journalism trick to make your messages stand out!(I can’t take credit for this, I learned this trick from the great John Carlton an adapted it to email. It’s sky-rocketed my click-thru rates and I constantly see folks copying my emails word for word trying to re-create their magic – unsuccessfully of course lol, suckers!)

…but wait, there’s more… this awesome offer wouldn’t be complete without fast action bonuses:
Bonus 1 – Email Contrarian Report

The best defense against garbage solo ad sellers! Guaranteed that you never experience a financial loss again with a Solo Ad!!!(I am comfortably guaranteeing this… no hype… proven facts, baby!)
What the wisest, richest and most successful Solo Ad Buyers “do” that sets them apart from the everyday solo ad buyer that keeps them generating profitable traffic 24/7(This will blow your mind!)
The pure magic of direct response selling and how to use it to become the greatest thing since sliced bread to your subscribers!(Yes, becoming a better salesman is key to increased profits – free advice :-))
Surprise finding: Why buying Solo Ad Seller resource guides may be “hurting” your bottom-line!(Yes, that last product you bought with a list of solo ad sellers is losing you money not making you money)
What every Solo Ad Buyer should know about the state of mind of the common solo ad subscriber that’ll sky-rocket profits, and maximize retention rates!(This is what no one teaches about solo ad traffic)

Bonus 2 – Email Contrarian Swipe Bonus

Never suffer from writers block again when writing solo ad copy!
Add proven email templates to your swipe file to leverage forever!
Perfect compliment to the Email Contrarian Report

Bonus 3 – The Practice Sessions

Get your hands on proven to convert emails to use for practice sessions outlined in the course. Do the work with these bad boys and you’ll be cranking out big $$$ emails in no time!

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