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[NEW LAUNCH] Easy Email System – The Most Powerful Email Marketing System EVER! [RAVE REVIEWS!]

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“Revealed: A Simple 3 Step Formula For Money-Getting Emails In 20 Minutes or Less”

Plus I’m Going To Give You My Process Maps, Checklist, And Swipes So Copy & Profit from this in the 24 hours days even if you are just starting out! (Brand New for 2015)

The Easy Email Cash System is an (advanced) email marketing course that teaches you a system for generating massive profits from tiny list by building a relationship (and trust) with your list, using emails you can write in 20 minutes or less.

In this system I hold NOTHING back. All the GOLD I’ve learned from working in-the-trenches with some of the top marketers in the world. All the GEMS I learned from the giants of email…Matt Furey, Terry Dean, Frank Kern, Andre Chaperon, and several others… literally EVERYTHING you need to know about how to make a fortune online writing emails and creating autoreponders you’ll find inside the Easy Email Cash System.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll discover inside the easy email cash system…

How to effortlessly write emails that build SOLiD relationships with your subscriber and put maximum money in your pocket. (Imagine what it will feel like to know your able to make money every day with a simple click of the send button)

A “under-the-rader” way to write emails that LOOK like pure content but are in fact pure sales pitches.

The E.S.P. Method – this is the single EASIEST way to write profitable emails ever invented. (Once you’ve been taught this method you’ll be able to write kick-ass emails inside or 20 minutes – On Command)

Tested subject lines and “grabbers” that guarantee the open…and tested opening lines that almost force people to read your email!

The Big question your prospect really wants to know about you? (Answer this wrong and good luck making any more than minimum wage from your email marketing efforts)

Nine can’t miss way to write powerful subject lines that get opened. (Following these 9 proven opening formats your readers won’t be able to resist opening your emails.)

An almost fool-proof way to write a email everyday that brings in cash (Hint: If you can talk you can write powerful emails)

The demystifying truth about what REALLY builds a strong relationship with your list (BTW this has nothing to do with moving the FREE LINE concept or giving value)

How to maintain the “right” amount of balance between content and pitch emails. (Just learning this one secret will put you so far ahead of every other email marketer out there.)

The BIG secret shows like “LOST” and “24” use to keep their views hooked…and how you can use this same secret to have your prospects begging for you next email.

How to easily “position” yourself as the “go-to” guy in your niche just by sending emails

The real reason why people choose to open your emails – the secret truth long known by Regis, Rush Limbaugh, and Howard Stern finally revealed!

The big mistake most beginners make when writing emails and how to use the Mark Twain’s technique to write riveting money-getting emails…even if you flunked high school English

The secret to writing opening sentences that practically force your reader to read your entire email (This technique will also cure any writers block you may have when it comes to writing effective emails)

Why and how using the “Slice of life” technique will virtually end all spam complaints and increase the response of ALL your marketing efforts!

How to write a simple email in 20 minutes that will have your calendar overflowing with clients.

How to use ‘SoapResponders” to develop REAL relationships with your prospects, customers, or clients. (It doesn’t matter if you are an internet marketing, offliner, business owner, or entrepreneur – knowing this insider secret will give you a HUGE advantage over your competition)

I could go on and on with this.

But know this, that’s just a small taste of what’s in this course, and we haven’t even scratch the surface on all the tips, strategies and ideas inside.

Here’s what the course includes:

Ca$H Now “Easy Email Cash System” Training Videos (this is a the “meat” of the course and is a little under 2 and a half hours of pure content. You will be able to hack into the energy, insight, and creative mindset that has taken me from collecting unemployment to a highly paid marketing strategist and online copywriter)

PDF’s of all the slides (For quick references)

MP3’s of the videos (just in case you’d like to load them into your iPod or MP3)

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